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Hi, welcome to America Uncovered, I’m your
host Chris Chappell. Imagine a pill that could unlock your full
potential. Turn you into a sort of super version of yourself. Like going from plain old boring Mario, to
Super Mario. Because you ate some strange mushroom and/or glowy flower you found in a box. Unlimited focus, energy, memory, and occasionally,
vomiting fireballs. That’s the promise of nootropics, or smart
drugs. Without the vomiting. Perhaps you haven’t heard of nootropics, but they’re all the rage in Silicon Valley, on Wall Street, and even in Ivy League colleges. Because just using Adderall to help you write
your paper on underwater basket weaving was so 2014,
guys. Nootropics are used by people who call themselves biohackers or brain hackers. This did become big in Silicon Valley after
all. They want to take control of their own biology,
to perform better. They do this in a lot of ways —through nutrition, meditation, even things
like fasting. And of course, with nootropics. And if there’s anyone who knows how to maximize
human health and performance, it’s the guy hunched over a computer 24/7. The term “nootropic” was first coined
in 1972 by this Romanian scientist, who created the first synthetic one. He combined the Greek words for mind and bending. No one tell M. Night Shyamalan about this. But nootropics generally are substances that can enhance memory and learning, help the brain work under stress, protect the brain, make it easier for neurons to fire, and are non-toxic with few or no side effects. Wow, that sounds great! So what exactly are these magical brain enhancing
drugs that definitely have no possible downside
whatsoever? Well, that’s just it. What counts as a “nootropic” is rather
vague. Technically, coffee is a nootropic. But don’t think you’re a biohacker just because you drink a cup of sugary coffee
everyday from the local breakfast food cart. A real biohacker spends countless hours pouring over scientific reviews, research
papers, and –the most convincing of all– anecdotal evidence, about a variety of chemical
compounds. Some of these are perfectly legal, and some…well…not so much. The goal? To create their very own custom “stacks.” Stacks can include a bunch of things taken
together to improve how your brain works. From the fairly mundane, to the unpronounceable, to prescription drugs, to things as far out as microdosing LSD. Yeah, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds LSD. That’s some real mind bending! Those are all nootropics, as long as they alter the supply of neurochemicals, enzymes, or hormones in the brain, to make you work better. So when the cops pull you over, just say, “Don’t worry, that bag of white powder in the back seat is for enhancing human performance.” At least, it supposedly improves performance. See, most nootropics aren’t exactly approved
by the medical community. With the exception of prescription drugs like
Adderall, which you’re not supposed to get unless
you have a prescription, or illegal drugs, which you’re not supposed
to get at all, most nootropics are legally considered nutritional
supplements, not medication. And nutritional supplements are not regulated
or approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. So if you are buying something under the vague
term nootropics, the person or company selling them does not
need approval from the FDA. They can make whatever health claims they
want! And they don’t even need to prove the safety
or effectiveness before selling it. As long as you have this handy little disclaimer about how your statements have not been evaluated
by the FDA. That’s not to say that all nootropics are
dangerous. Probably a lot of them are safe. It’s like when you buy a carton of eggs
from some guy online. Most of them are probably eggs. So a lot of online forums have sprouted up with people sharing their own stories about what chemicals they’ve taken, in what doses, and what the results were. And that can be a good or a bad thing depending on how you look at it. On the one hand, there has evolved a vibrant
community of passionate people who don’t want to wait for 20 years of research and a seal of approval
from the government or pharmaceutical companies to improve their
lives. On the other hand, consuming those mystery
pills you bought online from China because someone
on Reddit recommended them, maybe isn’t such a great idea. That’s funny, I thought the dodo bird was
extinct! And what will happen when you take prescription
drugs, like Adderall and Modafinil, that were designed
to treat people with ADHD and narcolepsy, when you don’t
have those conditions? Some people have reported amazing results. They feel like their brains turn on for the
first time in years, like that scene in the Wizard of Oz where everything changes from black and white
to technicolor. Others report “the drugs made them feel
foggy and leaden, or caused alarming side effects.” Like that scene from Trainspotting. OK, nootropics are not like heroin. Some are like…LSD. But even the natural supplements found in some stacks can be dangerous. Have you heard that ginseng is good for you? Well I spoke with a prominent Chinese medical
doctor in New York who said, “It’s important that herbs like ginseng, which can be quite strong, are taken only in appropriate circumstances, where it would be safe and beneficial to do
so. Otherwise it has the potential to make you
worse rather than better.” Others, like St. John’s Wort, can enhance
mood. But, could lead to the worst side effect of
all—pregnancy. St. John’s Wort can stop birth control pills
from working. Might want to check if that new wonder pill
you bought online has some. Several types of nootropics, not just the prescription drug kind, are banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency. So watch out if you’re a competitive athlete. There are more unknowns if you’re under
the age of 25 —because your brain is still developing. And according to a leading neuroscientist
at the University of Cambridge, “We do not know the long-term consequences of the effects of these drugs on a healthy
developing brain.” Fortunately for me, my brain stopped developing
years ago. But students in the US and UK are going to
find out the long term consequences. This study found that 18% of sophomores, juniors,
and seniors at Ivy League colleges have used a prescription drug, often modafinil, to study for a test, write
a paper, or take an exam. According to the Telegraph, about 25% of students at leading UK universities have taken modafinil
to help them study. Which is the ultimate rebellion against their
hippie parents. They’re doing drugs to do better in school. People who take nootropics or smart drugs
aren’t looking to escape reality. They’re looking to enhance performance. And it must have some effect. According to a survey by the BBC, 92% of people who had tried a prescription
smart drug said they’d do it again. The other 8% grew talons and could not respond
to the survey. At no point in history have people been asked
to perform at the levels we are today. People are looking for a boost to deal with
insane levels of hyperproduction. Silicon Valley is the perfect example. When Instagram was acquired for $1 billion
dollars, it had 30 million users, and just 13 engineers working on it. At least I think it was 13. It was hard to see them over the mountain
of empty red bull cans. So when does Silicon Valley’s use of smart
drugs become drug abuse? “The addiction ladder is predictable: uppers like Adderall to keep up with production
demands and 12-hour days, then downers like oxycodone, another powerful
opioid, to take the edge off when you get home.” The real danger in Nootropics is that they
might really unlock your full potential— as long as you keep taking them. And all your peers keep taking them. And this “full potential” will be measured within the narrow confines of a culture that
fetishizes efficiency to the point of self-abuse. Or, if you want to be more efficient at work, you could stop taking so many YouTube breaks. On second thought, keep watching. Take the drugs. But seriously, widespread use of nootropics could be like how smart phones make a lot
of things easier and more efficient, but they also erode the boundary between work
and the rest of our lives. What if, to keep up with the expectations
of bosses and clients in the future, workers feel the need to take smart drugs
to sustain that lifestyle? I mean, do we really want to become mentats
from Dune? “It is by will alone I set my mind in motion. It is by the juice of sapho that thoughts
acquire speed, the lips acquire stains, the stains become a warning. It is by will alone I set my mind in motion.” But on the other hand, I bet that guy gets a lot of programming done. So what do you think of nootropics? Would you take smart drugs? Leave your comments below. Once again I’m your host Chris Chappell. Thanks for watching America Uncovered.

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  1. I'd have more respect for the IQs of Silicon Valley types if so many of their products wern't buggy pieces of overpriced crap.

  2. Took adderall in college and fuck yea I would do it again. That shit is like turning on a part of your brain you’ve never used or downloading more ram sticks or some shit

  3. Adderall is a “smart” drug? I’d say it makes you more productive, sure, but not smarter. In that respect, meth is a smart drug lol. What a misleading term.

  4. Adderal is exactly like a drug. It's a racemic mixture of amphetamine salts, including methamphetamine. On the other hand, heroin would be pretty much the opposite of a nootropic.

    You want to increase you are learning and brain functions? Get enough sleep, get exercise, eat a healthy diet. A little caffeine is good and too much is bad.

    But if you want to eat something healthy that might also promote brain function, cook wild omega-3 rich fish (pacific salmon, anchovies…) with black pepper, Turmeric, Saffron, and onions. Drink green andnblack tea with this.

  5. Alex Jones' Infowars lifesaving Pharmacy for the gullible have gotten some serious competition – only as of yet, each has cornered each their own market.

  6. Mr Smith…er….i.mean Mr Chapell , I'm curious about something. Sure , we have our fair share of undercover or censored subjects in the US, but honestly, is it easier to find material for China uncensored , or for this channel? Due to the availability of subject matter in the US, I could understand if thos was easier, but with the vast amount of censorship the CCP enacts on it's turf, I'd also think it would be easier to be funnier there , and find more things that can be dissected and poked at. Figuratively , of course. Poking is still illegal in most countries, to my knowledge, especially in public.

  7. L-Thiamine and Lion's Mane mushrooms and many other natural Nootropics that help cognition, speed and memory retention. All legal and proven. On YouTube we can find many reviews of the various Nootropic stacks.

  8. When it comes to smart drugs, I can't help but think that they rely on the placebo effect. Did you know that there was an experiment where people were told they were taking placebos, but they got better?
    BTW, for some weird reason, I am subscribed here, but I'm not getting this in my inbox.

  9. I just saw Noots like any other drug. A tool to be used to achieve a goal, some goals being to get back to a state of homeostasis or a way to self teach new mental processes.

    Which is where Noopept came in as the cornerstone of my stack. I kept taking it on low level dosages with a fairly minimal stack compared to what others are doing, because I felt that super charging your brain is just brute forcing something. I took my new focus and started looking towards teaching myself better ways to think and then quit after about a year and a half of being on them.

    My life is forever changed and while i now lack the sheer clarity and motivation i had whilst on the drugs, i am 100% me who is bettor off for it.
    Truth be told tho, I will get back onto them in the near future when i am ready to take the next step forwards in my life and work on what i have now…. To avoid being stuck in a rut by being dragged down by the monotony of working life and because there is now more information on these drugs.

  10. I use something called "Sunny Mood" from a company Irwin Naturals, because i tried a number of SSRI's that didnt do anything good for me, and it does give a very subtle anti-depressant effect. Its not really like a "happy pill", but it does allow me to not dig myself into such a deep hole mentally as I normally would, and in addition, it has some….interesting effects on the male side of things… It doesn't give you one like an ED pill would, but its certainly a performance enhancer on that note, greater control, and you can keep going for just about as long as you want. I've recommended it to a number of people just for that, its a bit on the expensive side though.

  11. The guy from Dune technically wouldn't really be allowed to program that much. That's the whole point of mentats, to replace the computers that had previously attempted to overthrow humanity. 🙂

  12. Finally, steroids for the brain. Nerd Power. Eat your hearts out Jocks and Buff Boys. Nerd Lives Matter and now we're coming you. Whoop. Whoop!

  13. The "smart drug" use rates are highest in the elite universities where competition is dramatically over emphasized as it is in Silicon Valley.

  14. Most of us bio hackers are also really into working out because of the natural brain boost. No medication needed. Wim hoff method is also drug free. Side effects and long term effects suck, stay as drug free as you can

  15. Probably would still be taking Adderall if it didnt fuck with my heart. Its unreal what you can get done on that. I literally washed my entire kitchen floor with a dish sponge.

  16. Every human on the planet should smoke cannabis once a day and take LSD once a month. 🌏 ✌🏻namaste

  17. I've read that transhumanism is quite popular in Silicon Valley, so it's natural that the use of nootropics would be too. We don't have the technology yet to merge with machines and fix what evolution has left broken, so the best we can do is apply some primitive patches in the form of various chemicals. It's like tuning a piano with a sledge hammer, but not quite as violent.

  18. "Never been more pressure"??? In WO-I and WO-II soldiers of both sides used amphetamines and cocaine to perform better. In huge quantities.

  19. νους mind + τρόπος way : nothing to do with bending. So easy to find out on Googe translate. Need another researcher for your program?

  20. I recently took a friend up on his recommendation to use extracts of the Lion’s Mane medicinal mushroom to repair memory and cognitive ability. Since I began using Lion’s Mane, there has been a noticeable improvement in my ability to stay calm under pressure and work through difficulty without stressing out like I used to. I also seem to remember things easier, where I used to have a hard time remembering things while busy getting into the zone. I noticed that I laugh harder and longer, as well.

    From what I have read, Lion’s Mane catalyzes a biological process in the nervous system called epigenetic neurogenesis, whereas the Mylan sheathes of the nerves are repaired so they can fire better. Thumbs up for Lion’s Mane!

  21. You are doing it W R O N G
    First of all, the body must get all he needs.
    Vitamins: A E D3 K2 and Bs + Cholin C
    Minerals: NaCl K Ca Mg P S and the trace-minerals.
    You need protein as well as fatty acids (saturated, omega 3 and 6)
    THEN try to tune your performance with nootropics. But you will feel better already. I can provide a list.

  22. Yes, I do want to become a mentat from Dune. Too bad I don't have the talent to be acceoted into the mentat training program.

  23. Jesus. People are stupid. And I honestly believe that people who are stupid deserve to be especially if they think there are something they take that is going to make them smarter…

  24. I've been taking nootropics since 2005 at age 16. I started with Piracetam and moved up to Pramiracetam. Then I got into the harder shit. Lionsmane and Noo-Pept. Now I can't stop

  25. So many people these days become overwhelmed by anxiety. I fear many of my peers would effortlessly take these drugs. Spread the knowledge.

  26. PHYNLPIRACETAM OR BUST. Also Hippocrates "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" (GINSENG!!)

  27. HAHA This is funny because it looks like my Kratom capsules. My kratom does all these things and loads more. I was like, "Hey! I've been doing this already for years!

  28. Jon Jones is the notable consumer of nootropics besides other drugs. No wonder he has one of the greatest fight IQ in MMA. Taking all kinds of drugs…

  29. Americans love to take drugs. Even if it shorten their life by a few years, its ok. As long as it works for them. Chris must do a show call : American Addicts

  30. 2:22 micro dosing isnt that mad you feel like you just woke up from a nice nap and hit the gym at the same time amd still have so much energy to spare but if you get a strong recipe some times you see ripples like looking at the reflection on top of water

  31. What nootropic is good for increase verbal pronunciation and also speech fluency,, sometime I feel I can't even pronounce a lot of words, and when I try to say something it is just air coming out from my mouth instead the real world?? Any advice?

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