Jessie blames himself for what happened to his family | Parasite Island (With Eng Subs)

Ate, did they fight
because of our share in Madam Daria’s inheritance? No. Then why did they fight? Kuya Warren and Ate Queenie
were just complaining. They’re complaining
about their share. They don’t want the hacienda . I feel bad for Madam Daria. Her children are so ungrateful. His brothers are ganging up
on Kuya Jessie, because he inherited half of
the pharmaceutical company. What happened to you? Kuya Warren and I
got into a fight. He’s not satisfied with
his share in the inheritance, that’s why he
vented it out on me. You know, when I was a kid, my Daddy died. And no matter what I did,
they blamed everything on me. Until I got convinced and
started blaming myself too. It affected my life… It affected my relationship
with Janelle. And now that I’m older… They’re still blaming
me for everything that’s happening
to our family. No matter what I do,
I’m always wrong! Your mother’s vital signs
are stable now, Colonel. And we’ve also taken care of
her severe anxiety attack. Oh, thank goodness. I’m glad Mama didn’t have
any complications. Don’t worry, Gary. I will personally monitor
your mother’s condition. I will also update you
from time to time, okay? – We’ll go ahead.
– Thank you, Doctor. Gary. The NDC messaged me. They’re following up about
my trip to Batanes tomorrow. You can go to
Manila now, Kuya. I’ll stay here to
look after Mama. Her condition’s
stable now, anyway. I’ll just update you. Alright. Thank you. In the name of the Father,
and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen. Ma’am Daria’s okay now.
Kuya Gary just messaged me. – Daddy messaged me too.
– Thank God. Lovey, are you sure
you don’t want Princess and I
to go with you? Lovey, Mama’s still
in the hospital. Someone needs to look after her,
aside for Gary’s family. Lovey, what about our mansion? I don’t want to lose that. I don’t want to live
in the province. That’s why you need to
take good care of Mama, while she’s still alive. So we can appeal her
last will and testament. Hey. Lovey? Does it still hurt? I’m okay. Alright. I’ll stay behind to
take care of her. And I’ll apologize too. I promise I’ll behave now. I really have to go now. Okay, bye. I’ll go ahead. Okay. I will. – Get your stomach checked.
– Take care. Thank you. Come, let’s sit. He’s in his room. He had too many. What happened earlier
affected him. If not for the inheritance we’ll
get from that old woman, I won’t ever go to
this filthy place. I feel like throwing up
because of the surroundings! Miss. Are you okay? Do you want me to
take you to the hospital? What’s happening to you?

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