In this episode, we are going to visit 1. Mahavir Rabri bhandar 2. Puranji Kachoiri Wale 3. Kailash chand Halwai 4. Sahu Tea Stall 5. LMB Sweet Shop I will explore that of time permits This series will be more interesting Follow me on this series And watch out the foods i eat Kindly watch till the end If you like this series, share with your friends Update your feedback in comments Do SUBSCRIBE to this channel The more i explore You will also be exploring with me All the links are updated in description To reach this shop Walk 900 Mts from city palace Follow Google Maps to reach here These areas resembles Chennai sowkarpet Little congested This is the Shop Everything are prepared very hot This is the famous Moong Dhal Bharfi Brother, What is this? This is Milk peda Prepared fresh So i have baught Sev and Moong Dhal Bharfi (Halwai) which is very famous here Let’s try it out This is the Moong Dhal Halwai Almonds were put on the top and its very tasty Its very fresh and hot If you come to Jaipur, please try this Its healthy too Please don’t miss this shop if you are in Jaipur Next we are at This is very close to Bhanwar lal (200 Mts) Also Google maps can help you We can get different types of Kachories here Famous one here is Kachori with Dahi Also Mawa Kachori is famous here This is the Shop behind me This is Milk Halwai Made with condensed milk It’s very tasty Lets Taste Kachori now Dahi is thick and delicious Here Dahi kachori is very famous Next we are at Here the millet roti is very famous Made up with multi grain flour This is how the rotis were made I have got the millet roti This is Aloo & Paneer Sabji Its very hot This is Boondhi Rita Food is very tasty To taste street foods walk inside the streets Always walk inside the streets to find good food shops None are famous in main streets Places like this gives the best taste I have reached next shop Very famous Chai shop in Jaipur This shop exists more than 70 yrs in same place Specialty here is Chai made over Coal burner See here how the chai is made You can get chai in Mud cups, glass, etc.. They charge accordingly If you are anywhere near hawa mahal do visit this shop This is the only shop offers chai here in big blass cup. you will get chai in small glasses around for 5 Rs This stall charges Rs.15 for Glass cup and Rs.20 for Mud cup Flavour of chai is awesome I can feel the cardamom with masala All the famous food shops are around old Jaipur city Walk around the city to explore street foods Next i have come to Rawat Food pack restaurant which is near Jaipur railway station Dhal Bati and Churma is famous here Large plate is Rs.300 Small is Rs.200 This is Dhal bati and Churma This is tasty but little oily I am done with it Food was tasty Lets finish the street food series here Please share these videos to your friends and friends of friends I will let you know about next street food series Bye….

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