Managing Diabetes – Estimating Portion Sizes With Your Hands

(upbeat music) – Welcome back to Diabetes EveryDay. I’m Toby Smithson, here to help guide you in successfully managing your diabetes. I’m sure you’re aware that carbohydrates have an effect on your blood sugar levels and it’s important that we
get the right portion sizes. But we also need to consider
our busy daily schedules that compete with our time and attention for managing our blood sugar. So today I’m going to give you a hand on estimating portion sizes
for carbs and other foods, and that’s the clue. We are going to use our own
hand to help us estimate carb, protein, and fat
counts on the go, ready? Here are the simple tricks. Fist equals one cup
serving of cooked popcorn and know that you can have three fists of popcorn for a 15-gram serving, or a serving of cereal would be one fist, or soup, or a casserole. The palm of your hand
equals a three-ounce serving of meat, chicken, or fish. One cupped hand is equal to
about one ounce of crackers or pasta for a 15-gram portion. Tip of the thumb is equal to one teaspoon of oil or margarine. The entire length of your thumb is equal to one tablespoon of cream cheese or half of a serving of peanut butter. Note, these are estimates, or what I like to call guesstimates. In a pinch, if you don’t
have access to tools to measure your food,
you can use your hand. Cheers to your health!

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