Mapillai Virunthu – An Eatery In Coimbatore Serving Unlimited Non Veg Lunch

can you tell me why the name mapillai virunthu? i wanted a name matching numerology thats why. what are the food items available? there is a basic combination of 90 rs meal, then 100 rs combination, then 150 rs then 250 and final 350 is unlimited so all the combinations are named mapillai virunthu? the name of the hotel is mapillai virunthu we have a combination in veg names as samanthi virunthu that is 100 rs in that there is veg biriyani, white rice,sambar rasam, veg sides, appalam all the non veg is called mapillai virunthu so in that if the customers ask for 90 rs meals we give that white rice, 4 types of non veg gravy which is chicken, country chicken,mutton and fish gravy pepper chicken 3 pieces, rasam,curd other side dishes they have to purchase extra in the 150 rs combination there is chicken biriyani, 4 types of non veg gravy, lollipop ,chilly fish, egg rasam, curd . white rice is unlimited side dishes are just once limited in the 250 rs combination there are about 11 dishes with mutton biriyani all the non veg dishes are served once the 350 rs combination is unlimited, here the biriyani has more quantity,you can get twice or thrice. first time it comes with pieces later serving is just kuska then there is pepper chicken in gravy type which we serve 2 times, there are about 5 pieces in them then there is chilly fish, chicken bone chilly which is served 2 or 3 times quail roast which is served 2 times then ice cream and beeda this is the 350 combination when did you start this place? around 5 years we are open for lunch afternoon 12 to 4pm

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  1. The person behind the camera can't even speak properly and does not know what questions to ask. Please improve your skills!!

  2. This is completely unworthy please don't go here I went last week..
    This is not at all worth the money spent…

  3. u fellow any one will pay 350 Rs for a meal do u know the value of money, & unlimited 1st piece , 2nd time no piece how funny what is unlimited

  4. U have lot to try in kongu city like CS Meals, Sai hotel, Tirupathi mess, Alankar hotel, Ashok Sarbath stall in RS pyramid. Again come to Coimbatore

  5. Heart fulla thirupthiya service panura hotel ithuvaraikum pathathilla.intha hotel ellam money mind than.not service.

  6. They serve both veg (only one meals ) and non-veg meals. Operation only on noon time. Starts from 12 to 3 (varys ). They have variety of non-veg meals from rs 90 to rs 350. Food tastes like home food. Worth for money.

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