Magnesium Stearate : Do Not Take Another Vitamin Before You Watch This! VitaLife Show Episode 154

Welcome to the VitaLife show. I’m
doctor Janine Bowring and in today’s episode I hope that
you’ve been enjoying other episodes of VitaLife show here on YouTube but in today’s episode we’re talking
about something very important why you should never ever take a
supplement or a vitamin that contains this
ingredient this is a toxic ingredient I’m gonna let
you know all about it I’m going to demonstrate why it’s so toxic and why you should never take anything
that has this toxic ingredient in it so what is this toxic ingredient it’s
called magnesium stearate so don’t be fooled I want you to check
your vitamin labels at home look at the bottle look at the non
medicinal ingredients if it says magnesium stearate or magnesium vegetables source, stearic
acid they try to hide the name in all different types of ways but this is a flow agent and what this
essentially does that help to speed up production time that’s why all the supplement companies
are using it, at VitaTree we don’t use magnesium stearate the reason
being is that it really does compromise your absorption it coats whatever that it is put onto in
terms of the natural ingredients coats that ingredient so it flows through the
machinery more quickly well what does this mean to you
unfortunately because its coating those ingredients it dramatically reduces the absorption
of those nutrients so even though you’re taking something that’s supposed
to be good for your health your vitamins your minerals your other
herbs if it contains this toxic ingredient the
magnesium stearate, unfortunately it’s coated you will not
absorb it properly then your body then has to detoxify this
magnesium stearate which is not a natural substance and that then leads to your overall
toxicity so imagine if you taking one supplement it
could be just your multivitamin I can almost guarantee it contains
magnesium stearate then you’re also taking anti-oxidants maybe your Vitamin C maybe it’s your Vitamin E maybe then
you’re taking some herbs as well imagine this cumulative effect of taking
all this magnesium stearate in every supplement you thought was good for you again at VitaTree we don’t use any magnesium stearate and I’ll show you exactly why. So I’m
gonna demonstrate it now So here we have two glasses filled with vinegar now vinegar
stimulates our digestive juices and what we want to show you now is that you know you may have done this
experiment in grade school the volcano we know that when we mix an acid and a
base we have a natural reaction and that’s exactly what we have this is
baking soda in vinegar which you may have tried before and we all know that we have this
fizzing reaction the acid plus the base now in this example what I’ve done as
I’ve actually mixed some magnesium stearate and have coded the baking soda with the magnesium stearate and lets check again what’s going to happen when
we mix this into some vinegar surprisingly it doesn’t mix the reason being is that
it’s coated now are baking soda and we don’t have that
natural reaction so you really have to pay attention that
magnesium stearate now decreasing the absorption or whatever you’re taking
with that’s why I will never use it so
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