Parasite spreads in El Cuerpo – Episode 4 | Parasite Island Recap (With Eng Subs)

But it’s so boring here. I wish
we went with Daddy instead. I want something exciting. Exciting? Yeah. Something with adventure
or action. Something thrilling! This girl asks for too much. Action-Adventure.
Girl, look at that. Hottie! You have your
action and adventure. My gosh, Auntie. You and
Miggy both have poor taste. Oh, we have more visitors. Yuck, they look so ugly. – Are they in cosplay?
– You’re too harsh. I think they’re drunk. Friends! We have a bar!
Party’s here! – No, no, no.
– Take a video. It can go viral.
Say, “Hi, Froggies.” Hi, Froggies!
Look at these ugly people. Look at that makeup.
So ugly! – What’s that?
– What’s happening? Is there a fight? Maybe they’re drunk. – Father!
– Hold on. Gosh. Miggy!
Miggy, let’s go! Miggy! The children!
We need to get out of here. Leave it. Let’s go!
Come with me! Help! What’s happening? Miggy! Let’s go! Lia? Mr. Vergel?
Mr. Vergel. It’s me, Melba. Mr. Vergel! Let me go! Let’s go! Hurry up!
They might catch us. Father, how about
my parents? – Don’t worry, we’ll find them.
– My mom… We just need to find
a safe place to hide first. Chito. Father, what happened? We need a ride.
It’s a long story. Let’s go to the church.
Get in the tricycle. Hurry! Hold on tight, kids. We might find the police.
We need their help. – Hurry up!
– Hold on tight! Run! Hurry! – Miggy!
– Let’s go this way. Miggy! Miggy! Come here! Oh my gosh!
There’s no reception here. I need to call
my dad, Auntie. I don’t want to die.
I’m too young. I can’t die.
I need to get reception. I haven’t found
my true love yet. I need reception. Is he gone now? Oh my gosh, Auntie! – Call your dad.
– I’m trying. Sunshine? Sunshine? Sunshine? Sunshine! Otap! Melba! Miggy! Melba! Lia! Sunshine! Mister! – Mister.
– Run! – Are you alright?
– Hurry up! Don’t go near them. The people infected
by the pest. The pest? What do you mean? The devil is coming. The end is near. God has returned. Mister, I don’t
understand you. Where’s everyone?
My kid’s missing. Many have turned
into leech people. Leech people? Yes, leech– Oh my god! What just happened? Oh my god! Jessie, get in the car. Hurry up, Jessie! Drive! Faster! Thank you, Janelle. But what is going on
with the people? Now Mister Mar has
become a leech person. Everything was fine
when I left your place. But now the infected
are all over El Cuerpo. Where’s Sunshine? Jessie, where’s Sunshine?
Why isn’t she with you?
Janelle… Sunshine’s missing. Don’t worry They can’t get in here. – Mommy!
– Don’t worry. We’re safe here. Jessie, why didn’t you
look after our daughter? She could be in danger now. I didn’t know
this would happen. – If I had, I would’ve–
– You didn’t know?! Of course you didn’t
because you passed out from being drunk again! You promised that
you’ll change, but you never do. I’ll look for her. I’ll search the
entire El Cuerpo. I won’t stop until
I find our child. I’ll never forgive you if
you don’t find her, Jessie. Jessie, where will we
look for Sunshine? Something bad might have
happened to her. Wait, what about Mama? She’s at the hospital. Sunshine knows about that. Maybe she went there. Do you think Sunshine’s here? Gary, that’s enough! Stop it! Gary! Quick, go inside. Let them in. We’ll take care of this. Jessie… – Jessie.
– Mama. Jessie. I’m glad you’re safe. Are you okay? What’s happening outside?
What’s happening to everybody? It’s like something
possessed them. There was something
coming out of their mouths. Leeches. That’s what I saw back then. The leech woman was
the one who killed Papa. I just don’t understand why
there’s so many of them now. You were right, dear. There are leech people. Sorry. We’re sorry for not
believing you back then. We thought it was just
a made-up story. But you were right about
the leech people. Where did they come from? Mama, Gary…
Did you see Sunshine? We’ve been looking for her. Why? Aren’t they at home
with their cousins? Oh my god!
Jessie, our daughter! Jessie, why aren’t they here?
Where are they? Where’s Miggy? – Answer me, Jessie!
– Sir Gary… When the leech people
got inside the house, we all went our separate ways. Maybe the kids escaped first. Jessie… I was going to
wake you up, Jessie. But there was already a
commotion inside the house. Were you asleep
or were you drunk? What were you doing while
the household was in chaos? You were drunk again,
weren’t you?! That’s enough. I said that’s enough! Stop fighting! Stop blaming each other! Let’s just look for
the children. Alright. Go ahead and
defend him again! You always take his side
even when he’s at fault! I’m telling you, Jessie.
If my son– I’ll look for them! I won’t come back here
until I find all of them! Just stay here. Miggy… Alright. Be careful. Wrong timing! – It’s Miggy.
– Miggy! Oh my god! I thought there’s a zombie,
but it’s just you three. Are we nothing to you? We got here first,
you know. The two of you scared us. What are you guys
doing here anyway? We’re hiding, obviously. We were supposed to
go to the hospital but it’s about to get dark. So we might stay here
for the night. That’s a good idea. It’s scary outside.
There’s lots of zombies. It’s really scary. I can’t blame Gary for
getting mad at Jessie. His son’s missing. So is your daughter. Let’s just hope that
Jessie finds Sunshine and my other
grandchildren. I hope you forgive Jessie
for the things he’s done. He turned out that way because of what he
went through as a boy. He’s blaming himself
for his father’s death. But if there’s anyone
to be blamed, it’s me. I couldn’t even
help my own son. We’ve been searching
the lake for days, but we found nothing. Maybe you should add
more to the search party? We will, Ma’am.
Don’t worry. – We’ll be going now.
– Alright. Thank you. Let’s go. Why can’t they find
Daddy yet, Mom? They’re doing
their best. Ma, Daddy didn’t drown. He was taken by the
leech woman underground! There you go again with
your leech nonsense! You’re seeing things!
You’re going crazy! Stop making stuff up! You just want to blame someone
else for what happened! – That’s enough.
– It’s true! Jessie, whatever you saw, that’s just your
imagination. Mom, please believe me!
The leech woman is real! Jessie, what happened to
your Dad was an accident. It’s no one’s fault. You don’t have to blame
anyone else for it. And you don’t have
to convince us that there’s a leech
woman who killed him. If you have a problem,
let’s fix it together. Since then, Jessie
never mentioned the leech woman again. He didn’t open up to me
about anything anymore. He also lost interest
in school. He then fell into
bad company. He learned to drink. Maybe to escape whatever’s
been bothering him. Jessie’s always been
blaming himself for what happened
to his Dad. If only I believed him, then maybe he would’ve
had a better life. Sunshine! Sunshine? I hate this.
I hate this island! Where’s the hospital?! No! Let me go!
Please let me go! – Let me go!
– Sunshine? Jessie? Please help me! Let go of me! Let go! Go away! Go away now!
Leave! Get out of here! Jessie! – Jessie!
– Where are your parents? I’m looking for them. I don’t know where they are. We’ll find them. But we have to find
a safe place first. Queenie, what are you
doing here? I went to the mansion
but it was empty. I’m glad I saw you. Mama and the others
are at the hospital. It’s safe there.
I’ll take you both there. Hospital? Is Princess there?
Is she safe? The children are missing. That’s why I’m out here
looking for them.

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  1. Kailan ba tayo mag iimprove ? Sana gawan nyo naman ng paraan abs na magmumukhang totoo yung mga mukha ng zombies…pwede po ba? More attention sa mga zombies please pagsikapan niyo naman yung pagmake up nila.

  2. typical ABS… bstat kumita lang! bahala na low quality… walkingdead? kawawang film industry ng pinas.. walang asenso..

  3. Hoy! Derik! Please lang! 'Wag niyong papatayin si queenie beke nemen keshe mamatay si queenie sa panganganak sa reyna ng mga linta.😀 lodi ko pa naman si queenie kasi good vibes siya kahit may pagka gold digger siya.

  4. Hahahahaha ikaw kc nilait mo ayan na tuloy nagalit hinabol ka sabi mo kc ang papangit nila ang kapal pa ng make up hahahahah πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ€£

  5. mas bet ko itsura ng zombie sa block z ang ganda sana ng istorya nito pero dapat sana ginaya na lng zombie sa block z na movie

  6. Rick Grimes: Nagising galing comatoes in the midst of the apocalypse
    Jessie: Nagising galing sa pagkakalasing in the midst of the apocalypse haha

  7. Yung pag may nakakahrap zombie mapapatikom ka din ng bibig baka pumasok din sau un mga lintaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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