Migraine Relief, Bloating Reduction, Parasite Cleanse & Increase Energy w. Colonics & Liver Cleanse

my name is Chondra i’m coming to you from living waters at Living Waters I’m a colon hydrotherapist and I’ve been doing colonics since the eighties but I first came to living waters and august 2013 and i did my first 10 day cleanse with the encouragement of David and Wendy because i was getting migraine headaches once a month since 2001 so for 12 years once a month I was getting migraine headaches I sought out all kinds of alternative alternative therapies you know you name it I i tried to cranial sacral chiropractic acupuncture anyhow so i did my first 10-day got rid of my migraines because after I did my second liver cleanse and did a liver cleanse during the 10-day and then I followed up immediately with a second liver cleanse so my parasites leave my body that was a hallelujah and ever since then the next month came along and then during the full moon is when i would get my migraine because that’s when parasite parasitic activity is at its peak so I I you know anticipated the next month i did not get a migraine so i can tell you that I’ve been migrated free now for three years and I’m also here to tell you that because i just did another 5 day detox the importance of following up and establishing a regular maintenance program in doing the detox and the colonics this particular time and I saw this during my 10 day but just randomly getting on the table because I’m here a lot of at Living Waters I hadn’t really done a five-day consistent continual five days in a row on the colonic bed and i just recently did that and the most amazing release of the mucoid plaque in my the lining of my large intestine just something that accumulates over a period of time it just builds up based on what we eat if we’re having carbs if we’re having things with gluten and it just it just builds up just like you know the pipes in our kitchen sink build up when we put grease and oil and things down if we don’t you know flush it out with the drano everyone soil so a high-fiber psyllium intake and you know some other supplements and products that you can get here at Living Waters really helps to loosen up that you coy plaque in the colon why you’re doing safe five-day a three or a five day I suggest the five day cleanse because i didn’t see the Mucoid Plaque until the third day of being on the colonic bed but it’s different for everybody could be the second day that you see yours but when we release that mucoid plaque that binding that’s in the on the inside of the colon it really increases our absorbability factor that is so essential to getting the nutrients the nutrition from the food that we’re eating to receive the nutritive value of any supplements that we’re taking we need that absorbability if we’re going to benefit from you know say even a vegan diet or some people do raw food diets those enzymes are going to get broken down but they’re not going to really get absorbed and utilized throughout the whole body through the blood through the lymph and wellness and health really begins in the cellular level in the blood stream so we need to make sure that we’re feeding our inner selves are getting the most benefit from what were putting into our body so recapping no migraine free no mucoid plaque I feel so much clearer I can feel my vision is even my eyes are brighter my vision is more clear i have less bulky feeling in my gut some of you might be able to relate to that where you’re always feeling full you kind of get hungry but you still feel full you can’t really eat a full meal even drinking water would make me full so but now and I have more energy than ever I don’t have that tired tiredness in the afternoon like i was getting i was just really i could feel myself going on this downward spiral of just feeling really lethargic not having a clear thinking that you need to get from a clear colon so anyhow I just encourage everybody to do at least find a cleanse you can come into living waters and we have products that you can start your cleansing process with get your products here you can start a few days before you come in and start doing the five-day cleansing you recommend this five-day as a follow-up to those who write down the 10-day deep tissue all-inclusive cleanse yeah the five-day is just a follow-up for our 10 dayers that have come through here and done the deep tissue cleansing is so important to be doing the follow-ups i would say at least every two months to be doing a three or five day follow up on the colonic bed so essential

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