Leaky Gut Syndrome: Causes, Symptoms, Risk Factors & How To Reverse Leaky Gut

Thanks for checking out this comprehensive
video today. In this video, I’m going to talk about leaky gut syndrome. It’s a functional
complaint that’s often been maligned by medical practitioners. Before I delve into it, I just
want to read out an email I got from a first-year medical student from America regarding leaky
gut. I wrote an article on EricBakker.com regarding
leaky gut, and this is what this particular student wrote. She says, “Mr. Bakker, leaky
gut syndrome is pure naturopathic nonsense. It’s just like adrenal fatigue, just another
fictitious man-made disease. Many people confuse adrenal fatigue with Addison’s disease, which
is an actual, real and diagnosable medical condition when you don’t make enough cortisol
in your glands. This can only be diagnosed by your real doctor, and various tests are
needed to diagnose this disease. Candida is bullshit, too. It is possible to have a full
body fungal infection, but you’d be in the intensive care unit nearly dead.’ Signed,
Miss so and so. This is a very interesting email from a person,
obviously a first-year medical student, so I’ll forgive her for her ignorance. When I
was a medical student, I was quite ignorant, too, and had a lot of strong opinions about
things which I know now 27 years later I’ve got completely different ideas about. It’s
interesting and I think back at my dad who was a very pragmatic man, and Dad said that
opinions are like bowel motions. We all have them from time to time. Sometimes some people
have more or less. Sometimes people are full of these things and just pass out bowel motions
all the time. Almost like verbal diarrhea. And that’s what we’ve got in this case. A
person with verbal diarrhea. So I’ll forgive this person, of course, because she’s a medical
student. And if she happens to see this YouTube clip, I welcome her to contact me when she’s
qualified and maybe 10 years down the track when she’s settled into a practice a bit more
and overcome a little bit of that verbal diarrhea. Let’s now have a look at leaky gut syndrome,
what the condition really entails. Leaky gut syndrome is not a fictitious disease. In fact,
there are many different research papers in mainstream medical journals that have been
written about intestinal permeability. It’s certainly not fictitious by any means. When
we examine the small intestine, there are three sections to the small intestine. The
first part, which connects up to the stomach, is called the duodenum. And in America, I
believe they call it the duodenum. The duodenum contains quite a lot of intense solar activity
there in terms of digestion. In fact, there’s a very small section at the beginning of the
duodenum which is about 75 to 90 mils that contains most of the person’s immune function
activity of the whole digestive system. We’re talking about probably three or four inches
of bowel, which is impacted with an incredible amount of immune cells.
It’s estimated that about 60 percent of a person’s immune activity is located in the
small intestine, and probably three quarters of that is in the first three to four inches
of that section of small intestine. If we examine the small intestine and open it up,
it has a surface area of about a tennis court. It’s remarkable. You may see some pictures
on the internet of what we call villi and microvilli. Villi are basically, I’ll draw
a picture for you. They’re small, funny shaped objects like this. That’s a villi and a villi
looks a little bit like that. Microvilli are basically the little projections that run
off the villi. You can see those. If you have a look closer, we’ve actually got even smaller
villi that run off those. The point I’m making here is the surface area is dramatically increased
because we’ve got a huge amount of digestive area that we’re looking at.
If you look at the microvilli, little finger-like projections, there’s basically one cell layer
that goes around the microvilli. These cellular junctions in a healthy person are very tight
and well-controlled spaces. And the body does this to allow very well digested particles
of proteins, carbohydrates and fats to get through to the circulatory system. These food
components have to be broken down to the tiniest unit before they’re allowed to get into the
body. Sometimes, however, with people these cellular junctions aren’t as tight as they
should be, so they’ll be a slight gap in the cellular junction. And this will allow partially
digested food particles to get through those cellular junctions into the bloodstream and
affect the immune response on the other side. This is what we know as “leaky gut syndrome.”
Leaky gut is actually very common. And, in fact, I would say easily three quarters of
my patients have some variant of leaky gut, and it’s not hard to see why. There are many
causes of leaky gut, but the common cause, I again, would anticipate to be stress, pharmaceutical
medications, diet, alcohol, various toxins and various other causes, but those are the
common ones. Alcohol is a very common cause of leaky gut syndrome because just about everybody
drinks booze. Lots of people take paracetamol or Tylenol, ibuprofen. Antibiotics are one
of the biggest causes of leaky gut syndrome. You’d be surprised how many millions of tons
of antibiotics are used in the food chain every year in America and in Europe and in
many other countries. These are the silent causes of leaky gut syndrome. Leaky gut syndrome
is also implicated very much with irritable bowel syndrome, which I’ve done another video
on, and also inflammatory bowel syndrome. If you’ve got leaky gut, what are some of
the primary causes and what are some of the effects of leaky gut on our body? How would
it affect our health? Some of the symptoms that you’ll experience with leaky gut are
typically bloating, burping, gas, altered bowel motions. A little bit like what you
would expect with irritable bowel. You would also find, though, that many people with leaky
gut have got some type of a food allergy. Something I very commonly see.
Before you go running off taking all gluten out of your diet, why don’t you do a test
called an Intestinal Permeability Test? Which is a lactulose mannitol test. So you basically
swallow these two types of sugars and you see by what comes out of you which sugar is
held back and which one is passed out if you’ve got leaky gut or not. That’s certainly a viable
test to do. Before you start taking all gluten out of your diet, maybe you should start taking
alcohol out of your diet. Maybe you should have a look at the stress levels that you’ve
got. Whether you like your work or your partner. If you have issues with people close to you.
If you’re sleeping properly. If you’re relaxing properly. If you’re doing too much. These
are all common things you need to really analyze before you start making major dietary changes.
I’m not a huge fan of everyone going off gluten. I mentioned this before in many videos and
I think it’s a bit of a cop out that everyone’s going on a Paleo diet or a modified carbohydrate
diet. People need to go on a modified stress lifestyle before they go on these modified
carbohydrate diets. Stress is never looked at with people. It’s silent. It’s in the background.
It’s just never really attended to. It’s one of the key causes of most people’s gut dysfunctions,
is stress. We’re living increasingly stressful lives.
Leaky gut syndrome. You can also experience sensations in the digestion system. You can
experience sensations anywhere around here. Off on the sides here. Centrally probably
more because of the small intestine. Irritable bowel you’re going to probably experience
sensations more along the top or in the colon. But the small intestine, you’ll sort of feel
it there really in the middle of the gut. If we’ve got this condition, what the heck
can we do to get on top of it? How can we fix it up? As I said in my irritable bowel
syndrome video, you need to address the causes. You need to look at the primary cause, the
exciting thing, the thing that got it started and you need to look at the maintaining causes.
Have you taken antibiotics in the past? Are you on the Pill? Are you taking medications?
These things need to be changed. If you’re currently taking pharmaceuticals and particularly
if they’re non-essentials or you don’t really need them, I would recommend you stop taking
them. If you’re taking a drug and you think it’s affecting you, go and see your doctor,
your naturopathic doctor or medical doctor, and have a talk with him or her about this
and ask if there are any alternatives. There might be a natural analog or a natural product
you can take. Analyze your lifestyle. As I mentioned before,
look at the kind of stresses that you’re living under. Are you happy with the person you’re
living with? Have you got a mortgage over 200K that you can’t service? Is there some
kind of stress that you’re going to bed with every night? Is your mind taking over and
you can’t switch off? Maybe you’re one of these type A people that I see, one of these
human dynamos that has to do everything perfectly. Everything has to be cleaned and wiped down
and tidy. You’ve got millions of lists of things to do. Maybe your thyroid or adrenals
are being overactive. That can certainly cause a lot of hormonal disturbances leading toward
leaky gut syndrome. As you can see, there’s a lot for you to think about.
If you don’t attend to leaky gut over time, what you’re going to find will happen is you
could get increasing cognitive dysfunction. So the mind could become affected. Brain fog
is quite real. You could start losing train of thought a bit, memory loss. You’re losing
that sharp edge that you used to have when you were in your 20s and 30s. You could be
noticing some pains around the joints, finger joints or wrists or shoulders or elbows. These
things can happen. As these partially digested food particles
get into the bloodstream, they upregulate the immune response. White blood cells start
recognizing these things as foreign invaders and secrete chemicals, which can attack them
and form what we call “circulating immune complexes.” These CICs then can travel through
the bloodstream and lodge in different parts of the body where they attract more attention
and inflammation can increase. There’s potential there for quite a lot of serious problems
down the track. Many people, I believe, develop leaky gut syndrome in their 20s, 30s, and
40s, and tend to keep this condition for 30, 40 years until they end up with all sorts
of autoimmune responses and even cancers. The problem with medicine is there’s never
any attention paid to cause and effect. So a person develops a functional complaint 20
or 30 years prior to a major diagnosis, it’s never taken seriously. Like anything in life.
If you’ve got a small problem, fix it now before it becomes a serious problem. If you
found rust on your car, would you ignore it? Probably not. You’d probably get it cut out
and fixed. Because if you left that rust for 20 or 30 years, your car’s a write off. If
you live in Australia where I used to live and you’ve got termites that are boring into
the walls of your house, you better get the pest control guy out and get that attended
to. Because if you turn a blind eye to it, that whole house is gone. Small problems fixed
up don’t become major problems where your life is in jeopardy.
Many different issues there with leaky gut syndrome. How do we remedy it? As I mentioned,
stress, attention to diet, maybe some dietary supplements, and an antifungal/antibacterial
product is worth taking. I developed a product called Canxida, which you can get from Canxida.com.
That’s going to help clear any potential pathogens like small intestinal bowel overgrowth or
what we call SIBO or Candida or parasites. It’s going to help clear that from that bowel.
In my opinion, it works as effective if not better, than most of the prescribed antifungals/antibacterial
products, antibiotics you get on the market without having the side effects. That product
is going to work quite well if you use it in conjunction with a carefully controlled
diet and you cut booze out of your lifestyle for a while.
And, of course, you need to include fermented and cultured foods into your diet like some
kimchee, some yogurt, and some sauerkraut. There are different foods that you can include
in your diet which are high in lactic acid, which build up the beneficial bacteria. That’s
a very smart move to do, particularly if you’re going to pull alcohol and these sugary foods
out of your diet. So take these things out of your diet. Include these cultured foods,
and I think you’ll find that a lot of your functional digestive symptoms will disappear.
You’ve got to try to understand that your digestive system is like a garden. You’ve
got to weed it from time to time. You’ve got to culture it. You’ve got to nurture it. You’ve
got to tend to it. You can’t have a beautiful garden per chance. It needs attention and
regular maintenance. And the digestive system is no different. And some people’s lawns and
gardens look absolutely beautiful. They’re a joy to behold. Other people’s gardens like
my neighbor I used to live next door to will have a car body in the yard and beer bottles
piled up in the corner and no doubt there’ll be a few rats and mice running around, which
really are the parasites, aren’t they? How do you treat your lawn? As a dumping ground?
Or is it a place where you like people to come and really enjoy it because it’s such
a beautiful thing? I think you get my point by now. It’s really up to you how you develop
and culture your internal garden. You don’t need to develop a botanical garden, but surely
you can weed and mow quite regularly. The product Canxida will do that. It will tidy
up that interior. The fertilizing is really the fermented and cultured foods. Eating foods
rich in lactic acid are going to help to provide compost and fertilizer and really help to
build a beautiful garden. Both of those things are worth thinking about.
I hope that’s given you some good information on leaky gut syndrome. You can fix this condition
up within a week by making some serious changes to your lifestyle and diet. But in all honesty,
it’s going to take probably three months and even six to twelve months before it’s 100
percent again. The garden is not dissimilar. When you start with bad dirt, you can’t have
a beautiful lawn in a week. But you can certainly get rid of the symptoms in a few days with
leaky gut syndrome by making the significant changes I’d like you to make, particularly
to your diet up front. And when you do it and the symptoms improve, that will give you
more confidence to go further and start tackling the bigger projects like the stress, maybe
that job you don’t like, or you need a relationship change or you need to scale down your house
or things like that. Remember, and never underestimate stress.
To me, it’s one of the biggest causes of irritable bowel and leaky gut. If you can get that nailed
and your diet sorted, you’re going to be well on the road to having a very good functioning
digestive system and no doubt perfect health in time.
Thanks for tuning into this video today.

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  48. Hi Eric – What would a pain/dull ache in the area about 2 inches below the belly button be? Is that the large intestines?

    If I ever get stomach ache it is almost exclusively in that area. IBS maybe? Sometimes get in the morning whilst waking.

  49. Ive run into a lot of problems lately. Went from extremely healthy to tons of problems in a cpl months. I've tested for everything and everything but celiac came back fine. Funny thing is i dont feel i have reactions at all when i eat wheat. No diarrhea or constipation, no symptoms at all that I notice after I eat it. CTs, ultrasounds, blood all came back negative. Colonoscopy too. Now im "crazy" to my drs. They say ive developed a somatic disorder, but ive had a pain on the right side of my lower stomach(8 inches) from my belly button, joint pain, trigger points, memory problems, lymph node swelling, tinnitus, floaters in my eyes, rashes in my armpits etc. and more. it all came out of nowhere within 2-3 months. Tested for lyme and it came up borderline. I dont eat wheat, dairy, sugar, grains and most starchy veg. Fruit is strawberries, apples, pineapple, figs. I am super stressed and this all happened right after a bad breakup. It felt like something in me broke. I eat all organic and antibiotic-free hormone-free as well. I am completely lost…..

  50. Doctor i am 26 male from india i have taken some beer last week and has been in stress so while and havnt taken proper rest as well whole weekend ,i am working fine and in control but feeling drunk or hangover kind of feeling all the day and unable to concentrate on work and even felling pain in leg and joints.Could you please suggest which medical test i should take and which or the doctor i should consultant please suggest me as this feeling is not letting me do my work properly.Please help thank you in advance .. 🙂

  51. Ill put this out there, might help someone, might not, but you may get my logic here. I had ibs for around 10 or so years now, which means the craps several times a day for almost every day even, and of course if you have had ibs you know the horror stories that go along with it, need I mention fire in the hole. Anyway tried most everything under the sun to help, some things helped a little, most seemed to have no effect at all, probiotics did help a little for short times. But it always came back with no reason or ryme why. I even started getting hernias and Ill fill you in on a possible reason why later. Anyway to make a long story short as this is getting long, well Ill try to make it shorter. Found out it was the goody powders I had been taking. And you can call all this coincidence but the logic is there it just took me forever to figure it out. I had been taking goody powders almost daily at the longest weekly a box was bought. Yes Im an older person and aches and pains are nothing to laugh at as most everyone will get them around middle age. But the problem I found out to this is that. Nsaids which are all pain medicines and usually work well, another reason for their addiction, as they stop pain, swelling and inflammation which seems great, has a down side, the body uses pain, swelling and inflammation as a signal to cause healing. And its well known also Nsaids slow down the healing process which leads to more pain and then of course more pain medicine use, a circle is it not. Well Nsaids cause intestinal bleeding which would stagnate, and the body would see that as infection, and given its in the intestines the body would think flush out the infection, and thus the craps come. Should I mention Nsaids also kill gut flora, you should know the benefits of gut flora I assume. Now as to the hernias, well whats the closest thing to the intestines, the stomach muscles and the Nsaids would leak outward to that, and since Nsaids slow healing, the stomach muscles would slow in healing, causing a weakness there, see the logic here, but call that just an opinion. After stopping all Nsaids the diarrhea every day for almost all day long has stopped, and my bowels seem to be normal for the most part again. This took only several weeks of no Nsaids to notice this. I cant say the same result will happen for you as Im no doctor and cant offer medical advice, But I can tell my story. Such could help you as it did me, and at the least no Nsaids will most likely stop internal bleeding and ulcers, assuming you can bare some minor pain that aging brings. If you cant,,then do what you must, no one can tell you otherwise. In truth Nsaids should not be used for daily aches and pains, but only for severe absolute unbearable pain, but so many of us have felt we needed them for daily or weekly aches and pains, and for many of us that lead to our own misery. Best of luck

  52. here's several ideas for relieving leaky gut quickly
    Have a whole food, nutrient-rich diet that avoids foods which irritate your gut
    Make sure your digestion is working: You can eat a perfect diet, but if you aren’t digesting food appropriately, it is not going to help.
    Discover and remove underlying food sensitivities – eliminate a suspected food for a period of time
    Discover ways to reduce and eliminate stress:eg Prayer, meditation, yoga, adequate sleep, and acupuncture
    Eat gut healing foods and nutrients
    Balance the gut flora using appropriate amounts of fermented foods in your diet each day.
    Find and remove gastrointestinal infections
    Try the use of gut-irritating medications:
    Lessen exposure to environmental toxins
    Get plenty sleep and avoid overtraining which are a form of stress to the body.
    (I read these and the reasons they work from Richala remedy system site )

  53. 😂 Quite ignorant of this med student. Anyway, I appreciate all your information, I have been listening regularly and I have been helped greatly.

  54. I consider myself as a health conscious person. However I once had a bad breakup that gave me traumatic fight or flight stress, I got alopecia (autoimmune). Just recently I suffered the same experience after a long relationship, this time eczema. Next time I encounter this type of traumatic experience, I'm supplementing with high doses of L Glutamine and probiotics before it breaks me down again.

  55. Your videos are great resources. I know everyone is different but how long does leaky gut take to heal. I've been following the diet for 2 1/2 months.

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