Making Vegan Meals In The Microwave

– The one thing I can give this is that it is still vegan. (upbeat electric guitar music) I think a lot of the kind of ideas around vegan is must stem from kind of like everything being perfect and take a long time and being expensive or whatever. So, it’ll be interesting to see kind of the less polished side of the vegan world, so to say. – Yeah, like you can be a lazy coke and be a vegan. – Yeah, totally.
– Or you can just not have that much time on your hands. So, I think that for students, especially if you’re someone who’s trying to eat like more
of a plant-based diet, having things that you
can make in the microwave is probably really handy for you. – Yeah, absolutely. I’m looking forward to give it a try. – Yeah. (upbeat music) – A lot fewer ingredients than you think. It’s literally over-ripe banana, a smooth nut butter,
we have peanut butter, and cocoa powder, and then optionally a sweetener, so we’ve got
some vegan maple syrup. – So, it doesn’t obviously
have any dairy products in it, but it also just
doesn’t have any flour. – But then, if you think about it, brownies of the cake
world are the very much the unleavened kind of
like fudgy, gooey cake. – So, yeah, let’s give it a shout. – Let’s do it. So, to grease it we’re just thinking just to put a little bit of olive oil. I’m happy with that grease. Next step, mash a banana. Ooh, this cocoa is rich. – It looks like a fancy cocoa powder. – Smells amazing. Two teaspoons?
– Tablespoons. – Tablespoons, okay,
that seems like a lot, but I guess it is a brownie. And then, same of the
smooth nut butter, so one. Two. – Ooh, that looks really good! – Right? – Yeah! – Like, look at that. – That looks great. – [Tom] Look at that.
– [Ayesha] Like really, really good. – I’m gonna say that much. That was sort of like a,
seemed like a tablespoon. This actually might be a really good way of having a chocolatey
snack without it being like, really bad for you.
– Too unhealthy? – So, I think now we
just need to transfer it to our greased bowls. – Yeah. – Confident pouring needs to happen. It’s like, firm-ish. Standing up on its own,
but then if you were to make a peak in it, it kind of doesn’t settle for a while. So, definitely behaves like a cake batter, that’s for sure. Let’s go microwave these. I’m gonna go ahead and put this in for one minute. (thud)
(beeping) I’m gonna see what happens. – I’m actually gonna change and do mine for a minute and a half. Okay. – This is quite exciting. So, upon returning from the microwave, it actually looks like it’s cooked. Are you seeing that? It looks like a brownie. (clattering) (gasps) Let’s be honest now,
something has happened here. The proof is in the pudding. So, let’s go, should we try it? – Yeah. – [Both] Cheers. – Oh my god, oh my god.
– Wow. – That’s unbelievable. That’s made out of bananas. – That’s crazy. – Oh my god, I’m like so thrilled that this has worked,
like this is brilliant. – This is amazing vegan snack. – So, ease, I’m gonna give
this a five out of five. – Yeah. – It was so easy. – I think five out of five, as well. If you’re trying to
think about hot desserts, they take a long time. This is like a really nice dessert, especially on a cold day. Simple as hell. Taste? – Five out of five again. Like, honestly, it’s so good, like. – I’m a fan. – So, we’ve just given
it to Jade for a try and I’d like to know your thoughts, jade. What were you saying?
– Oh my god. Honestly, I can’t even explain how good this dessert is. This taste like a lava cake, thick, chocolate, creamy. I actually cannot
believe it’s just bananas and peanut butter. – [Tom] There you go, you see? – Are you lying?
– [Tom] No. (laughs) Can you imagine?
– It’s legit, it’s really like have I just eaten this? (upbeat music) – Vegan mac and cheese, which in itself is kind of a challenging concept, but now we’re gonna take it the next step and we’re gonna do it in the microwave. – I’m confused by how you can really cook pasta in the microwave. – I’ve noticed here we’ve
got vegan margarine, we got almond milk, pasta, and also– – Vegan mozzarella. – A mozzarella flavor block. – Dairy-free, lactase-free, soya-free, gluten-free, and nut-free. So, all the frees. (clattering) – That seems about right. – Yeah, that’s okay. – So, we have about that much happening. – The rest, of course, were equal parts pasta to water. – Do a whole mug of water. And get it literally everywhere. I’m going to microwave it until the pasta is al dente. Let’s do it. As the recipe stated, we are
gonna microwave these now in two minute intervals. I think for it to be actually cooked, it might take like 46, so we’ll just pop them in and see. We boiled our pasta. It took about eight minutes
in two minute intervals. I didn’t think you could cook pasta in the microwave, and
like, clearly you can. Think about that much, I think. Sounds good.
– Cool. – Almost like it’s cereal. I’ve never had vegan cheese. I don’t really know what to expect. Hmm, oh. It’s surprisingly all right. I’ve got a decent amount
of cheese in there. I think the margarine I’m gonna put in like that much, like quite a bit. – Gonna add in some salt and pepper. – I think that’s a good idea. – I think we should mix it? – Yeah, I guess. Should we go give it a try? – Yeah, let’s do it. – I’m genuinely quite surprised that it looks all right. Look at that. It’s quite like soft, it’s quite melty, it’s very cheesy. Or at least cheese-like. But we may have put too much cheese in. A small mug of pasta to
a half block of cheese maybe is not the right amount. Should we try it? – Yeah, let’s go for it. – Okay, cheers. – Cheers. – You know, that isn’t bad. – It does taste a little bit cheesy, but it’s also– – It’s oilier. – Yeah. – It’s not bad, though. – No, and it does actually
have quite a string to it. – The salt and pepper
that you thought to add definitely helped. – Oh yeah. – Ease, I would give this like a 3.5. Well, maybe no, four,
just say a straight four. I think that’s fair. Everything happened in one bowl, so it’s minimum cleanup. Taste, I’ll give it a four, as well. It’s slightly bland. – Yes. It does taste good, it does
taste like a white sauce. – But overall, honestly,
I’m really impressed. I was skeptical about vegan mac and cheese and they have proved
me wrong, this is good. – It is good. Do I prefer it? No. (upbeat electric guitar music) So, we have our chickpea tin. – Boom. – Chickpea water is a really
popular vegan ingredient. – Oh really?
– It’s called aquafaba. And people use it to make
like vegan meringues. – [Tom] It’s something much more than that but less than go over where
you that get the idea. – So, we need to add in two to four cloves of garlic, as well. – I might go a maximum garlic. – We need to microwave this
for four to five minutes. Four to five minutes, and hopefully afterwards, this will become
all smooth and mashable. So, fingers crossed. – We’ll see. (laughs) (upbeat music) Okay, so here is our microwave bowl of chickpeas and garlic. Okay, so first things first, we just gotta mash it with a fork. A potato masher and a bigger bowl would be good.
– Yeah, yeah. (upbeat electric guitar music) I’m gonna go out on a limb and I think we should microwave this a bit more. – Yeah? So, we’ve decided to put the chickpeas back in the microwave
for a minute and a half. Hopefully, this will just make it all magically come together/ soften up the garlic a little bit more. So, here we go. It looks more like soup
then it did before. If that’s the goal, which it’s not. – So, I’m gonna in the lemon now. It says 30 mils, which is about
two tablespoons, I believe. How much salt? – Two to five teaspoons.
– 3 1/2 to 3/4 to… – So, like that much. Sure, let’s make that one. Tahini, I didn’t know what
it was until just now. It smells amazing. So, basically I need about half a jar in here.
– Yeah. Should I just pour it?
– Yeah. – Ohh.
– Oh, ohh. – Can you see this, though? She’s coagulating. – One to two tablespoons. – Okay, so it’s a stream
in it whilst mixing. And streaming. – [Ayesha] Ooh. – [Tom] Like that much? – [Ayesha] That’s good, yeah. – So, I’m gonna add some pepper, I think, just because like, seasoning is god. So, here we have our
microwave homemade hummus. Which, actually, doesn’t look too bad. – No, it’s very homemade looking. – Yeah, we have quinoa
chips and also hummus chips, which I believe are
actually made of hummus, so we’re going double hummus. Should we try it? – It looks all right, yeah. – That’s not bad. That really isn’t bad. I don’t know if I tried it at a party, I would even know that it was
supposed to be hummus, though. – Kind of tastes like peanut butter. – So, for ease. – Two out of five. – Yeah, I’d give this a two. I wasn’t stressed, it wasn’t
particularly strenuous. Two is a fair score, two out of five for ease, yeah. – Taste is a three. – I would give it a two. I really like hummus and it just doesn’t taste like hummus, so
that’s why (mumbles). – All in all, that was fun. I really, really enjoyed this. I can’t believe how well some
of the things turned out. – The idea that if you’re a student and you’re vegan, that you can still also enjoy that accessibility
of making things quickly, I think, is a really big plus. Like, two out of three of these things were like, sorted. Like one of these is a really good dessert or like a filling snack, and one of them is like a full meal that you can make in the microwave, it
doesn’t take that long, is quite affordable, as well. That actually opens up
a lot of possibilities. In terms of maybe I can just make vegan bakes more often. – Speaking of which, I think I might go eat the rest of my brownie right now. Bye! (upbeat electric guitar music)

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  1. I think the chickpeas should have been strained beforehand, but great video! Thanks for sharing more accessible vegan recipes 🙂

  2. I know you all think Americans are rude but my god, thank you so much for this!!! I never realized how time consuming and special ingredients you need for vegan meals were until I started college while plant based. lol

  3. flashbacks to childhood when my mother went through a cooking chicken in the microwave phase

    You better stop.

    Get a toaster oven. Have some damn decency, would you? 🤦‍♂️😂

  4. Maybe you could try and normalize the sound as there are very loud peaks. This is preventable by normalizing the sound and will make the video a much more pleasant experience. But thanks anyway … 🙂

  5. Quite honestly, it would be quicker to make the Hummus in a blender or just mash it up in a bowl, also way too wet looking 😂 you need to strain off the liquid first

  6. last time i made a “mug cake” from the top of my head, ijust mashed a banana,added cocoa powder and microwaved it. i forgot u could add nut butter. anyway it was kind of cooked in the top but it was mostly just pudding.

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