Moist & Fluffy Almond Butter Cake ❤ 杏仁奶油蛋糕 #littleduckkitchen

Moist & Fluffy Almond Butter Cake Recipe Preheat oven 160° Eggs 4 Solidify aside Sour Cream 140g Soft Unsalted Butter 170g Caster sugar 120g Beat until pale Add eggs one by one Sour Cream 140g Self Raising flour 180g Almond ground 40g Well combined Raw Almond Flakes 160° 50 minutes

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  1. Moist & Fluffy Almond Butter Cake Recipe 杏仁奶油蛋糕食谱
    Ingredient 材料:
    Eggs 4 鸡蛋 4个
    Sour Cream 140g 酸奶油 140克
    Soft Unsalted Butter 170g 软化无盐奶油 170克
    Caster sugar 120g 细砂糖 120克
    Self Raising flour 180g 自发面粉 180克
    Almond ground 40g 杏仁粉 40克
    Raw Almond Flakes 生杏仁片

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