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  1. So water pills should come off the market? https://www.amazon.com/Potable-Aqua-Chlorine-Dioxide-Purification/dp/B000IBY64W/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=chlorine+dioxide&qid=1563983654&s=gateway&sr=8-3

  2. FYI it's not bleach. Also it's used legally by the medical and food industry. So we are taking it without knowing. Also Boone has ever gotten sick or died from taking it as directed. This man doesn't want to make a profit… He just made this church so that the govt will leave them alone.

  3. this is a propaganda trying to demonize something that has helped people… many times over.
    Red Cross did a study and administered it to people somewhere in Africa… people that had Malaria. They shut the study down when it cured the people.
    They had to keep that hush hush.

  4. cities put chlorine in our drinking water, in our pools and we drink, soak and swim in it. How dangerous is that? I could see someone wanting to take too much, because they want to get cured NOW! Ever heard of overdosing on prescription drugs? Many elderly people do.
    Think for yourself, it's now because it's on TV or the Government says' "we know what's good for you" that you should believe them.

  5. I was wondering if anyone could me named as harmed by this treatment..I find it suspect that this is not addressed but the claim it is bleach is an easy way to scare people.

  6. I personally know someone giving mms to 8 months baby and it works with no damages as agents of pharma claim

  7. It' very simple. Most diseases are being developed on low PH. MMS is at 13. double than normal. Nothing can resist. Simple

  8. He didn't give you an interview cause you work for the devil. Where are the cases with the kids that had problems after taking MMS? Bring at least one. I've seen happy parents. FDA and Health Canada are the crookest organization on the planet

  9. Very cool contradictions from FDAs worldwide, still if you look into every country's governments list of what to do in case of nuclear disaster/war then they notify to put 5 to 10 bleach drops per gallon of water to keep the water radioactive free as well stockpiled for years. Be assured people there are medicines that can easily heal and protect us humans. Thus when a few of these (now so called miraculous) drugs would be made available to the public then many hospitals can close and many doctors would become such rich. The medicine world is the same as the army… if they tell you they have something good/new then be assured rich and politicians have it – use it since long!

  10. Lol everyone who says it works is a bot account, if you wanna believe someone then believe them once you’ve spoken face to face, not a bit account lol

  11. Speaking as an autistic person, these people are monsters, and also, her son sounded rehearsed and coached as hell. And this is coming from a person who's normal speaking voice sounds strange (aka me)

  12. I dont believe radio canada they have the right by the law of canadian government to lie!!! CRTC 2011-308 check the law by yourselve

  13. Have someone else notice how they try to make us doubt about it without evidence. Then they talck about children security… well what about these 10 missing children that the so called QUEEN kidnap over a picknick

  14. And [prescription medicines kills also. Look at me. Steroids in my guts for asthma. Miracle drug, of course. My body is outa-whack, but do you think the big money guys care? Hell no! I have the right to do what I choose with my body.

  15. You have become another QUACK INVESTIGATOR on the crap pile of Quack Doctors, Quack Reporters, Quack Politicians.There are a few good ones but they are HONEST.

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