Is Undecenoic Acid Good For Candida?

Greetings. New Zealand naturopath, Eric Bakker.
I’m an author of a book called Candida Crusher and the formulator of the dietary supplement
range called Canxida. Thanks for checking out this video. I’ve got a question here from
Samir Banka from Delhi in India. Samir’s asking me if undecenoic acid is good for Candida.
Undecenoic acid is also termed undecylenic acid. It is Samir. It’s very good. And these
are basically really long chains for fatty acids, monounsaturated fatty acids. Caprylic
acid and Capric acid from coconut are quite similar in terms of their antifungal activity.
They don’t smell or taste as bad as the undecylenic acid. Undecylenic acid comes from castor bean
oil. Basically, they distill the castor bean oil and they make this substance called undecylenic
acid. It’s very effective. The problem with this kind of acid, though,
it works best in an acid environment. So you need to have a little bit of betaine hydrochloride
or a good digestive system with a sufficiently low pH to use it. And that’s why I’m not a
big fan of using these small gel caps with undecenoic or undecylenic acid in them. Some
companies bring out containers with gel caps. I don’t find them nowhere near as effective
as the dried powder of undecylenic acid when mixed with Caprylic acid combined and then
some betaine is added to it. This ensures the stomach is going to have the sufficient
pH to really utilize this fatty acid. And it’s also going to allow the pancreas to work
more efficiently having that betaine in there. It’s also going to ensure that you’re going
to get this stuff into the small intestine where you really want it, in the medium and
the duodenum, the jejunum and ileum. All these parts can have Candida in them. By putting
betaine in with the supplement, you’re going to get a much better effect with undecylenic
acid. I’ve learned that through a lot of research over the years. It works quite well. And that’s
how I made my Canxida Remove product by putting all of these elements in there.
Is undecenoic acid good for Candida? It certainly is. Even small amounts have a very potent
antifungal effect. I hope that answers your question.

8 Replies to “Is Undecenoic Acid Good For Candida?”

  1. Does skin yeast resist topical undeclyneic acid? (Derman cream) I'm looking for something that doesn't cause resistance.

  2. Hello, i've yeast intolerance due to a 30years wrong diet i suppose, i'm very sensitive to everything that contains yeast, even probiotics give me ractions… can it be related to candida?

  3. Please respond. Will undecenoic acid with HCl do the trick? Can yeast become resistant or should I go with caprlyc acid? Thanks doc happy new year from the states

  4. As iron feeds candida, I assume making sure your iron levels are good (the pathology 'healthy ranges' are not good), will be helpful..

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