Pickled Ginger Recipe To Fight Arthritis, High Cholesterol and Lose Weight

We have talked a lot about it on our channel,
and even have a video with the many benefits that ginger offers to our body. Besides that, the ingredient also appears
in a lot of the recipes on our channel, be it in a weight-loss recipe, pain treatment,
etc. Ginger is a potent natural anti-inflammatory
and can be used to treat and prevent many diseases that bother us and can even reduce
our life quality. Very used in the Orient, ginger is rich in
proteins, vitamins C, B3, and B6, calcium, iron, selenium, and zinc. In Asia, it is used to treat nausea, headaches,
colds, flus, diarrhea, and stomachaches. Besides that, ginger also reduces hunger,
burns localized fat, and is a great natural digestive, good for detoxifying the body. Its use is more popular in the Japanese culinary,
as pickled ginger. But, if you don’t like sushi and sashimi,
you can try making your own pickled ginger at home. See how to make it:
17.6 oz. of peeled ginger (cut in thin slices); 1 cup of rice vinegar (you can substitute
it for apple vinegar); 3 tablespoons of salt;
1/2 cup of brown sugar; Directions
Put the ginger slices in a pan with water (2 cups are enough), and cook it until it
boils. Strain the slices, but don’t throw the ginger
water away. Let the slices cool down in the glass container
where you will store the pickle. Meanwhile, in another pan, add vinegar, salt,
and sugar until it boils. Turn off the heat and let the mixture cool
down. The bacteria in the pickle will consume and
metabolize the sugar, fermenting the ginger. It will turn the pickle into something very
beneficial to your body. The amount of liquid must be enough to completely
cover the ginger slices. Once everything has cooled, add the liquid
to the ginger slices that are in the glass container. Close the lid and let it cure for 2 days. Keep it at room temperature and in a dark
place (or use an amber glass jar, to prevent the light action that affects this process). After this period, your pickled ginger must
be stored in the fridge, and can be consumed for up to 6 months. Tip: using fresh ginger will result in a more
tasty and healthy pickle. And your pickled ginger is ready. Now you can use it in salads, sandwiches,
or serve it as an appetizer. To use this pickle to treat rheumatic pains
or health issues, such as arthritis, to reduce cholesterol or boost your immune system, consume
a dessert spoon of it per day. However, once made, this pickle can’t be
cooked. If you have high blood pressure, hypothyroidism
or gastric sensitivity, avoid eating pickled ginger. Remember that pregnant women, nursing mothers,
and young children must also avoid consuming it. If you feel any discomfort after eating ginger,
avoid consuming it.

7 Replies to “Pickled Ginger Recipe To Fight Arthritis, High Cholesterol and Lose Weight”

  1. Ginger is good for high blood pressure but without pickled form because pickle has salt in it which is bad for hypertension .

  2. Why is that it is NOT recommended to eat pickled ginger if I have hypothyroidism, please? I have actually a Hashimoto's disease, that causes hypothyroidism. Would you still consider it to avoid this recipe, please? It occurred to me to go for it as a natural high cholesterol treatment.

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