Jessie’s traumatic childhood – Episode 1 | Parasite Island Recap (With Eng Subs)

Sir! We’re the unit from Life Link
Miss Alvarez requested. How’s the situation? The hostage taker
is still inside, but he’s already talking
to the negotiator. Okay. We’ll be on stand-by. Let’s move over here. Today’s going to be exciting! Send all of your men away
or I’ll shoot this man! Men, fall back! Get that van over here! Now, get off! Move away form the van! Drive! Surround them! Take cover! Get him! Medic! Get the stretcher! Check his pulse! He doesn’t have a pulse!
Prepare for CPR! One, two three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, ten! One, two, three, four, five– Sir, stay with us! Eight, nine, ten! Sir! The hostage taking incident
in Quezon City has ended. The hostage, Mr. Ben Reyes,
was shot once. But he received immediate
medical attention from the paramedics from
Life Link Medical Services. Mommy, look! It’s Daddy! He’s amazing! He’s really good, dear. I’m sure you’ll be as good
as him when you grow up. Even if he’s not
wearing a costume, he still looks like a superhero! Mommy, if you really think
Daddy’s a good person, why did you leave him? Ma’am Daria, isn’t
that Kuya Jessie? Yes! Ma’am, you’re so lucky
with your sons. They are all amazing! It’s an ordinary day for these
emergency responders… You two are just like
your parents. God bless their soul. They always tell me that
I’m lucky with my sons. Because it’s the truth. But aside from my own children, I’m also lucky that I have you. I’m so lucky to have you two. Wow! Mr. Tony! – Jessie! You’re all grown up!
– Mr. Tony! Are you excited
for your vacation? You bet! I wish we can
do this every day! How’s your studies? It’s fine. You’re always playing around. Of course not.
I’m serious about school. – Tony
– Mr. Tony. – Ma’am Daria.
– Good morning. Good morning, sir. Tony, how are you? Did anyone get hurt during
yesterday’s earthquake? It was devastating, sir.
Many people were affected. Mr. Tony! Jessie, what’s wrong?
What happened? – Janelle!
– Jessie, wait! Janelle, how are you? I’m fine. It’s great
seeing you here. – Are you here on vacation?
– Yes, we are. You’ve gotten prettier, Janelle. I’ll come visit you later, okay? Janelle, let’s swim
in the lake later. What? It’s too dangerous. Did you forget about
the earthquake yesterday? Jessie, Gary, let’s go.
Our parents need to rest. Sure. Bye. Hi, Rhoda. How are you? Is this Melba? You’ve grown up so pretty. Thank you. How’s our mansion, Rhoda? Was anything damaged
by the earthquake? No, sir. The mansion
was built really well. What about your
family’s house? It’s fine too. But the houses of some of the
hacienda’s workers were damaged. Sir, part of the rice mill’s
wall was destroyed. Miguel, love, let’s visit
the barangay hall tomorrow. I want to see how we can help not just our workers, but
everyone in the island as well. Alright. And I’m going to
call my company. I’ll ask them to send
medicine for the victims. You’re so kind, ma’am, sir. You really love El Cuerpo. Of course.
I was born here. We care about
the people of El Cuerpo. You’re still a great cook,
Miss Rhoda. You’re the best. Thank you, Warren. Where’s Jessie? Can you please
tell him to go inside and eat with us, Gary? Are you looking for Jessie? He went outside.
I think he’s going to the lake. Why, that stubborn kid. Yes! Wow! Wow! Yes! Wow. Jessie! Papa! Come in, the water’s amazing! What are you doing?
You didn’t ask permission! Jump in! – Get out of there!
– Papa! Come on! Yes, Papa! I’ll show you how it’s done. Yes! Now, let me see you swim. – Let’s race. Come on.
– Sure. Okay, I’ll give you
a head start. Go ahead. Come on, Jessie, faster! Papa! You’re too fast, Papa. Ouch! Papa! Jessie! Jessie! Jessie! Jessie! Jessie! I got you. Jessie! Jessie! Jessie! Jessie! Jessie! Jessie! Jessie! Jessie! It’s alright. – Papa.
– Just breathe. Miss, what’s wrong? Pa! What are you
doing to my Dad? Papa! Papa! Papa! Papa! Papa! Papa! – Jessie, what happened?!
– Papa’s gone! What do you mean
Papa’s gone? – He’s gone!
– What happened?! Someone took Papa away! – Over there!
– Why would he be there? – Where’s your Papa?
– He’s gone! – What happened?!
– Let’s look for him. The woman!
She had leeches! What are you
talking about? You knew it was dangerous
to swim in the lake after the earthquake. But you still did it!
This is all your fault! He drowned because
of you! – He didn’t drown!
– What happened, then?! The woman with
the leeches! – Jessie, what do you mean?
– What? She killed Papa! A woman with leeches?
Where?! Not only are you stubborn,
you’re also a liar! Papa drowned
because of you! – You killed Papa!
– That’s enough! – Your Papa isn’t dead!
– Then where is he? Sir Miguel isn’t here. – What?
– I can’t find him anywhere. – Miguel?
– Pa! – Mama!
– Miguel! Miguel! – Ma! Ma!
– Miguel! Miguel! Miguel! Yes, it was me. Everything’s my fault. It’s my fault! It was me! – Sir Jessie!
– Hello, Sir Jessie! How are you? Of course you’d
be here since Ma’am Daria’s birthday
is tomorrow! You know my
Mom’s birthday? Of course! The whole
town will be at the party! – That’s right!
– I know, it’s been so long. Congratulations,
by the way. We saw you on television. – You were great!
– Congratulations! – You’re so famous now!
– Thank you. – We’ll be going now.
– Okay, Sir Jessie. Take care. – He’s here!
– Are you alright? Mama sure is unpredictable. She’s only turning seventy but she’s already going
to distribute our inheritance. Lovey, maybe she’s
going to die soon. But she doesn’t have
the courage to tell you. Queenie. I’m sorry, lovey. What do you think
you’re going to get? I hope she gives us the
pharmaceutical company. Among her properties
and assets, that is the most profitable. Wonderful! I like that! By the way, you and Princess
should head to El Cuerpo first. What? But, lovey, we agreed
we’d all go to El Cuerpo together. Now you want us to
leave without you? What can I do? I was only allowed to
go on leave for one day. I can only go tomorrow
for Mama’s birthday. Kuya Warren amazes me. Many judged their
relationship at the start. But he proved to everyone
that he really loves Queenie. Warren went through a lot
because of Queenie. Well, despite her flaws Queenie is a loving
wife and mother. What matters is that
their family is happy. Let’s all go together tomorrow. Lovey, you two go ahead. You know why you should? I have an idea. What? Maybe you can persuade Mama to give the pharmaceutical
company to us. Lovey… you think
I can pull it off? Maybe if I were close to her. But she doesn’t like me. What do you mean? You fear nothing and no one. Power! Right? I’m going to do it
not just for you but for our daughter because your inheritance
will go to her someday. Right? Right. I can never say no to you. My family’s over here. Good morning, Dad. Good morning, Mommy. My princessita señorita! Ma, I can’t breathe. Your Kuya Gary is coming too. I’m just not sure
about Stephanie. Well, she’s in Europe again. What do you mean
you’re still in Paris? You haven’t booked
a return flight? You need to be there
for Mama’s birthday. Honey, you and Miggy
are going anyway. We’re well-represented. You’re coming home and
going to El Cuerpo with us. That should stop you
from spending too. I’ve been monitoring
your credit card use. You spend too much! Honey, you know it
can’t be helped. It’s crucial here in Paris. There’s an exclusive
preview sale for the new collection
of Givenchy. I can’t miss that. Steph, you know my
financial situation, right? I need millions for the
people I convinced to invest in Emerson’s company You’ll get that money
from your mom. And I’ll get that money from you …for my shopping. Easy. We’ll probably just discuss
the distribution of properties after the party. What I need is fast cash. Honey, you know what? All this money talk
early in the morning… It’s 3am here.
It’s too much for me. It’s giving me tension. I think I need a massage. Or maybe I should
take a nap. I’ll call you later, honey. Fine. Suit yourself. Oh, my favorite nephew is here. Give Tita a kiss. Me too. Just kidding. Yes? I’m supposed to borrow
Princess’ new video game. She promised she’d
let me borrow it. She’s upstairs changing because we’re
going to El Cuerpo. Why don’t you just
go with us? So we’ll have a bodyguard
there. Please. Sure, I don’t see why not. – Do you have a phone?
– Yes. Take it out and tell Gary
you’re coming with us. Alright. – We have a bodyguard now.
– And he’s so handsome! He took after
his aunt of course. No doubt about it, Ma’am.
You’re gorgeous. Tita, Daddy isn’t picking up. Then call your mother! I can’t. Mommy’s in Europe. Europe? It’s a shame I wasn’t able
to meet Sir Miguel. Based on your stories
and what I’ve heard from the people of El Cuerpo, he seems to be such
a good man. He was the best. It touches my heart
that even if… he’s been gone for
two decades, the people here still
haven’t forgotten him. The people here love him. Just like how we love you. Thank you. This place hasn’t changed. The lake is beautiful. And the air is clean and fresh. But this place was also where the most painful event
in my life happened. There’s movement
in the water, Ate. The ground is shaking. An earthquake again? It’s been days. I hope this is as strong
as it gets.

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