Laxmi Villas Hotel – Perundurai – A Hotel Serving Tasty Non Veg Food

This is mutton kothu curry country chicken curry we are open till 10 pm rice, mutton kothu curry and country chicken curry what is special here? This is special here… in the afternoon country chicken curry and mutton kothu curry in the mornings we have mutton intestine and mutton fry This place was started in the year 1946 by my grandfather…. in the morning we serve idly, parota, dosa with mutton intestine and mutton fry in the afternoon mutton biryani, rice, country chicken and mutton kothu curry for the night its idly, dosa, parota with chicken and mutton kothu curry.. after 8.30 we serve a chicken dish prepared with dry chilli we are closed on saturdays… country chicken curry a plate – 90/- inr, mutton kothu curry – 90/- inr, mutton intestine – 75/- inr, sunday morning will be full rush here

22 Replies to “Laxmi Villas Hotel – Perundurai – A Hotel Serving Tasty Non Veg Food”

  1. perundurai sakthi mess try pannungaa bro!! meals homemade taste!! all nonveg gravey with meals available

  2. Try Maaman mess in Erode, near sivaranjani in brough road. Briyani is very good. Side dishes are good but not very great. Also what's your favorite hotel in Erode, Bhavani, Perundurai area ?

  3. And one more hotel afternoon only working தோட்டத்து விருந்து hotel near vilurasampati nal road

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