Jessie’s family gets angry with him | Parasite Island (With Eng Subs)

I’m very happy I
lived to be this old. But this wouldn’t be possible
without my family’s love and everyone who
I consider family. I may be blessed with
wealth and fortune, but I can’t deny that the
real blessing in my life is my loving family. The same family who treasures
each and every one. – Jessie, I need to go.
– What? Why? We’re separated now, remember? But that’s not official yet Still, I don’t want
your Mom to think that I’m interested
in your inheritance. I need to go.
Take care of Sunshine. – Alright.
– Okay. Why is it so
cold in here? Have you used
the kit already? – How is it?
– It’s negative. Is that so? But why do you hate
the cold so much? Melba, what are
you doing here? I asked her to come. My children, I decided to
distribute your inheritance while I’m still alive through a deed of donation. And so we can all avoid
inheritance taxes, right? And so you can operate
them as you see fit since you’re the new owners. Please, Lord. I hope we get the
pharmaceutical company. “That for, and in consideration
of the donees’ trust,” “devotion and affection
shown to the donor, ” “and as an act of gratitude
and liberality on her part,” “the donor hereby
voluntarily gives,” “transfers, and conveys
by way of donation.” “And to the said donees,
their heirs,” “and assigns the
following properties” “together with all the
improvements found thereon” “free from all liens
and encumbrances.” I should get
the pharma company I’m the eldest. The company is mine.
I’m the one running it. Lord, I hope my brothers accept
whatever Mama’s decision is. “The Salvacion
Pharmaceutical Corporation “is hereby assigned to
Mr. Gary Salvacion” “and Mr. Jessie Salvacion.” What?! I’ll be sharing it with Jessie? Ma, are you out of your mind? Jessie has no business
acumen whatsoever. But he’s a paramedic. He has a degree in Nursing, and he’s familiar
with medicine. Ma, the company grew because
I endorsed it to my contacts. I’ve contributed a lot to our
pharmaceutical company. Ma, just give
Kuya Warren my share. Are you the owner, Jessie? Is the pharmaceutical
company yours to give? Please proceed, attorney. “The Salvacion ancestral
house in Manila” “is hereby assigned
to El Cuerpo Parish.” Where are we going to live? “The Salvacion hacienda
shall be divided” “between two donees,
to wit, Mr. Warren Salvacion,” “who shall be assigned
its mansion and plantation,” “and Miss Melba Dimaano,” “who shall be assigned
its rice mill.” Ma, what am I going
to do with the hacienda? I don’t know anything
about farming. That’s right! And the pharmaceutical
company should be ours! Warren, you’re a colonel. You’re too busy with your work, and you’re aspiring
to be a general, so how will you be able to run
the pharmaceutical company? Me! I’ll run the company! Queenie, you don’t have
a medical background. Managing the hacienda will
be simpler and easier for you. You’ve always
looked down on me. I feel like an outcast
in this family! Fine, I get it!
You’re all smarter than me! – Queenie, wait.
– Kuya, leave her be. What did you say? Let’s just trust Mama. Trust?! That’s because you got
a bigger share than us. When you’ve never done
anything good for this family! You’ve caused nothing
but trouble, and you’re the reason
Papa is dead! Don’t involve Papa in this! I’ve never been interested
in that company. I’ll let you have it,
if it’ll stop your whining! That’s enough! That’s enough! You still want some? If you can’t accept
my decision, then I’ll give all of my
possessions to charity, and you’ll all be left
with nothing! Nothing! – Ma, relax.
– Ma? – Nothing!
– Ma? – Ma!
– Ma! Let’s bring her
to the hospital! Dr. Punzalan, her oxygen
levels are normal. But her BP is still high. I’ll return later to
check again, okay? – See you.
– Thank you, doctor. This is your fault. Kuya Gary, nothing bad
will happen to her, so relax. Jessie, this is your fault. – Don’t blame me.
– But it is. If you hadn’t been such
a suck-up to Mama, this would’ve never happened. You know, Jessie, you’ve
always been a troublemaker. First, Papa who died because
of you, and now her? – I’ve had enough of you.
– Oh yeah? – Stop it!
– Get out of here! You’ve contributed nothing
to our family but problems! Leave.

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