Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 – The Top 3 Best Plans #MedicareSupplementPlans2019

Medicare supplement plans for 2018. What are they why do you need one and how do you
choose the right plan I’m Russell noga with medicines . com
stay tuned we’ll learn all those things and more medicare supplements were designed right
alongside Part A and Part B Medicare to help pay for the gaps these gaps include
things like deductibles co-payments and coinsurance that Original Medicare
doesn’t pay a medigap plans which are offered by
private insurance companies can help pay some or all of these gaps depending on
which plan you choose people with Part A and B Medicare are responsible for
paying these gaps for example if you’re admitted into the hospital and Medicare
you’ll have to pay a large deductible of twelve hundred and sixteen dollars for
each benefit . there’s also a deductible for Part B Medicare of a hundred and
forty seven dollars annually this will need to be paid prior to part
be paying eighty percent of doctors bills other expenses include the twenty
percent co-insurance that Medicare Part B doesn’t pay along with hospital coinsurance after a
certain amount of days so as you can see these expenses can get pretty costly a
Medicare supplement plans in 2018 give you the peace of mind knowing that most or all
of your medical bills will be paid the question is which play a letter to
you choose so as you can see there’s quite a few
different plans to choose from Medicare supplement plans are designated in
letters a thru n and although these are offered by private insurance companies
Medicare standardizes the plans and what that means is Medicare requires that
each company offer the same benefits within each plan letter for example a
mutual of omaha medicare supplement plan f is identical to a plan out from Cey at
not now although the coverage and the plans are standardized the premiums are
not from each company therefore it makes it extremely important to check the
rates once you choose a plan from all of the
top carriers because they will all have different premiums even Medicare in its
own publication choosing a medigap policy on page 19 states there can be
big differences in the premiums that different insurance companies charge for
exactly the same coverage so now that you know you need to shop the rates once
you choose a plan so you don’t end up overpaying it’s not to choose a plan there are a
few Medicare supplement plans of the most popular due to outstanding coverage
those plans our plan f g and plan and medicare supplement plan f is the most
comprehensive plan offered by medicare pays one hundred percent of the gaps in
part a and Part B so all of your approved expenses will be paid a hundred
percent and you’ll never get a bill it’s also the most expensive plan out
there so be sure to check the rates from all of the top carriers medicare
supplement plan G is almost identical to plan except for one small difference on
plan G you must pay the 147 dollar annual part b deductible first before
Medicare pays anything after you meet this deductible plan G will pay a
hundred percent of the gaps just like Plan F but plan G has lower premiums an
effing usually will save you money and then there’s medicare supplement plan
and now plan and has lower premiums in both Plan F and plan G with plan and you
still pay the annual part b deductible of a hundred forty seven dollars after
which you might have a copay of up to twenty dollars per doctor’s visit also if you visit the emergency room on
plan and you’ll have a fifty-dollar copay if you’re not admitted plan and
also does not cover party excess charges now i have a separate video for each of
those plans where I go into more detail about their benefits to find those
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com or you can always call and speak to me directly at 88 89 10 – 29 thanks so much for watching stay happy
stay healthy and I can’t wait to talk to you soon the question is which plan letter to you
choose where the letters

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  1. You explain the medicare plans extremely well. Plans can get really costly indeed and it is important to check the rates. Thank you.

  2. Russell, very well said and I appreciate your honest break down of the plans. It is even more impressive that you made an individual video for each plan. Keep up the great work and thanks again!

  3. The Annual Part B deductible for 2017 has raised to $183. If You have Plan G you must first meet this deductible yourself before Medicare of your Supplement plan will pay. Visit our website to get rates for Plans F, G, and N in your area!

  4. I am considering Plan F from Mutual of Omaha. This is what I am finding. The annual deductible is $2200. ER, Ambulance, Urgent Care, Outpatient Lab/Xray & surgery and Inpatient Hospital coverage is covered after the annual deductible is paid. Does this sound right for a Plan F? – Lori

  5. The annual Part B deductible for 2019 is $185, and Plan F is going away in 2020 for anyone new to Medicare on January 1st 2020 and beyond. Learn about the changes in Medicare Supplement plans for 2020 by watching our new Video!

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