Jessie asks Janelle for a second chance | Parasite Island (With Eng Subs)

Of all the places
we could go to, why did you want us
to talk here? This is where all
your issues started. I want to see if you’ve
really fixed them– I don’t want to talk
about the past. I want to talk about us. It’s been a year since
we separated, Janelle. I miss my daughter so much. I miss being in the
same home with you. I love you. I feel like a part of me is
missing when we’re apart. Please, give me
another chance. I’m sorry, Jessie,
I can’t give that to you. I’ve had enough. We’ve known each other
since we were kids. Then, we went to the
same college in Manila. You were my best friend,
you became my boyfriend. You’re quiet but brooding. And you’re always
looking for trouble. – Love.
– What? I got hired. – Really?
– Yes. I’m a nursery school
teacher now. Wow! Congratulations! And here I am, still on my
second year in nursing. Hey! That’s okay!
Just don’t give up. – You’re still young.
– Hey! Why are you staring
at my girlfriend? Is there a problem?! Jessie! Jessie! Why did you do that?!
He’s not doing anything. Nothing?! Didn’t you see how
he looked at you? It’s like he was stripping you! Stop! Let’s just go home! Teachers are supposed to be
our children’s second parents! So do your job,
understood?! Stupid woman. – You bastard!
– Jessie! Jessie! – Get up!
– Jessie, stop it! I can’t take it anymore, Jessie. We fought too much.
You fought with everyone. But despite that,
I never gave up on you because I love you so much. But I’ve changed when
Sunshine was born. I stopped getting into fights, then I graduated from nursing. You’ve seen that I’ve changed
for the better, right? Yes, you did change. You stopped getting
in trouble all the time. But then, you had a
drinking problem. You always came home drunk. – Why do you think us nurses–
– What? wear all white while prisoners
always wear orange? You’re so wasted. Otap, what happened? He fought with
the head nurse. He resigned from
the hospital. What? Okay, thank you.
I’ll talk to him. – Thank you.
– Bye, bro. Jessie. Is there anything
I can do to help? You want to help me? I know. Turn this into wine. It doesn’t taste like anything. Love, I’m sorry.
I didn’t mean to. It’s okay. How was it?
Did you get the job? What happened to your face? – What happened?
– It’s nothing. Did you get into
a fight again? Did you drink again?! When will you stop drinking?! When will you get
your life together for me and our daughter,
or at least for yourself?! Just leave me alone. – For crying out loud!
– Just leave me alone please! Leave me alone! Janelle. I thought I could
make you happy again like before your father died, but I was wrong.
I couldn’t do it. We’ve had our share
of good memories too. Don’t you remember
anything happy about us? We loved each other,
didn’t we? Did we really, Jessie? Did you really love me? Janelle, you know
how much I love you. It’s like I married a wall. No sharing, no talking,
no feelings.

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  1. Kaya naman pala jessie eh, hiningi mo, binigay nya..tapos gusto mo makipagbalikan? Iba ka! Dapat kung magbago ka, talagang magbabago ka! Hahaha pero ikaw bida jan magagamit mo pagkainitin ng ulo mo sa mga zombies! Hahahaha

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