Lose 10 Pounds in 2 Weeks Without Exercise | Intermittent Fasting

– If you wanna lost some weight, but you don’t wanna get involved
with an exercise program, or maybe you’ve been exercising and it just not working for you, the weight is not coming off,
by the end of this video, I’m gonna show you how to
lose 10 pounds in two weeks without any exercise. Now my name is Mike Cola, I’ve been a fitness trainer and
gym owner for over 30 years, I’ve helped thousands
of people lose weight and get into amazing shape, and one of my first rules for weight loss is you’re so much better
off focusing on your diet as apposed to exercise when
you wanna lose some weight. Trying to exercise your way
thin is a losing battle, you don’t wanna put overuse type injuries, you’re so much better
off focusing on diet. So let’s go over my five step system to lose weight without any exercise. Now the first thing I
want you to do is to start a real simple intermittent
fasting program. I only want you to eat two meals a day. Now you can do this a
couple of different way, you can either skip breakfast, I mean you’re still allowed
to have black coffee, or tea of any type of
liquid without any calories, and then have lunch and then have dinner. Or you can do it the opposite way, you could have breakfast in the morning, you can have say a late
lunch and skip dinner. The whole idea is that you
wanna stay in a fasted state for a minimum of 12 hours
and it would be incredible if you can stay in a
fasted state for 16 hours, that’s real popular form
of intermittent fasting, it’s called 16/8, when
you fast for 16 hours and then take in all calories within an eight hour eating window. Now this is gonna help you lose weight in a couple of different way, first of all, you’re gonna eat less. I know it might be
counterintuitive, you think, “Oh, I’m only eating two times a day, “I’m gonna be really
hungry, I’m gonna overeat”, you won’t, believe me. You might be a little hungry
the first couple of days, but you’ll get used to it real quickly, and research has shown that most people will automatically eat less food when they’re only eating two meals a day. Now the other reason why this
is gonna help you lose weight is that it’s gonna
hormonally help your body. For example, when you’re eating food, all the excess calories that
you’re not burning right then gets stored away as either like glycogen which is like carbohydrates being stored in the muscle of the liver, or body fat. Now the storage hormone is called insulin, so what happens when you’re
eating like all day long, you’re eating multiple meals a day, the pancreas is always
releasing this insulin into the bloodstream to stow
away the excess calories, but what happens over time, especially when you’re overweight and your overeating all the time, people become insulin resistant
and insulin stop working, and then you get
overweight and you wind up with all these different
health type issues. So when you’re only
eating two meals a day, what you’re doing is you’re increasing your insulin sensitivity,
so hormonally your body’s gonna be working better by
only eating two meals a day. Okay, now the second
thing I want you to do is to reduce the amount of carbohydrates you’re eating everyday, and this is the rule I want you to follow. If you’re 150 pounds or over, don’t eat more than 100 grams
of carbohydrates every day, that’s about 400 calories. Now if you’re under 150 pounds, try to limit your carbohydrates to no more than 75 grams a day, which is roughly 300 calories. You know, the general rule is just four calories per
gram of carbohydrates, now why is this gonna
help you lose weight? First of all, when you eat carbohydrates, whatever you’re not burning right then, similar to what I talked
about in step one, these carbs are actually
stored away in the muscle and in the liver within your
body in the form of glycogen. The problem is is that
there’s only so much room, the muscles and liver can only
hold so many carbohydrates in the form of glycogen. Say the typical person can
store maybe 2,000 calories, you know, like a petite
type woman maybe only 1,500, a big guy maybe 3,000, but once your muscles and liver
are full with carbohydrates, all the excess carbohydrates you’re eating are gonna be converted into body fat. Now there’s also something else to this, actually about a four to one ratio of water retention to
carbohydrate storage, so when your muscles
and your liver are like a full with glycogen, you’re
also holding a lot of water. So when you reduce your carbohydrates, let’s say 100 grams, 75 grams a day, you’re gonna lose three, four, five pounds within three, four days instantly. So I have to just state that the 10 pounds you’re gonna be losing within two weeks, I would say 40 to 50% of it will most likely be water weight. But the other advantage
of actually reducing your carbohydrates is, and depleting your glycogen levels in your muscles in your liver, is that you’re putting yourself in an optimal fat-burning state. Now step three is, I want you to completely
eliminate fructose from your diet. Fructose is like a form
of sugar, you know, fructose is found in fruit, high-fructose corn syrup which is loaded into all different process
food like cookies, cakes, soda, is loaded with high-fructose corn syrup. You see sugars are not all created equal, like starchy type sugars
like baked potatoes, things like that, those sugars
are actually stored away in the muscle in the form of glycogen, that type of carbohydrate, and the muscles can hold
so much more carbohydrates than the liver does where
fructose is processed. For example, a liver can
only hold 200 to 400 calories where the muscles can
hold maybe 1,500, 2,000, and what happens when the
liver is full with fructose, full with stored carbohydrates? The body starts producing
triglycerides and body fat, and you just get overweight and you wanna be like
metabolic type syndrome, all the horrible things
happen when the liver is full with fructose. So I really want you to eliminate
all fruit for two weeks, no fruit, no process foods,
no cookies, no cakes, no sodas, no, like the
worst thing you can do is drink like juice, like orange juice, eliminate all fruit and
process foods for two weeks, it’s gonna really help you burn body fat and drop the weight. Now step four is, don’t be
afraid to eat healthy fats and good quality protein
within your two meals. Since you’re gonna be
reducing your carbohydrates, you can increase your healthy fats. Now what are healthy fats? Healthy fats are just the fats that are in whole, natural foods. If you having like a steak,
if you having chicken, if you having fish, there’s
gonna be healthy fats in that. If you’re having whole eggs, the yolks are gonna be healthy fats there, olive oil is a healthy fat,
avocado is a healthy fat. So I want you to, don’t be
afraid to eat a higher fat diet with adequate amount to protein. Let me give you an example of say, two perfect meals you can eat. Like say you’re eating breakfast okay, I think breakfast you
had two hard-boiled eggs, with say an avocado, and maybe
a nice green vegetable drink, I love those cold-pressed
green vegetable drink, that would be like an ideal breakfast. And let’s say you’re doing just breakfast and lunch that day, and then for lunch, you
have a nice piece of salmon, a nice six to eight ounce
piece of wild-caught salmon, with two different colored vegetables. You always wanna eat a
rainbow of vegetables, say you have broccoli and then say you have a little bit
of say maybe red beets, so you’re getting red, green and then be generous with
the amount of olive oil, that would like an ideal day. And also, drink a lot of water,
I love like mineral water, Pellegrino ’cause it’s high in magnesium, it has a little of the electrolytes
that you’re gonna need. So increase your fats,
increase your protein, and reduce your carbohydrates. Now the fifth and final step is, you have to get good quality sleep, you have to sleep seven to eight hours every single night in deep sleep. Research has shown that if you’re not getting good quality sleep, your body becomes insulin resistant. Now just like we talked about
in step one and step two, fasting and eating a low carb type diet increases your insulin sensitivity, when you’re not sleeping enough, insulin can’t do it’s job properly, insulin can’t store away
those excess carbohydrates in your muscle and in your liver. That means your body can
easily put on body fat, it can definitely prevent
you from losing weight and actually help you gain weight by not getting a good night’s sleep. And there’s other hormones
that get all messed up too when you’re not sleeping enough, there’s a hormone called
ghrelin, and leptin, these are like the hunger hormones, that some doctors call
them the obesity hormones, by not sleeping enough, those hormones are all
out of whack as well. And now that you know the five steps, you just have to do it, wake up tomorrow and get started. I’m also gonna link up a whole bunch of other videos I did
about intermittent fasting and about eating a low carb diet that can really help you lose
the 10 pounds in two weeks.

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  1. Thanks Mike. I have been doing the intermittent fasting protocols you talk about in your videos and it's been working great. I will try Pelligrino. I went low carb before but had some electrolyte issues. I'm hoping the magnesium will help out.

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