23 Replies to “Mediterranean Recipes – Moroccan Salad and Chicken Pita”

  1. I make a version of your salad all year long..and add chickpeas when I serve it as a main dish salad.
    The chicken is Boom, too!

  2. Ohh yeah!! I am definitely making this for lunch, wanted a salad and boom!!😀 you dropped this video…thamks Kevin for another awesome video, your keeping me on track for my 2020 goals😀

  3. I know you're sick of people asking, but where did you get that S&P holder? Shoot, is there any way you can do a kitchen gadget/appliance list on the website? I know there was one before, but I can't seem to find it. I know I'm asking a lot, but you got all the dope stuff and I need parts bruv! Lol

  4. Thanks so much for this delicious looking recipe.
    I've been losing weight lately and I've been looking for a new recipe to liven things up. -Layton

  5. Kevin thank you so much for making this recipe. I've been on the Mediterranean diet for almost a year and don't see my self going back. I hear all this talk about keto this and keto that. Truth is I can't do the keto diet I have high cholesterol. But thank you I do have 2 requests though. Is there any way you could do a epic $75 dollar Mediterranean meal prep? That would be bad ass. Also let us know when you go on Rachel Ray again

  6. Update: I made the chicken pita but replaced it veggie chick'n strips, and used almond dip as the base…it was so good! Will make this again, thank you kevin!

  7. Made this tonight 😋 I had mini naan instead of pitas because that's what I had on hand. I love that your recipes are so quick and easy

  8. I enjoy when you make meals where the base can still be enjoyed without the animal products….I am going to make this this week parents will eat without meat, kids with…..

  9. It was good. Very juicy . Def a combination of flavors. I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not. Mom LOVED IT. Ex for the salad, but she HATES olives and red onions

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