Mumbai Non-Veg Food Tour – Chicken Patrel Biryani (Biryani without rice) + Bara Handi + Baida Roti

Huzefa: Uncle, one Patreliya (Patrel) biryani please. Anubhav: So how is it made? Seller: To prepare it we use a roll made with Colocasia leaves. we smear it with besan (bengal gram flour) paste boil it and cook it with mutton or with keema (minced meat) Anubhav: so that both of them have equal flow of business Anubhav: this is such a noble thought, uncle! Anubhav: Thank You! Anubhav: do we eat it with milk
seller: yes and we also sell it as a sweet. Anubhav: by adding it to the sugar syrup.
seller: yes by putting it in sugar syrup for two days we soak it in the syrup you can see it there. Anubhav: its soaked for two day! Seller: yes, its right there in the utensils. it will be sweet once it has absorbed all the syrup, we mix it and its ready for serving Anubhav: which one do you like the most Baida roti or the Baida roll? Seller: Baida roti. Huzefa: so starers and the main course is done Anubhav: have you added mint (pudina)?
Seller: yes Anubhav: is it still there in the men u? Anubhav: which all fruits do you add to it?

100 Replies to “Mumbai Non-Veg Food Tour – Chicken Patrel Biryani (Biryani without rice) + Bara Handi + Baida Roti”

  1. Bohara bhai pakko businessman che..
    Great bohras.
    That two son story is amazing. We all people should learn from bohras they keep their business alive even in hard times..

  2. U r eating so much of oily food always, and still you look fit, and I m the person who never eats outsides food and also follow the diet, I fullfill my eating wishes only with videos

  3. Bhai tum dono english bolte hue chutiye lg rhe ho koi jrurat nhi yha sirf ek dusre dikha rhe ho k muje bhi aati h🤣🤣🤣

  4. Best thing about co-host was he unnecessarily didn't speak too much…. Just the right amount, with no overacting and good knowledge about the food he is eating…

  5. deep fried goodness everywhere. that patral biriyani is an unique dish allright. them gulab jamoons , dark and thick , sugary goodness. i would eat a dozen in one sitting.

  6. कोई भी हिंदू ईन मुसलमानों कै होटेलो, ढाबो का मत खाना खावो, जो लोग गाय को तडपा तडपा कर मारते है उन हाथो सै पका खाना मत खावो, और ये सब मुसलमान कनवट मुसलमान है जो मुगल साम्राज्य में उनकी तलवारो दम पर कनवट हुवै मुसलमान है

  7. Huzefa.. You need to start your own Mumbai food channel. You will be a awesome anchor and yes do include history of the place as you did in this video. All the best.

  8. Bhai tum logo se far better hai apna desi bhai karan dua #Dilsefoodie
    And ya ye co host jisne kiya hai he is good


    He can be far better youtuber thn u delhi food walks

  9. huzaifa bhai aap bhi sathey conpany aapi rahaiya cho ene bhi jamva do kai. aap khali 1 hi order aapo cho ane share karo cho

  10. Huzefa has not done justice for mohamed ali road and bindibazar…only took shop which is was aware among bori mohalla

  11. Amazing, So Good, Nice those are your reviews! So predictable you can be now. One stage you are eating Chicken Roll and calling it Baida roti.. lol. Am gonna stop watching your videos.

  12. That local kid had so much knowledge. Looks like a passionate foodie, with a very sweet smile. Hopefully he will start his channel some day, that we can follow for delicious food videos.

  13. The kid seems so confident of even anubhavs experience and expressions.. a great food host in making with such knowledge of food.. best ever food host huzefa

  14. Bohra Muslims are killed and are in danger outside India due to rubbish taught by wahabi regime. They are very humble and kind bohris and need to be protected by India.

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