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– Hey everyone. I hope you’re feeling
energized today! I have a very unique episode for you. It’s all about healthy
eating. It’s important what we be put into our bodies to help us grow. So today, we’re going to be learning about some interesting fruits and vegetables, and some other superfoods that are really good for you. I’m so excited for us to learn about them
together. For more “Tea time with Tayla” episodes, subscribe to this channel. And click the bell to get notified of my latest releases. We’ll be exploring these healthy foods today with the help of Little Spoon. They’re an awesome company
to sponsor today’s video [up beat music] Parents, I highly recommend you check out the Little Spoon for your baby’s nutritional needs. Little Spoon sends thoughtfully designed baby blend foods with natural ingredients straight to your door. They’ve worked with a team of pediatricians and nutritionists to develop a personalized meal plan suited to a baby’s nutritional and
developmental needs, And, since they send it straight to your door, it’s super convenient. Make sure to click the link in the description to get started. Little Spoon sent me a variety of nutritional baby blend foods that we’re going to use today to learn about fruits and vegetables. Mmm. These look really yummy. Let’s see … We have one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Let’s look at the first one. This food contains corn, Apple, Sweet potato, Chive, and pumpkin seed. Corn is a grain that’s part of the grass family. Corn provides fiber which aids in your digestion. Apples are one of the healthiest foods that a person can eat. They’re really high in fiber and vitamin C. And they function as a good antioxidant. Sweet potatoes help boost brain function. We all want to be smarter. They also help immunity and promote vision health. For your eyes. Chives are closely related to garlic, shallots, and onions. They’re a nutrient-dense food. Which means they’re low in calories but high in beneficial nutrients. Pumpkin seed is exactly that The edible seed of a pumpkin. I love to carve pumpkins at Halloween time. It’s good to know there’s some health benefits to pumpkin seeds. They’re good for your heart and immunity. Let’s check out another one. This one has three ingredients in it. Beats. Banana. And mango. Beats are a vegetable. They’re high in potassium. Which helps your muscles function. And manganese which is good for your bones. Because of the high content of potassium found in bananas, They’re considered a super-fruit. Wow. Mangos are also a fruit. And they contribute to your eye health. They come in various shapes and sizes, and colors. Like yellow, Orange, Red, And even green. Mmm, I like mangos. Let’s check out this one. It has sweet potato, apple, Blueberry, and flax Well, we already learned about sweet potatoes and apples, Let’s learn about blueberries and flax. Blueberries are really high in fiber content. They help decrease the risk of heart disease. So that’s good. Now flax is a fiber crop. It’s cultivated in cooler regions of the world And it’s the richest source of Omega 3 fatty-acids. You may have heard your mom or dad talk about Omega 3’s before. They’ve been shown to have heart-healthy effects. This next baby food is green. It contains four ingredients. Avocados. Those are green. Green apples. Those are green. Broccoli. That’s also green. And spiralina. Avocados contain even more potassium then a banana does. They’re incredibly nutritious with things like vitamin K, folate, Vitamin C, Vitamin B5, Oh, Vitamin B6, and so much more! It helps that avocado’s are really delicious too. Broccoli is a vegetable thats rich in essential vitamins and minerals. And spiralena, you may not’ve heard of that before. It’s a bio-mass of blue green algae. Algae, that’s right. Ewe, it sounds gross. But, it’s actually really good for you. And it can be consumed by humans and animals. It’s a great source of protein. Okay, we’ve done one, Two, Three, Four, That leaves four foods left. Let’s look at this one. Mmm, it has blueberries, Chick pea, Spinach, Pears, And rosemary, We already learn about blueberries. What about chick peas? Those have lots of health benefits. Like helping control your blood sugar level, Improving your digestion, They also protect against heart disease, And provide essential vitamins and minerals. Spinach is a leafy green. It’s a vegetable that’s loaded with good things for nearly every part of your body. Spinach is really yummy. Pear is a juicy fruit that has immune-boosting vitamin C. I really like pears. It also has an herb called rosemary. That has a surprising ability to boost your memory. And improve your mood. This next one has a lot of ingredients. Are you ready? It has quinoa, Raspberry, Pear, Coconut milk, Vanilla, Dates, And wheat-germ oil, Wow, that’s a lot of good stuff in there. Quinoa is a grain. Its one of the most protein rich foods that you can eat. And raspberries are delicious. They’re a fruit. And did you know that the oils from raspberries Have sun protective properties? Wow, that’s really neat. Coconut milk is lactose-free. So it can be used as a milk substitute for those that have lactose intolerance. Did you know dates are a food? And they’re a great source of energy. And wheatgerm oil has anti-aging properties and can positively effect mental agility. That will definitely help those baby’s brains develop right. We have two more. Ooh, this ones like a pretty reddish pink color. It has beats. I bet that’s where the color comes from. It has tahini, chick pea, apple, brown rice, and cardamom. That’s a lot of good stuff in there. Did you know tahini is a condiment? It’s made from toasted ground sesame seeds. And it’s helpful for detoxifying your body. Cardamom, that’s kind of a funny word. It’s a spice. And it’s made from the seeds of several plants. It can help improve your blood circulation your intestinal health and your dental health. Say, “Cheese.” We want to take care of our teeth. Our last one has one ingredient. It’s just mango. And it’s the same color as a mango. Wow, we learned about so many interesting fruits ,and vegetables, and herbs, and other ingredients. Some I’ve never even heard of before. Like cardamom. So I’m glad we got to learn about them together. Learning about all of the health benefits of certain foods really makes me want to take care of my body. What you eat is very important in growing healthy and strong. So be aware of what you eat. Parents, if you have babies that are just starting to eat food, I’d encourage you to join “Little Spoon”. They have a great system to make sure your child is eating organic healthy blends. And they deliver right to your door. So click the link in the description for more information. And I’ll see you all next time on “Tea Time”. Bye bye everyone! – [announcer] Hey Kids! 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