Let’s Duel: Parasite Infestation Deck in the KC cup! Yugioh Duel Links

what is going on guys my name is nishi and in this video we are going to do another let’s duel series so in this episode we’re going to be using weevil Underwood and the deck that we’re gonna be using is a parasite infestation so this is overall what the deck looks like a link on how to build this deck will be down in the description and without further ado let’s jump into a duel ok so this is going to be our first duel and it is going to be against ok sweet so a Rex Raptor deck ok so this is going to be pretty interesting because he relies mostly on jurassic world but if i can get the parasite onto the field then his dinosaurs become insect type monsters ok so with weevil Underwood skill he puts the parasite into his deck so if you look there he’s at 16 cards right now and now it goes up to 18 right there so he has two of the parasites into hes deck already so this is a pretty decent hand I would say so I’m we’re gonna set cocoon of evolution because 2-headed King Rex would be nineteen hundred and they won’t be able to take them out and then if everything goes right he’ll attack that and everything will still be okay and we’ll summon millennium scorpion ok so we set a monster ok so let’s see we have the panda I think that might be a four-star ladybug or something or the ship that destroys my monster so if it is we’ll just hit with the panda just to see what it is ok so hane hane so what that does is it just returns one monster on the field ok that’s not too bad so if he attacks we have kuriboh so and if he attacks we kuriboh and we can summon millennium scorpion oh perfect he has a parasite perfect perfect perfect so he is going to attack and then boom kuriboh ok then for our next move we’re going to sac the Panda for millennium scorpion okay blast held by tribute that might actually be good to just in case he sacks the parasite so what we are going to do is we’re going to tribute summon so what the Millennium scorpion does is each time it destroys a monster it gains 500 permanently so once we destroy this card it will be at 2,500 unless he kuribohs or does something yeah crap ok so he kuribohed but it should be strong enough 1800 yeah should be ok so so we will just end our turn he draws a parasite perfect so you see there how his monsters became insects so they lost the effect of jurassic world so they become insects so instead of 1800 his attack drop down to 1,500 oh shoot oh no so thats kind of bad so 2000 he will take out my millennium scorpion no reason to worry it’s okay okay so we’ve got another panda as we’re going to summon that and we’re not gonna take out the parasite just yet because we still want his dinos to be insects so we are going to destroy his dino ok so for next turn we’re gonna hit the parasite the reason is because he’s at 1400 so if he summons a monster or even if he doesn’t I can still do 1500 and that’ll still be game so he switches it to it ok so riryoku it doesn’t matter because we have another panda ok we just lose our first panda and we lose 500 so it isn’t that bad its not that bad so let’s see what we draw cocoon of evolution ok so will summon okay so lets think about it so if I summon the panda it will be 1800 it won’t be game yet we’ll just play it safe so we’ll set cocoon evolution just in case you have something but hopefully next time he summoned another monster so if we sum it up and i’ll be twenty-three hundred ok so I was kind of a waste ok so i’ll activate short of green and then we’ll play the Panda so we’re not going to hit that yet we’re gonna hit the facedown card to see what it is all for SAR doesn’t affect us so much my pantry start so we’re so okay and now if i attack attack the parasite now it’s going to be game ok so this duel depends on that coin toss if it’s double heads were kind of screwed ok was double heads okay ok so this is interesting so but he takes 300 so we just gotta do 500 more damage so let’s see what we draw jar of green ok so we can kind of Saul a bit more so we set our greed and then was second evolution again and will return so the cocoon of evolution that’s kind of like a stall so it should help us stay in the battle ok so we can too much of that so activate jar of green drawcard ok perfect mask their curse so this car does is I get to select a monster that he controls and the quick monster cannot attack and the controller of the monster takes 500 damage perfect perfect so let’s see what I draw Oh jacek whistle a little bit late but at least at least we drew it and then we’ll activate right agree which are two more cards ok will activate ok we just like to be ambassador purse ok then we’ll clip into we can attack losses pretty good duel it’s already 15 turn and we will not see the genotoxic whistle so we’ll enter turn right there so if he doesn’t destroy the mask occurs then this game is pretty much over so once again this duel depends on the coin toss on keeping him try it and that’s game massaman curry leaves 500 oh but that’s not a normal normal monster ok so it’s just stalling stalling his defeat it takes 500 that is game that was a pretty long duel so I think i mighta here so that’s pretty much how you use it back and yeah this is a weevil Underwood parasite infestation deck a link on how to build the site will be down description and i hope you guys really enjoyed the video if you guys did give it a thumbs up with that being said that you guys so much for watching I hope you guys have a great day peace

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  1. nice video! cocoon is good, almost like big shield gardna 😊

    And the reason why that guy didn't toss coin is because the effect only activate at the turn he summon the barrel dragon.

  2. Hi, nice video! This inspired me to try and build a deck like this myself. There's only one problem I'm having: none of the duelists I'm facing (legendary duelists and standard duelists) drop what I want them to drop! Standard duelists never drop any Jade Insect Whistles, and Weevil never drops Cocoon of Evolution… any tips on how to make these duelists drop the right cards? Thanks! 🙂

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