Parasites Hitch a Ride on Turtle’s Shell | National Geographic

this green sea turtle is providing free transportation to a few hitchhikers the turtle was seen swimming with these passengers off the coast of dahab egypt [Music] sea turtles often have organisms that attach themselves to their shell some are in fact parasitic while others are commensal posing no threat to the turtle crabs barnacles shrimp oysters algae and other life-forms have all been seen on the Turtles the non parasitic organisms mainly used the turtle as a form of transportation green sea turtles have amazingly long lifespans often reaching 80 or more years sadly green turtles are listed as an endangered species they are killed for their meat and eggs loss of habitat boating accidents and fishing nets also contribute to a declining number of the species [Music] [Applause]

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  1. I think some whales also have these kind of parasites too. Well, no more free turtle rides for those hitchhikers once these turtles go extinct 🙁 Thanks for sharing National Geographic.

  2. One day, a turtle was assaulted by a group of snails. When the police arrived, they asked the turtle for a description of the unruly snails. The turtle replied; “I don’t know, it all happened so fast.”. 🐢 NatGeo❤️

  3. Sea turtles are symbols of longevity in some countries in Asia. It’ll be very sad to see these lovely green sea turtles 🐢 face extinction like other endangered species!!!

  4. Many different organisms have been known to latch onto a sea turtle's back. What do you think of this method of underwater transportation?

  5. The diver who filmed the sea turtle surely took a minute to scrape the barnacle off? it becomes a problem when the barnacles increase in number as they become heavy and obstruct swimming. Barnacles belong on rocks.

  6. Wish the people in my area stop eating turtles. I had a rude awakening when I saw some live turtles in a sack in my grandma's house, I cried and attempted to free the turtles but I got punished and got called stupid for trying to free them.

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