Pancreatic Cancer – Can it Make our Feces Float?

Lately your feces float on the toilet. Could you have pancreatic cancer? Why can pancreatic cancer make our stools
float? Watch this video about floating stools in
pancreatic cancer! You will find all the answers to these questions
and many more! Is it normal for the stool to float in the
toilet? Yes and no. When do feces float in the water? They float when they have a lot of fat inside. That happens sometimes when we eat very greasy
foods. If we eat a lot of fats, they will reach the
intestine in such a large amount that they will overcome the capacity of the small intestine
to absorb them. Therefore, fats will be expelled with defecation,
mixed with feces. But in pancreatic cancer the cause of our
feces to float is because the pancreas -which is responsible for producing a digestive enzyme,
lipase, responsible for breaking the fat into smaller pieces to absorb it- is invaded by
cancer or destroyed by the action of its own proteolytic enzymes. Without a lipase-producing gland, the fat
will not divide and all the fat we eat, much or little, will end up leaving the anus with
the feces, causing them to float in the toilet water

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