Mushroom Tikka Recipe – मशरुम टिक्का – Indian Starters Recipe – Veg tikka

Hi, welcome to easy cooking with Rekha Kakkar Our today‘s recipe is Mushroom Tikka Which is a really tasty Indian starter In this video, I am showing you two different styles of cooking it Before we start the recipe, If you like my recipes and my channel So click on the like button below this video And you can comment and subscribe my channel too So, let us start with today’s recipe Mushroom tikka masala To make mushroom tikka, first we will marinate the mushrooms and vegetables To make the marinade, I have taken some curd in a bowl We will put some grated ginger in the curd If you use garlic, you can put that as well A little bit of salt according to your taste, Kashmiri red chilli powder, coriander powder, a little bit of black pepper and chaat masala Dried fenugreek Mix all these spices nicely with curd and make a thick marinade Now our marinade is ready We will add veggies chopped in big slices and chunks Capsicum, largely chopped onions, that have been separated from one another baby tomatoes and few whole mushrooms Now coat the mushrooms and other vegetables nicely with the marinade so that the masala spreads evenly over the vegetables We will keep this marinade in the fridge for about half an hour After that, we will take wet wooden skewers And pierce all the vegetables turn by turn in the skewers All the skewers are prepared now With the measurements of the recipe mentioned below in the description box, approximately four skewers will be prepared From here, you can cook this dish by two different methods First, on a tawa or pan put some oil in the tawa, heat it and place all the tikka skewers in the pan Keep heat on medium and roast mushroom tikka from all the sides by turning them in intervals So, our skewers will get ready in about 5-6 minutes The mushrooms will get cooked When you are making mushroom skewers on tawa, take care to keep turning them so that they are evenly cooked secondly, you can even press it slightly in between so that you get proper browning in the outer surface All the skewers are brown now We will take them out and serve them in a plate And if you want to make mushroom tikka using the other method in an oven, so take the oven grill and place all the tikka on it And we have to grill it for about 20 minutes So now our tikkas are grilled, Absolutely ready to be served Take some green chutney in a plate and we will place the grilled mushroom tikkas in it Along with it we will put some onion rings, some mint leaves and a lemon wedge Now these are absolutely ready to serve Enjoy these and serve to your guests as well I hope you liked this recipe If you like this recipe and my channel, so definitely subscribe it And you can also click on the like button below the video You can write and send your feedbacks in the comment section I will meet you with a new recipe, in a new episode Till then, Happy cooking

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  1. NYC recipe Mam..
    Par KY Mai ESE microwave me bna Sakti hu?? Agr Haan to kitne min tak or power kitna?? Mere paas oven nhi h..srf microwave h..pls mam rly..

  2. Ma'am you haven't mentioned the temperature of the OTG ? and which rack should we place the tray? Please let me know. Thanks.

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