Most Bodybuilding Supplements Are Bullshit

Hey guys, Sean Nalewanyj here of,
and this video is just a bit of a rant that I felt was necessary, and it’s something
that every person trying to build muscle and burn fat needs to understand, and what I want
to say is, just like the title says, quite simply, although there are a few good ones
out there, the truth is that the majority of bodybuilding and fitness supplements being
sold today are bullshit. Most of them don’t work, virtually all of them are hugely over-hyped,
and even the ones that do work will still only deliver modest results. Yes, there are
a small handful of research-backed supplements available that are worth using and that can
deliver a slight increase in the overall effectiveness and convenience of your program, and yes,
I personally use a few myself and I do recommend them to my viewers where it’s applicable.
However, the “good ones” are very rare, and in all but a couple of cases, they aren’t
going to deliver any real immediate muscle building or fat burning results anyway, instead,
they will simply fit into your overall program as a whole and maximize your results by a
few percent over the long term. But beyond a few simple basics, most of what’s out
there just flat out doesn’t work, and most trainees hugely over-value these products
and have totally unrealistic expectations about just how big, or rather just how small
of an impact they’ll actually have. Most of the products that you find at your local
supplement store are packed full of ineffective ingredients that are NOT backed by any real
good cientific research, they’re typically under-dosed, they’re often poorly formulated
and in many cases they have the specific ingredient amounts hidden behind “proprietary blends”,
and in some cases they don’t even actually contain what the label says. Now it might
sound kind of crazy, but these sorts of things are actually common practice in the industry,
and it’s pretty easy for supplement companies to get away with it because the supplement
industry is barely even regulated in the first place. In reality, it’s mostly just a big
marketing game and it’s put out by people who, far more often than not, really don’t
give a crap about you or your results, who are NOT supplementation experts themselves
in the first place, and who simply tell you what you want to hear no matter how unrealistic
it might be in order for them to make more sales and more profit. And this is just the
way it is, and the sooner that people realize this, the sooner they can begin saving themselves
hundreds and even thousands of dollars per year of their hard-earned money on products
that they don’t need, while at the same time improving their results by allowing them to
shift their focus onto the things that truly matter, that being proper training and proper
nutrition. So, if you really want to build a significant amount of muscle, lose fat and
develop an impressive pysique, then this is the big secret. And that is train hard, eat
right, and then do those two things over, and over, and over, and over again, week after
week, month after month and year after year. It’s really as simple as that. No pill or
powder is ever going to overcome the fact that being in great shape just ultimately
comes down to basic hard work and consistency over the long term. It may sound cliché,
but it really is the truth. Your muscle building and your fat burning results are going to
be decided by what you do in the gym as well as what you do in the kitchen, and even a
proper supplementation plan is only going to make up a very small portion of your overall
results. Again, it’s not that I’m against the use of supplements; I’m simply against
the over-use and the over-emphasis of supplements, and the truth is that most people really do
place way too much value on them. So, get your training in order, get your nutrition
in order, and then if you want to fully optimize you results by including a few basic supplements
to meet your specific needs and to squeeze out possibly a few percent of additional results
over the long term, then that’s fine, but just don’t make the mistake of thinking that
supplements are going to make a world of difference, don’t make the mistake of thinking that
you need to spend thousands of dollars on these products, and don’t make the mistake
of thinking that they can take the place of basic hard work. And if you want to know which
specific supplements I recommend for various purposes including the recommended brands
and dosages and other useful tips, then you can download my complete fitness supplementation
guide using the link in the description box below. So thanks for watching this video,
I hope you found the information useful here today. If you want to cut straight through
all the hype and B.S and learn exactly what you need to do to build muscle and burn fat
at your maximum potential, along with step by step training and nutrition plans then
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47 Replies to “Most Bodybuilding Supplements Are Bullshit”

  1. Well said, Sean. I know and work out with sooo many guys who take so much shit every month. Half of them literally don't know what they are taking or why-it was just recommended at the local gnc-style store. I know a guy who spends $500-600 a month on supplements…pissing it quite literally down the drain. 

  2. Thats the damn truth right there. So much money waisted on useless supps its not even funny. And its mostly the young dudes that get sucked dry and tricked into thinking that the fake natty promoting the supp is a legit natty… when in fact his amazing gains are coming from gear and not the supp at all…

    And like you said, even most of the ones that are proven to give benefits are actually only going to give you at most a 5% benefit. One way to look at it is that it will take you maybe 11.5 months to attain what you would otherwise attain without supps in 12 months… it might save you 2-3 weeks out of the year, lol. So overrated its sickening.

  3. Excellent vid, can't be said enough. Even creatine's results are minor imo, IF you're a responder to begin with. New guys talk all about creatine as if it's some magic supplement. It's not. Improving your general diet, sleep (many of us don't sleep enough, including myself…) and/or training program has WAY more impact than any supplement probably ever will. I wish I knew this when I started. Would've saved me about 800-1000 bucks easily.

  4. just think about our ancient ..
    they never take any supplement n steroid but they are strong n big…
    Be the way we are…that's it.

  5. Hey Sean, this year I'm seeing so many people speak about the uselessness of supplements and the gimmicks of the supplement industry. Why do you think this is being brought to the surface all of a sudden, despite them being used for decades now? Btw thanks for the video. Just because your video was so clear and straight as always, I've finally decided to not spend on supplements.

  6. Therz one thing I really want to get your opinion on, Sean. Do you think a "fast acting" protein, as they say, like whey protein and fast acting sugars, really optimizes results when consumed post workout? Will it make a significant difference from consuming, say, chicken after your workout, nothing in between. I do want to maximize results. I obsess too much about consuming whey protein after my workouts and I always feel eliminating this supplement wud not be a good idea.

  7. Hey Sean!! I am amazed by you being realistic and knowlegable  on every bodybuilding topic!! so i have a question sir… I am 74 kg , height 1.80 cm and i bulked to 82 kg gaining a lot of muscle ( as i was always getting stronger on all my lifts and i was doing high volume so i could fatigue the muscles) but although i was gaining a lot of size my abs disappeared because of the fat gains… would should i do to continue growing without gaining more fat?

  8. The degree of brainwashing that the fitness industry has acheived is mindblowing…most people getting into fitness think protein powders are an absolute necessity to building muscle…then act suprised when told about FOOD. Ugh!

  9. What would you recommend for someone who is allergic to whey protein @Sean Nalewanyj ? Egg white protein?  Definitely don't want soy.

  10. No magnesium citrate, but that probably falls more into general health as well.  Might have to check out LCLT or at least do some more reading on it.

  11. I need help!!! I want to push my self to my max every day but my elbow keeps me back. I have tennis elbow from my under standing ?

  12. Thanks Sean! U really give it to the public w/straight, common sense dialogue! No bullshit! If no one tells u they appreciate it or has benefitted from it budget wise then I'll tell u! As someone new to supplement usage u have helped me educate myself to what's out & stuff that I leave on the shelf & stuff that I consider spending my dollars on! So thanks, bro & keep educating people!

  13. Just stick with those supplements which are a must for general health and will maintain optimum level of testosterone. :


    1. Vitamin D3 1000-5000 IU. 

    2. Magnesium (chelated version) 200-400mg

    3. high quality Omega 3. 6 capsules divided into 2 capsules 3 times a day. 

    4. Vitamin K2 Mk4 or Mk7. 

    Cost are $50-90 per month. 


    Whey & Casein protein (if you can't your protein intake with your diet alone.)

    Creatine (for lifting heavy, an extra rep or 2 at most are to be expected)

    Beta-Alanine (more reps for endurance training such as body weight exercises and running).


    Other than those listed above, the rest are either pure shit or highly exaggerated should only be used if you have the money to burn (i.e if I were a multi-millionaire).

    Keep in mind that almost all supplements have heavy metals in them especially mercury, you should try to keep your intake as low as reasonably achievable. 

    Personally I don't recommend a multi-vitamin since most of them have poor absorption, can cause over-doses and some have low quality forms of certain vitamins & minerals. Just stick with individual vitamins & minerals which are hard to get in a good diet. 

  14. sean, what do you think about isatori bio-gro? I can't seem to find any legit studies on it proving or disproving its affects.

  15. Hey Sean, What do you think of Amino Acids, Especially BCAAs ? I'd like to know because i'v seen two guys who are using them and getting impressive results in the gym ,In terms of power and muscular look. They're muscles are perfect and one of them doesn't even use protein powder but only Amino acids do you think its a good supp?

  16. Sean, i sat through the whole duration of the bodytransfomationblueprint and added to cart but i just sat there thinking is this really gonna work for me? where have i heard this before? and then i back off. i'm a lot smaller now than in this pic. i just got tired of eating tuna sandwich all day and everyday along with dry chicken, not to mention running up (not walking) Mission Peak regional park.  i'll sleep on it and maybe i'll pull the trigger.

  17. It's "rare" that I see you put it out there like that so, I thought I'd better listen up and, good vid. as usual Sean!

  18. I just need  a supplement that can sustain my energy/power levels throughout the whole duration of the weightlifting segment of my workout. I just tend to get worn out even after just one exercise.
    Will creatine do the job?  

  19. Great vid. Subscribed. My head keeps coming back to celebrities though and I'm not sure how to get rid of the notion, that although I can be Built without sups, with them I would be way better. I'm thinking of pple like Hrithik Roshan (trained by kris gethin), brad Pitt, jake gyllenhal, and the Guardians Galaxy guy. How do you suggest I deal with this thinking? And what do you think about these celeb transformations?

  20. Hi, Sean. I remember you mentioning a supplement that aided muscle recovery, some time back. You said something about the dosage providing no additional benefits, after a certain quantity had been ingested, per day. Do you remember what it was? Thanks.

  21. Thanks man I almost got sucked into buying some lame ass supplements. Then I thought wtf whey shit is just protein…or creatine which is another ripoff because you can get it from your foods.

  22. i fall into this trap so many times and i have trained with out any supplements and that is when i made my best strength and muscle gains i really need to stop buying all this crap i mean the stuff i got glutamine creatine i think they work and dhea and zma at moment and i have a protein shake but i know all i have to do is maybe have a protein shake at most i really got stop thinking i need this shit i know i dont just eat is what got me so far in the first place really got quit buying this shit so to you all out there it is bullshit go to the store buy more food

  23. Finally, someone has spoken the truth. In the 80's 90's I spent tons of money on Joe Weider bodybuilding supplements not knowing it's all bullshit. The only way to look like those guys in the bodybuilding magazines is STEROID, not the shit supplement he sold.

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