Non Veg Manaa Hai

What’s up! Do you know when you talk to me sooo sweetly… I feel UNEASY Out with it…!! What did you Say…? 2 MORE days??? You realize right…with how much difficulty I survived the last 2 days without non-veg? I don’t care…BRIBE the priest…do something …Had I known earlier that its a 4 day ritual I wouldn’t have fallen in this vegetarian trap (To EAT – or NOT to eat? ) ( No ) Feeling SO alive… Chicken nuggets & Omlette for breakfast Today workplace productivity is gonna shoot up to 200% Hi Sis… Someone’s trying her best to avoid me…huh? You really don’t know why am trying to reach you!!?? These days don’t we have a common reason to hunt each other? Dude, this priest’s always waiting to con Mom & dad with a new idea each time This time its the “No-NON-VEG” ploy Not much… Office>office to gym>gym to home and yes… a quick pit stop on the way to pick up “CHICKEN BURGER” …do you mind if I call you back from the car? Yea… I know, but Sis, you really gotta help me out here …& I know you could care less You’re a vegan anyways… so it doesn’t matter to you whether you eat non-veg or NOT …& of course the special instructions …know what he said? …for the next 2 days I shouldn’t even get a scratch on my body to keep away bad omen… Am gonna end this priest story forever when I visit India this time…I’ll… …FALL ON HIS FEET!! What do you think? Did I eat Non-veg today or not?!! …yep…made this morning for breakfast… the YUMMYLICIOUS!! french toast & omlette…

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