Maamoy na Puwerta / Smelly Discharge – by Doc Liza Ramoso-Ong #135

Good day everyone.
Our topic is about the causes of smelly discharge in women. The normal discharges should be odorless and clear.
Because we have good bacteria that cleans our body. When there is foul-smelling discharge, it is because there is an infection or imbalance of bacteria. I will give you some tips to keep your discharge clean and smelling fresh. First, take a bath daily. Wash and change cotton panties twice a day. This is to prevent bacterial growth, which is a source of bad smell. Use mild soap to wash your private area. It is necessary to use soaps with no perfumes. Because perfume has a chemical content that can destroy good bacteria. The water used for washing should not be too hot. Use lukewarm water.
Because hot water can irritate the skin. When using toilet paper to wipe the private part. Start wiping from the front to the back (buttocks area). Not the other way around. For the bacteria not to enter to the private part. Most women put some lotion in the groin area. Choose a water-based lotion in order not to irritate the skin. If you want to put perfume in your private part, my suggestion is to apply it only on the thigh. Avoid foods that are smelly, such as garlic, onion, chili, because it will come out in our sweat.
Avoid sugary foods because it may increase your blood sugar, which can cause yeast infection. We need to eat yogurt because it has good bacteria.
Also, drink plenty of water 8-10 glasses a day. You can also trim the pubic hair so bacteria will not cling to it. The cause of smelly discharges are yeast infections and sexually transmitted diseases. These discharges are colored green, brown or whole-white. Consult your OB-GYNE immediately.
Thank you and God bless.

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  1. Garlic is very good to our health….cleanliness was the best answer to avoid bad smell….take a bath twise a day and washed as many as possible with any soap every time you used the toilet change underwear as many as possible……

  2. Pinanuod ko to sa gf ko. Effective ang advice ni doc eh. Kaya ngayon, gabi gabi na nya tuloy ako napapasaya.

  3. Sa totoo.lang maraming natutulog di nagpapalit ng panty dahil antok na antok na. Di dapat katamaran ang pagpalit ng panty.

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