Melba confesses her feelings for Gary | Parasite Island (With Eng Subs)

There you go. Whenever I see Sunshine, I remember you as a little girl. She looks just like you. She has my traits too. She’s a good girl. And a bit of a rascal,
admit it. Yeah. Our teacher then
would always scold me. I got you in trouble too. We were best friends, so I got dragged into
everything. We were inseparable
when we were kids. I miss those times. Melba, what happened to us? We didn’t have a fight. But I felt us drift apart
little by little. I had a lot of responsibilities
at the mansion. And to my sister too. Is that really it? What about Gary? Gary? No. Melba, even if you
don’t admit it, I always knew Gary
is special to you. I know it’s all in the past, but I want to let you know that there was nothing
between me and Gary. Jessie was the only one
I ever loved. That’s why I hope things
work out for you and Jessie. I hope you give him
another chance. Melba, we’ve reconciled. Really? I know Jessie isn’t perfect, but he’s a good man and he deserves
a second chance. I’m happy for you. Melba, are you okay? An hour has passed. I need to leave before… I need to go somewhere, okay? Where are you going? Melba… …I don’t know what
to say to you. You don’t have to
say anything. But you need to talk
to your family. Especially to your mother
and Jessie. I hope you fix your
relationship with them. Even if you don’t want
to admit it, I know that you’re
mad at them. Gary, promise me. I promise.
I’ll talk to them. – Melba? Melba?
– What’s happening? – I have no idea!
– Melba? I have to go. – Where are you going?
– Talk to us! I got infected. What? A while ago… in front
of the mansion… …the leech people arrived
and they got to me. I lied when I said
I escaped. I’m running out of time. – Melba, wait.
– Please, Melba. You don’t have to go. My sister… Lia… I don’t want anyone to
get hurt because of me. I don’t want to put
anyone in danger. I don’t want to be
a leech person. Jessie, I don’t want this. – Melba…
– Gary, kill me now. Melba, listen to me. There’s still a way
to save you. We have to remove the leech
from inside your body. I’m running out of time. We’re going to make it.
We will. – Let’s go!
– It’s too late! Bear with it.

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