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  1. We, your followers, are looking for solutions not this waste of time graphics. Stick with the studies approach it has worked. This kind of stuff will get you lost in the noise. 

  2. I do think these vegan's exaggerate the risks of meat. How many people do you know who has gotten a fish tapeworm or any tapeworm for that matter.

    I also don't think that you will find plant based source of Omega-3 that is cheaper than fish oil – at least not for a while.

    One product is  called ovega-3 (notice the 'v' in the name). This is the cheapest. It is not as cheap as fish oil and has a different composition of omega-3 from fish oil with more DHA than EPA while fish oil it the other way round. You can get it on Amazon and many other places.

    Personally, I don't think that a little distilled fish oil is going to hurt you, except maybe your conscience. 

  3. Fantastic video, just in time to share with a friend talking about taking fish oil. Thank you so much for your fantastic work!

  4. You recommend 250 mcg's of DHA a day here. NutritionFacts.com it says "250 mg daily of pollutant free (yeast- or algae-derived) long-chain omega-3’s (EPA/DHA)". There's not a lot of options out there. So if it's not necessary to get EPA that will increase the options. But they're uniquely different, equivocally beneficial, and may even be best to eat them at the same time.

  5. According to an article by Barry Sears Ph.D. at Psychology Today "if you use high-dose DHA it is essential to add back trace amounts of GLA to maintain sufficient levels of DGLA to continue to produce anti-inflammatory eicosanoids". I'm not sure what the threshold is between "high-does" and 250 mg. I wonder if a golden algae supplement that had maybe less DHA and more EPA would be ideal.

  6. Keep your ugly videos of environmental crimes out of our videos! I don't appreciate that ugliness and it isn't relevant for the video. Sensational videos are…..well, sensational. I don't like those sensations thank you.

  7. Hi. Is it possible to examine the omega 3:6 ratio of the African Walnut (Plukenetia Conophora)? Thank you.

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