Jessie and Gary save their family from infected beings | Parasite Island (With Eng Subs)

I wonder how Miss Melba is. Do you think she’s
with Ma’am Daria? Are they okay? Don’t worry.
Daddy’s with them. They’re in good hands
with him. My gosh.
This is a nightmare. There’s no phone reception.
I’m going to die. You’re more worried about that
than being eaten by zombies? No, I need to call
my dad in Manila. I’m sure he’ll send help. You. You. You. You. Look for better
reception outside, then call my dad. No one goes outside. It’s not safe outside. You’re our grandmother’s
servant, right? Why won’t you
follow my orders? I’m sorry, Dear Princess,
but you’re not my boss. I’m your boss’s granddaughter. If you don’t do as I say,
I’ll tell on you. Princess… Even though we work
for your grandmother, she wouldn’t want anything bad
to happen to us. He’s the only one
who can fight the zombies. We’ll all die if
no one goes out. Fine! I’ll just look for
better reception myself. TJ, there’s a zombie! TJ! Princess, let’s go! – TJ, hurry up!
– Let’s go! Janelle, I know you’re
worried for Sunshine. I’m just as worried for Miggy. Even though he’s all grown up, I can’t help but worry
as his father. Miggy’s brave.
He can defend himself. But Sunshine’s not like that. If only I was at home when
the leech people attacked, this wouldn’t have happened. This is all Jessie’s fault. Jessie didn’t ask for
any of this, Gary. That may be the case, but he was
still irresponsible. Besides, what did I expect
from someone like Jessie? He has always been a burden,
even when we were kids. Yes, he has lots
of shortcomings, but he’s not a bad person. You know,
you’re really something. Of all the things
Jessie did to you, this must be the worst one. But you still can’t
get mad at him. Because there’s no point
in doing so. It won’t help
find my daughter. I don’t know if you’re
just a good person, or if you just
really love him. I love him as
my daughter’s father. He doesn’t deserve you. You shouldn’t have
chosen him. Sunshine! Sunshine.
Sunshine, my dear. Sunshine. I’ll take care of this. The subscriber
cannot be reached. Please try again later. Nobody’s picking up. Everyone in El Cuerpo’s
out of the coverage area. Damn it! You’re all fired up. Is it because of
what happened yesterday? Exactly. I rushed back here to join
the operation in Batanes, especially because
the president was there, but they just left me. I don’t understand why
General Chua did that. Maybe he’s keeping the president
from seeing you so you won’t get promoted and take over his position. I think so too. But remember, you can never
put a good man down. Not all the time. Didn’t you promise that you
won’t return without the kids? The night isn’t over yet. I just brought back Queenie but
I’ll continue searching. How come you haven’t
found them yet? – This is a small island, Jessie!
– It’s not that easy! – What do you–
– Gary! Calm down. You should be thankful he
found Queenie and that child. Yet he can’t find his
own child and family? They’re still out there
and in danger! Didn’t I say I’ll continue
looking for them!? – I’ll do it!
– I can do this! – I’ll do it!
– I can do this! Instead of fighting, why don’t the both of you
look for them? – Ma, I can’t–
– Help each other out! Do it! – Wait a minute! Wait!
– Auntie! What happened? I think it got sprained. Hurry up!
We can’t stay out here. Hello!? I’ve been running
since awhile ago. I’m tired. – Auntie, carry me.
– I can’t do that! – Carry me.
– You! Carry her. Carry her now. Why me? You look like the strongest
among us! You can do this! – Okay. Carry this.
– Hurry, TJ. Princess. Let’s go! – Don’t drop me!
– Hold on tight. Sir, our fellow officers were
infected by those zombies too. Don’t worry, sir.
Backup will arrive soon. Let’s go. Are we near the
hospital already? It’s still far. Maybe we can take a break. It’s dangerous to
stay out here. Why? Are you tired already? Do you want me to carry you?
I’m pretty strong. Tired? Maybe it’s me
who needs to carry you. I’m tired. This thing
on my back is heavy. You’re exaggerating. Hey, excuse me! I’m not heavy.
You’re just too weak. Yeah! Something’s there! – Let’s hide!
– Get in the van! [SNEEZES] Mama is right. I could have done
this on my own. You’re just here because
Mama said so. You ruin everything. Stay here! Get them! – What’s that?
– Is that them? Hurry! Finally! Rescue! Dad! – Where’s Sunshine!?
– I don’t know! Let’s go!

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  1. Yung totoo kakasya ba kayo lahat sa kotse nyo ?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Eh pang anim o limang tao lang ata yan ehπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. kaori_bakit pagod kana?? gusto mo akayin din kita? kayang kaya kita

    pau- sinong pagod? gusto mo buhatin pa kita jan e

    me: kiligs haha

    Jessie – Rick (laging matigas ang ulo hinahanap pamilya niya)
    Gary – Shane(Pragmatic and brutal. May gusto sa ex wife ni Jessie like may gusto si Shane kay Lori then may concern sa anak nilang si Sunshine gaya ng concern ni Shane kay Carl )
    Warren – The Governor
    Melba – Maggie
    Janelle – Lori (hindi lang nakakabwisit kagaya ni Lori )
    Miggy – Glenn
    Lia – Beth
    TJ – T-Dog
    Queenie & Princess – walang TWD counterpart kasi wala siyang kapareho ng character niya sa TWD.
    Sunshine – Carl(naging babae lang)
    Sunshine's friend – Sophia(naging lalaki lang)
    Sayang walang counterpart ni Daryl and Merle Dixon hahaha

  4. Ang galing ni kaori. Improving every episode eh.. Marunong na rin siyang kiligin..😊 ang galing galing πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  5. Ang galing ni kaori. Improving every episode eh.. Marunong na rin siyang kiligin..😊 ang galing galing πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  6. Lia at Miggy mgbuhatan nlng kaung dlawa jan!!! pra nman kiligin din ang mga zombie😍ung mga linyahan nyung dalawa ayieh ..MigLia

  7. Sana wala nang cure sa epidemya and maging global na yung apocalypse gaya nang sinasabi nung matanda para magkaroon pa ng season 2,3,4 and so on parang sa TWD and Z nation haha

  8. Not being biased pero ang ganda ng episode na to. Tbh I was a bit nervous baka ma infect sila haha napapa tili din ako. Pa ganda ng pa ganda every episode. Keep it up. Kahit hindi siya teleserye na everyday napapanuod pero kudos sa effort nila sa plot, cast etc.

  9. I only watch this show bcoz of the ff.

    1. Zombie plot (linta edition) 🀣
    2. FINO HERRERA! ❀️❀️❀️

  10. Wow galing ni Kaori bawait episodes pagaling ng pagaling c Kao kaya tuloy excited akong makita ang heavy drama acting ni Kao… Thumbs up na tlga ako sayo Kaori Oinuma πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  11. Galing na talagang umarte ni bebe Kaori! She's improving in every episode. Excited for the next one! 😍😍😍

  12. This episode shows that kaori was born to be an actress, she really amazed me with her facial expression and delivery of lines is so natural and she's telegenic as wellπŸ₯°πŸ˜˜πŸ˜keep it up kaoriπŸ‘

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