Jodhpur, Rajasthan Veg food Episode 3 | Traditional Rajasthani Food

Hello friends! Welcome to Visa2explore! This is your host, Harish Bali. Have you ever heard of a sabzi (dish) made of Gulab Jamun (an Indian sweet)? It was a first-time experience for me and I really enjoyed its taste. In Rajasthan, if you ever get a chance to eat Moong Dal Vadi, Rabodi and Bajre ka sogra (flatbread),… …as a combination, you won’t forget its taste for the lifetime. Look at an example of the Rajasthani hospitality,… …I met this family in the Old City here. And they kindly invited me to their home for lunch. Thank you! For inviting me and cooking this marvelous meal! For your understanding, this is the Marwari cuisine that I am eating here today. Thank you! Thank you! I will serve myself! Will you please tell me about these dishes? Yes, sure! This dish is called Rabodiya. This is raw Rabodiya. This is made with Makki (maize) flour and Chhaachh (buttermilk). Alright! And we also make use of buttermilk while cooking it. Okay! This is Moong Dal (Split green gram) ki Badiya (dollops). This is the raw form of Badiya, as you can see. And this has been cooked using hot water. This is chana dal (brown chickpeas), cooked with moong dal and Moth. It has been tempered with fried garlic. Really awesome! Really awesome! I am going to enjoy it. Now, see, first thing first! Look at the size of this thali. This Bajra roti (Pearl Millet) is cooked beautifully! I am happy just to see this roti. If you haven’t seen bajra flour, I’ve requested them to show it to me. This is Bajra flour in front of us. The flavor and fragrance of garlic in the Moong Vadi…. …is so prominent that I can feel it even from a foot away! Look at how Jeera (cumin) is floating on top of Rabodi! Chhaachh has been used, as they told me, to cook this dish. Rabodi is cooked with Makki flour and chhaachh! Though I could not even imagine such a dish but I am enjoying just watching it here. Tell me one thing, what is the right way to eat this meal? Let me show you, take a bite of this roti like this. This has turned cold, it should have been hot. You have poured a lot of ghee over it as well. This has a lot of desi ghee. Yes, yes! We add the curry over this crushed roti. Alright! After that, you will really enjoy your food! Really beautiful! Our Rajasthani food is very delicious! Yes, absolutely! So, we need to crush this roti properly! Yes, it needs to be crushed. That is how you will enjoy its flavors. Here, some people prefer to add all the curries together while some eat the curries one by one. You tell me how you would like it. Ahhhh! Let us eat it one by one! Yes, some people eat each dish separately while others eat everything mixed together. Okay! I’ve to admit one thing – Bajre ki roti, with ghee on top,…. ….and with this kind of combination. It would have tasted better if the roti was hot. No, no, it is still hot. I am enjoying eating it. And I feel like I am eating an absolutely traditional meal. Really beautiful! This is my first time in Jodhpur. In our city, during winters, the villagers prefer this type of meal. Hmm! Even in the cities, we eat this kind of meal, either frequently or once in a while, but we do eat it like this. I really enjoyed it. Very simple food! Tasty! This whole combination is delicious. This food is energizing as well. Absolutely! How is it? Marvellous! If you ask me honestly, eating each dish separately tastes better. That is because… …otherwise, you won’t understand the taste of each dish properly. Mixing everything together won’t allow me to understand the flavor. Like in this dish, garlic weaves a magical taste. I am telling you seriously. We’ve added Hing (asafoetida) to it as well. That is what I was going to say next. Hing and lehsun (garlic)! Both have worked wonders with this dish. Yummy! As I told you, I could smell garlic in this dish from even a foot away. This dish is quite easy to cook. Hmmm! Really good! Yes, please come! So, I’ve heard that Rajasthani food is high on chilies. But when I ate these two dishes, they have very less chili in them. By less, I mean there is a normal amount of chili, not too much. You’ve heard right but in our household, we prefer less chili in our food. Alright! Okay, so she is helping me…. …in crushing this roti before eating. Really good! This is Sogra ka choora…. Sorry, I am calling it roti repeatedly. This is actually Sogra, not roti, ka choora (crushed). Go ahead and eat it! Thank you! As I go on eating dish after dish,…. …I am enjoying its taste so much that I cannot explain in words. Now, there is only one thing I would like to say after eating this Rabodi,…. …and I am saying it with all my heart,… …it is like when you eat something so good, you feel it to be a lifetime experience. This is the same experience for me. Eating such delicious meal is really amazing for me. I feel like I have stepped into history. I mean I feel I have gone back 100-200 years, this food is so delicious. Slightly sour! Fragrant Jeera (cumin)! And this Rabodi is delicious in irs own way. How regularly do you eat Bajre ka sogra in your homes? In the winters we eat it daily. Okay! And during summers, once in a while! Yeah, because it is warm to eat. Yes, it is warm to eat and according to the weather, we eat it regularly or sometimes. That is why we cannot eat it frequently during the summer season. I want to thank all of you for inviting us into your home for such a delicious meal. I found this meal very tasty and enjoyed it too. I won’t forget this lunch for years to come. I won’t forget it for a lifetime. Tell me one thing, if I like a dish very much, how should I express it in Rajasthani language? “Ghano Chokho Laagyo!” (I liked it very much!) So, this is from me to you – Ghano Chokho Laagyo! I enjoyed it very much. Thank you very much! Really good! After travelling 8kms from Jodhpur, we reached Mandore Garden. There are lot of tourists already here. Since there is an ongoing Mela (fair) of Baba Ramdev, a lot of devotees have come to Rajasthan….. …from other states as well. After walking a distance of 10 minutes, we reached this temple dedicated to Lord Ganpati. We paid obeisance. This place, Mandore, is also believed to be the home to the in-laws of Demon King Ravana. There is a museum here. But that is under repair right now. Therefore, it is closed to public. To visit the whole Mandore Garden, spread in an area of 2-3kms, you need 1.5 to 2 hours. Have you ever heard about Malai (Cream) roti (flatbread)? I’ve come here to eat the same and it is already in front of me. What you see on this plate is all cream (Malai). It has been garnished with lots of dry fruits. Dry fruits include Kaju (Cashew nuts), Pista (Pistachios) and Kesar (Saffron). And since it is in the shape of a roti, thus the name, Malai Roti! I just saw, in a large vessel, there were lots of Malai Rotis. Immersed in sugar syrup! By the way, this taste is not like that of the usual malai that we eat at home. This is much tastier because…. …of the lots of dry fruits used to garnish it. That has changed the taste completely. In fact, it is enriching the taste of this malai. This malai roti has been served slightly cold. It is not chilled, though. And this is a very thin layer of malai. Not too thick. But yes, it was a nice, good experience. And something different too! It goes without saying that if you end up eating two of these rotis, though it may not be very filling,…. …on the stomach but definitely very heavy lunch. Very good! After finishing the Malai Roti, I ordered one more dessert, which I saw written on the board outside. I’ve been told it has three main ingredients. It has fruit cream, Mewa (dry fruit) cream and rabri! All three were mixed together to form this dessert. This looks quite a rich dessert and it will only be after eating that I can tell you how heavy it is. This is Kishmish (raisins)! And this is a portion of rabri. I will definitely call this dessert interesting since it is made with a mixture of 3 different flavors. Something different, something interesting! It has Badam (almonds), Kishmish, Kaju and Khubani (apricots). It has everything. It is definitely heavy. It is good that I ordered a smaller portion of it. If I had ordered a full portion, then I wouldn’t have been able to eat dinner today. Have you ever heard of Nargisi Kofte? Here you can see it is written, & I came here after reading this board. After coming here, I found out, they fry these koftas like this. These balls or koftas are made of a mixture of potatoes, yam & beetroot. These three things are boiled and mixed together. Some spices are added to the mixture and shaped like balls before being fried. And it is served topped with chutney. See, it is red on the inside. This is because of the chukandar (beetroot). We eat chaat made of potatoes and beetroot, but separately. But to eat these together, with Ratalu, is a first time experience for me. Brother, why is this snack called Nargis ke Kofte? This name has been in use since the times of Nargis (a famous Indian film actor). Alright! She was fond of these. Okay! How long have you been selling these here? We have been selling these snacks here for the past 30 years. Right here? Yes, right here! 30 years! This is a tangy snack. The mixture is good and it has decent amount of spices in it. This quick snack is available at the Main Road, Jalori Gate. After a break of 5 minutes,… …I’ve also bought this kulfi for myself. Very good quality rabri! Usually, one doesn’t expect such a delicious kulfi being sold from a street cart. It is not at all icy on the inside. Very soft! Tasty and well-made! I liked this rabri-quality of kulfi. In Jodhpur, you will be able to see a lot of varieties in Juttis (traditional ladies’ shoes). Right now, we are at the Siwanchi Gate Road. We are at the Pappu Mojri shop. Quite a famous shop! Just as I entered this shop, I noticed a lot of photographs of celebrities displayed here. The most famous, Sachin Tendulkar, right here in these pictures. There are a lot of varieties of Jutti. Let us look for a suitable jutti to purchase. Jutti (a Punjjabi word) is also called Mojri in Rajasthani language. There is no left/right foot in this. You can wear both the shoes in either left or right and with time, it will adjust to the foot size. Good designs! It is comfortable! I like this design better than others. Its price is Rs. 650. Good design! He told me that his shop is open only for two hours in the evening. From 7 pm to 9 pm. I liked this pair finally. This pair will look good when worn with jeans or kurta-pajama. I received comments from lots of my subscribers. Those comments asked me not to miss the Shandar sweet shop at Jalori Gate. So, here we are at Shandar, to eat lunch. Looking at so much ghee in the food, I am reminded of the Kesar da Dhaba in Amritsar. I could never imagine that we could make a sabzi (dish) out of gulab jamun (Indian sweet). Let me show you the surplus ghee closely. Amazing! This is gulab jamun, you can see. It is garnished with Kaju (cashew nuts). And this gravy is totally different, I can see that in its texture. First, let me mix it well. Mmmm! Gulab jamuns are fried and…. ….instead of chashni (sugar syrup), these are added to this gravy, prepared separately. Too good! Do you know the top two ingredients used to make Gulab Jamun ki Sabzi? You would be amazed to know, those are milk and ghee! Other than gulab jamuns, of course. This recipe and this dish, specially, are admirable. While placing my order, I tried to understand…. …the difference in these two preparations. I was told that the gravy is same in both the dishes. There is only one difference. Instead of gulab jamun, this dish has kaju and kishmish (raisins). It is heavily loaded. Look, so many nuts in it! I’ve to admit, even though the gravy is same in both the dishes, but the second one is enriched…. …with the sweetness of kishmish. So, even if you don’t eat kishmish, but just a spoonful of this gravy, you will taste the sweetness. Slightly sweet gravy…. ….and one thing I have to tell you… When the milk is split, it is made into paneer (cottage cheese). That granular feeling of split milk is there in both the gravies. Preparations made with milk, with such rich presence of dry fruits,…. ….is ultimate! After finishing this, I am going to order a sweet dish for myself. The mewa cream (local dessert) is also quite famous. Jodhpur food experiences are truly going to last a lifetime. Look at the thick cream with so many dry fruits in it. I just remembered in Naldehra, I had eaten a dessert made with gur (jaggery). So, this dessert deserves as much praise as that one. Heavily loaded with lots of dry fruits – pista (pistachios), kishmish, kaju. And this is khubani (apricot). The name of this place – Shandar – also applies to the food served here. I am highly impressed. Today is the last day of our Jodhpur trip. I have with me Mr. Vikram. He helped us a lot in planning the whole Jodhpur itinerary, including travel & food destinations. Actually, he is in the profession of organizing food tours for travellers to Jodhpur. You will find his details in the description of this video. We enjoyed this journey a lot. Even our subscribers also told us of quite a few destinations in their comments for us to plan out. We enjoyed this trip immensely. Our next destination is Jaisalmer. Please tell us about your Jodhpur-related experiences. As always, I shall wait for your comments. That is it. Thanks for your time. Thank you Vikram ji, once again. From my side, here are two thumbs-up!

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