Kolkata Street Food | Kathi Roll, Jhal Muri, Puchka, Mughlai Paratha and MORE 😍

Hello everyone, my name is Dhiren
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as I make a lot of travel related content BTW, this video is slightly different as I am
going to try the street food of Kolkata So, hold your heart and belly as
the main feature is about to begin The first place that I am going to cover is K.C.Das
& here, I’ve ordered for ‘Luchi and Cholar Dal’ Luchi looks exactly like ‘Puris’
& It is served hot & let see how it actually tastes This looks really good…
First, let’s try Cholar dal Dal is slightly sweet. It has a bit of sugar in it
just like Gujarati dal It’s not very spicy and it’s pretty decent
for a breakfast Now, let’s try it with Luchi So, Luchi doesn’t tastes like Puris There is a bit of stuffing in luchi It has koraishutir and cumin seeds,
giving it a nice taste Now, you may have tried kathi roll in
many cafes and restaurants But do you know where was this dish invented? Well, it was invented at Nizam’s which is right behind me… Let’s go inside and learn more about it During the Colonial Era, Britishers loved kebabs. But they also found it very messy and troublesome to dig in Someone at Nizam’s decided to wrap the kebabs with Parathas and then with a wax paper to avoid any spillage or greasy hands They also added some onions, pepper, chilies and lemon juice to enhance the taste This idea was an instant hit,
making it popular world wide So, here is my ‘Chicken Kathi Roll’
Let’s try and see how it is… One thing that I like about this roll is that
it is stuffed with too many things It is stuffed with chicken, onion, pepper,
lime juice and green chilies, making it light yet flavorful I only wish there were more
pieces of Kebabs in this… Otherwise, it’s very good. So, I just stepped out of a Heritage food joint,
Anadi Bhavan (Also, known as Anadi Cabin) Anadi Bhavan is famous for its Mughlai Paratha.
It’s made with flour and egg TBH, I felt like I was eating an okay-okay omelet
(Not even a good one) I couldn’t say this inside in front of the owner
Hence, reviewing it here But 1 thing that I liked about this place is
that it has an open kitchen You cannot come to Kolkata and not try Puchkas The size of this puchka is massive as compared to the size of pani puri in Mumbai. This is too big for my mouth The ‘paani’ is really nice and tangy
and it goes well with chickpeas and potato Kolkata is known for its Chinese and Burmese food Personally, I don’t like (Indian) Chinese food.
Hence, I am not going to try it However, I do like momos and here they are… These are veg momos…
Let’s try and see how they are… I love street side momos. The taste and
texture is so different and nice Stuffing is generous & it tastes pretty good.
The outer layer is also thin, just like it is supposed to be BTW, I bought this from Rabindra Sadan
This place is quite popular for Chinese food and momos Now I am going to try Jhal Muri
It’s the Bengali version of ‘Bhel Puri’ (served in Mumbai) The only difference is that Jhal Muri has
peanuts and chickpeas The rest of the recipe is exactly the same It’s also a bit dry. Mumbaikars usually put tomatoes and chutneys. This has green chilies instead And my last stop is Mitra Café
and I am really excited about this one This place is famous for fish kabiraji,
chicken, mutton & prawns kabiraji I’ve ordered for Fish Kabiraji…
Cannn’t waitttt 😀 So, this is Fish Kabiraji…
It looks so tempting The outer layer is of the egg which looks like a net.
The inner layer is that of fish. It looks very crunch and greasy.
Let’s try now… As you can see egg and fish layers are separate.
The texture of fish is just like cotton. Just how it is supposed to be It is served hot. There is also a thin layer of
garlic, red chili powder and mustard oil, giving it a spicy flavor 2 people can easily eat one portion of Kabiraji
as it is deep-fried in clarified butter. (ghee) The outer layer of eggs make it even heavier So this is it.
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