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hey everyone I’m back at it this time
checking out the fourth and final flavor in the current selection of papadias
here at Papa John’s the grilled barbecue chicken and bacon so stay tuned because
it’s up next welcome to peep this out reviews with Ian K stay frosty well the aroma in my car is definitely
strong even with the Box closed and that’s never a bad thing so let’s go in
on this grilled barbecue chicken and bacon papadia and as always a very
crispy situation guys I’m always loving the presentation of these nice and
toasty right there split down the middle let’s take a look on the inside see what we
are working with here wow this is very hot right now plenty of barbecue sauce
we’ve got some chicken we’ve got some bacon plenty of cheese it looks like and
of course some onions are thrown into the mix right there but man that is
really strong let me pop the other side here real quick let’s take a closer look
again more barbecue sauce they are very liberal with it it’s looking really good
and again the heat coming off this right now is strong for dipping with this
version we’ve got you guessed it even more barbecue sauce to go in on so this
should be pretty interesting guys let’s see if the flavor is gonna deliver on
this one it’s the fourth and final selection in the current crop of
papadias here at Papa John’s the grill barbecue chicken and bacon let’s peep out this flavor yeah this really does smell pretty fantastic and while I’m not a super fan of barbecue sauce on say like a traditional pizza this is anything but
traditional guys these papadias are pretty awesome for what they are and
given the sandwich aspect of what they’re selling with this one this
really does feel like a barbecue chicken sandwich right now just kind of folded
over with pizza dough so let’s not waste any more time with this one but like
always before I get started if you guys are fans of high quality delicious
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content drops every week here we go the fourth and final papadia
of the current crop anyway I hope there’s more of these is the grilled
barbecue chicken and bacon let’s do it oh wow
Oh man there are so many thoughts running through my head right now
and first things first bacon man that’s awesome
I got lots of crunchy bacon and cheese in that first bite and then the barbecue
sauce comes up on the back end with this one guys
chicken is also very juicy and then the onions an explosion of flavor
this is pretty much up there with the Philly cheese in terms of just the
explosiveness of everything it’s got going but guys I have to say the sweet
tanginess of that barbecue sauce is bangin on this let’s keep going I’ll
give you another close-up it’s really good mmm well I bit the heck out of the
middle of this one guys because after that first bite I was definitely
invested this is seriously a very solid variant of the papadias over here and
like I said with barbecue sauce not really being my thing on a traditional
pizza it works amazingly well with everything on the inside of this those
onions are definitely the wild-card for me along with plenty of that bacon but
man this is just really really great and of course the toastiness of the crust is
off the chart and speaking of crust I’ve got a nice section of it ready to go
right now with of course more of that barbecue sauce let me go for a quick
bite again and then we’re definitely gonna get into more barbecue sauce with
a nice chunk right there in the middle hang on hmm mmm I love how crunchy and
toasty it is the barbecue sauce is killer man
it really is it works so well on this one along with the crunchiness of that
bacon which is awesome so let’s see how even more of the barbecue sauce goes
with the nice meaty chunk I’ve got there in the middle let’s go for a dip man the
aroma off the individual barbecue sauce is off the chart already guys very
pungent and strong all in its own and as you guys can see nice and thick let’s
give this one a shot right now this is literally a barbecue sandwich right now
and I don’t mind it one bit let’s do it mmm
man I don’t know what else to say about this the chicken the bacon the
cheese the crust let’s go for another dip I’m just gonna hang out and have lunch on camera with you this is crazy mmm mmm my god insane guys insane the
more I’m getting into this right now especially with the extra barbecue sauce
the more tart that it’s getting the more my mouth is watering from it it is just
a crazy situation and of course with a nice crispiness of the crust it is just
off the chart in general guys let me go for just a little bit more actually
because this barbecue sauce on its own is really good one more quick bite of
this one I’ll give you a close-up of the other one because there’s not too much
to see with this right now and then we wrap it up with the rating guys really
really good hmm yeah this second half is definitely
not making it home guys I’m really loving how nice and thick it is right
there in the middle and the crispiness of that crust is just off the chain guys
and I have to admit again the fact that it’s folded over and it’s thin really
goes to show you that these sandwiches are no joke over here they are
definitely well done plenty of barbecue sauce on this variant and the overall
bacon flavor along with everything else the onions is definitely off the chart
in terms of the flavor just a nice variation and a great way to close out
this series of papadias here at Papa John’s so with that said I’m gonna have
to give the grilled barbecue chicken and bacon papadia here at Papa John’s a
rock-solid 9 out of 10 this kind of felt like more of like a Southwestern type of
chicken sandwich to me guys just a little bit of an Italian flair given the
pizza dough but the flavor worked amazingly well the onions had some great
flavor just everything was very very flavorful and of course plenty of
barbecue sauce as if the actual papadia didn’t have
enough of it already I love dipping into even more of it so that overall flavor
really satisfied overall and like I said with the bacon on top of everything guys
it really was just really really great so definitely a solid variant to check
out especially if you love barbecue there’s no shortage of it here but hey
if barbecue is not really your thing you’ve got three other choices to go in
on so take a look at the Papa John’s playlist popping up on your screen here
right now and take a look at what I thought of the other three and you guys
can actually see which one was my favorite in that group as well I think
you know by now I might have given it a way to turn this review which leads me
to two very important questions first and foremost which is your favorite
papadia here at Papa John’s and secondly what did you actually think of this
version that I reviewed today is barbecue really your thing what’d you
think of the presentation of it drop some comments down below and definitely
let me know and with that this is Ian K closing out another episode of peep this
out bringing you brand-new content every single week here on my channel so while
you stay tuned for that next review coming real soon in the meantime stay frosty
well it looks like I saved one of the best for last guys and I’m really happy about
that because this was a great way to cap off what was a really fun series to
produce here on the channel here’s hoping we get a few more flavors in the
future to really continue the line this really needs to stick around I’m loving
this format these papadias are great alright guys until next time I’ll talk
to you soon but hey real quick before you go and
just in case you haven’t already take a look at the last review that I put out
right up over here along with what I think YouTube’s gonna recommend for you
to check out as well as always I think you’ll find something like in both of
them and I’ll definitely catch ya in the next one see ya

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