Non-Veg Homely Meals | ബീഫും മീനും കൂട്ടി വീട്ടിലെ ഊണ് | Kerala Homely Meals in Chengannur

I want the fish curry. I am taking this. We have several variety dishes everyday. A superb homely meals. Good morning. Today we are in Chengannoor. We haven’t done any food videos here. Today we are doing videos here. This is close to KSRTC bus stand on the way to Sabarimala, and near Premier Studio. There is a place here where we get good homely meals. It is called Monai’s shop. We need to walk a little to reach the shop. It is a small road. Not too far, but around 200 meters walk. Here we can see Monai’s shop. This is where we get home lunch. Are all these special dishes for today? Yes, we have less items today. Let us see what all are their special dishes. This place was recommended to me by a friend. I have a Youtube channel. One of my friends recommended this shop. Kilimeen fry, podimeen fry, Aattumeen thoran, ellucurry, Beef fry, clam thoran, clam fry, liver fry, chicken roast, cassava biriyani, chicken biriyani and chili chicken.. We have different specials everyday. This is our kitchen. What is this? This is the rice for today. Is this a smokeless stove? Is it a smokeless stove that cooks on firewood? Yes, it is a stove that uses firewood. Ladies are in charge of cooking. Something is whistling over there. Who is whistling? It is meat, right? Steaming hot aviyal. There is ground coconut, lots of vegetables and curry leaves in this. Did you add coconut oil just now? Yes, it is being cooked with coconut oil. Did you add curd in this? No, this had tomatoes and tamarind. Okay, this has tomatoes and tamarind. In many places, curd is added to this. Here we make like this. Cooking style is different in different places. What is this? Fish curry. Wow, simmering hot fish curry. What fish is this? This is vatta. Here they are cleaning fish. Kilimeen, vayamb, and chicken. Did you say that there are less items today? This is what you call less? This is nothing. We normally have a lot more. We got only one variety of fish today. I expected a normal homely meals. But this is a far bigger setup than home lunch. They are saying it is less today. Still I am finding many items. They have biriyani also. But it is in less quantity, only for those who demand it. Here rice is boiling in the pot. She is going to open it for us. What is this? This is pachadi made of banana and pineapple. Here they have kept everything ready for making fish peera. Shallots, coconut, pot tamarind, green chilies are all mixed together. Here masala is getting ready for making bone curry. Is this onions? No, it is shallots. With green chili and masala. Now you will add boiled bones to this? Fish is kept ready for frying. Kilimeen and podimeeen are to be fried. After watching fish frying, we will have lunch. This is called local fish curry. This is made with pot tamarind, ground coconut and chilies. This is the gravy curry for meals. Here this gravy is called local fish curry. I am hearing the name for the first time. You might have heard. Here chicken is also being cooked. She added boiled chicken to the curry. Pineapple banana pachadi is also done. Now only fish fry remains. After that, we can have lunch. I am feeling very hungry. We will quickly see fish frying and then sit down for meals. So we have got our plates. As I told you, it is Blesson who introduced us to this place. Thanks to him. This is a total homely ambiance. You know what this plate reminds me of? I studied in a boarding school. Not just this plate, there were many plates stacked up in kitchen. That reminded me of my hostel days when we used to take out plates from racks and have food. Will you have sambar, pulissery, buttermilk, rasam or lentils curry? I like to start with lentils. How about you? He put too much rice. I need some lentils. And sambar also. All these look good. I want the fish curry. I am taking this. This is podimeen fry and aattumeen thoran. I will take podimeen. There is bone curry also. I don’t want that as I am allergic to beef. Let us start eating. Let me first try fish fry. This is big kilimeen with plenty of masala. This is deep fried in oil. It is very crispy outside and soft and juicy inside. It is good. Very soft flesh. Taste of masala is superb. He has been eating here from long back. It has been almost 7 years. Now let me mix the lentils. We have a special pickle made of bilimbi. I am mixing it with rice. Let me take a bit of aviyal also. I am getting the taste of lentils. Vegetables have not dissolved in aviyal. We get to bite the pieces. I get the taste of coconut also. It does not have a sour taste. But the taste of bilimbi is good. They have cassava biriyani, beef roast, bone curry, chicken fry, podimeen fry, many items. Fish peera also. Fish peera or fish thoran. This is pineapple banana pachadi. This is slightly sweet and has the taste of mustard. In Bengal they grind mustard for almost all dishes. This is a similar taste. Fish peera and podimeen fry are made of vayambu fish. Let me take two pieces of podimeen as it is very small. Very crunchy. Now rice and lentils. In fish peera, there are chilies, small fish and coconut. No thorns in this. We can eat curry leaves too. This has the sour taste of pot tamarind. Taste of shallots and coconut too. This place has the ambiance of a room in a house. This is their home only, I think. I have known Monai for 12 years. Because of food? We can mash papadam and add it with rice. Or we can eat it separately. It is all up to us. I liked podimeen and kilimeen a lot. I am not saying that other dishes are bad. These two stand out with their good taste. Please try the beef. It is not over-cooked. So we need to chew it well right? The specialty is that it is beef. Masala has blended well. Let me mix fish curry with rice. I will take fish fry also with it. I am adding it to this. Fish curry is not too hot. Not very sour also. This is not Kottayam style curry. I feel that you love fish more. I love fish the most. I eat chicken. But I love fish. This is an eatery for common man. Meals cost only Rs 60. There are five varieties of curries for lunch. Many side dishes also. Fish gravy is there. All other fish fries and beef items are for additional price. I am moving to sambar. Some fish curry is still left. It is okay. If we add fish curry, that taste will linger on. Sambar is also good. The taste of asafoetida is what stands out. As this is close to KSRTC bus stand, most people here are the employees from there. They are all from there. They mostly come here for meals. The person we met before was also KSRTC employee. I will take one fish piece. Shall I give you? I will also take one piece. Fish flesh has got the taste of masala. Well-cooked fish pieces. Now I will have rasam. Rasam is wonderful. Buttermilk is there. Boiled buttermilk also. We can take whatever we want. This was a wonderful homely meals. I liked it. Thank you so much. Let us end this video here. More videos will come soon. Keep watching. Be happy always. If your mobile rings, switch it off. Keep watching our videos. Always be happy.

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    Keep doing,all.the best 👍
    B Joseph (Australia)

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