Optimising Care Study

I’m a teaching and research academic and
my research is focused on supporting women with breast cancer. My mum was
diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004 and at her initial diagnosis was diagnosed
with metastatic breast cancer. And this month has been 10 years since we lost
her. So for me to be able to create some evidence that can have some impact on
the treatments, the program’s available to women who went through what my mum
went through and for their families who also watched their loved ones going
through that. If we can create the evidence and the research that’s needed
to have some programs and support available to women in the future it will
mean so much to me. I’ve been overwhelmed at the positive response I’ve had from
women with early stage breast cancer particularly while they’re having
chemotherapy participating in an exercise program. It’s fascinating to see
that at the end of a chemo therapy program women come out feeling better
than they have before and often will say that they feel fitter than they’ve ever
felt before. I’m doing this so that you guys have some good data that you can do
the good stuff with. On the nutrition side I think I’m doing really well, on
the exercise side, yeah sure, we can do some improving there, but I’m thinking it
can’t be bad so I’m not going to go backwards. I think the women who
participate in this research, I’m hoping we’ll get some individual benefit for
themselves out of the program and out of seeing the dietician and the exercise
physiologist but also the knowledge that being involved in this research is
hopefully over a number of years once we can do more work in this area be able to
impact for the greater good on women who are diagnosed in the future

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