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  1. Sad to see you've sold out to supplement selling. You're own video on PWO stated "how about just a good sleep cycle, nutrition, hydration…even a little caffeine" and now this. I guess it's about the $$$$

  2. Can preworkout taken first thing in the morning? I head to gym in the morning after I wake up usually I just drink coffee and a bread. I want to take just the pre workout. Do I need to eat something else or is it ok to take this empty stomach?

  3. I'm getting all of your supplements from now on. Thanks Jeff, my boyfriend been at it naturaly all his life till now his in Australia nrl rugby league and will appreciate the supplements to add to his life style. Thank you thank you thank you very much xo

  4. Athlean RX Xcite is rated 4 on Labdoor.com among all supplements tested. Labdoor.com is an independent lab testing company for purity and efficacy. You truly are among the best in the business, and the more I learn about supplements the more I choosing Athlean RX. Proprietary untested blends are really untrustworthy and potentially dangerous. Thanks for all advice over the years.

  5. I am hypertensive and take medications, but my blood pressure has been normal. Can I take this pre workout supplement? Can I still drink coffee before working out? Thanks! I love your program and your videos by the way. Youve help me become a healthier person.

  6. I recently purchased Jeff's RX1 X-CITE. 1. This video obviously does not represent the current RX 1 on the Athlean x website which should be updated to say the least. 2. The current 2018 rx1 works well would buy again however the shipping prices kill the value of this product. If money is an issue make your own preworkout if not buy this product it works really well.

  7. Jeff, Thanks for everything you do. My workout regime has been completely changed for the good because of you. But do you have a larger order size for the protein. It doesn't last long at all. I have to order 2 of the xlr8 to get through one month. Can you make a bigger supply for the protein?

  8. Say what I dont even need to watch the rest of the videos about your supplements. Just knowing that it's what Jeff uses and how confident he is in advertising it is enough to convince me to buy it. We trust you with our lives Jeff 😂👌

  9. When you take the complete stack of RX1 RX2 and RX3, you would be having enough creatine for the day. However, on non-workout days, one would't take RX1 and RX2. Now, I read that creatine should be taken even on off-days. Can someone help me out of this dilemma that I have about how to get creatine on non-workout days with just the Athelen X supplements?

  10. Jeff- I am with a majority of your subscribers who have been asking you to film a new series of your SUPPLEMENT LINE. (Potential Topics to cover)1) Could you please go through the new line of ingredients included in each of the RX series? 2) Why have the sizes of your supplements changed? The size you seem to sell is much smaller than what you have in your videos. Why is there no option to purchase a larger batch?3) Review the scientific aspect to each ingredient (as touched upon SOME of the topics), and their added benefits when taken together; as they are all included within one bottle/throughout the day with RX1, RX2, RX3.4) It takes time to build stores of certain things such as Creatine, does it matter that the RX-1 is not taken on the last two days of the week when following your AX-1 plan. Will that negate all stores within the body?5) annnnnnd come on. Just do it. Make a supplement shaker bottle of your own. They will sell like hotcakes! Looking forward to your response Jeff. I am a follower of AthleneX programs, a user of the supplements, and billboard for your brand via. clothing. As always, THANK YOU

  11. I have had kidney stones in 2014 mostly from my Anabolic cycle eating enormous amounts of proteins in foods and protein shakes

  12. Jeff, I think your customer service has room for improvement. I ordered a bundle of mentioned products. It took 8 days to get a "damaged" notification from UPS, I reached to your customer service and let them know that I am out of supplements and waiting, asked them to send it with a faster way, they decided to go with regular again, it took 20 days for me to get the products after I ordered, customer service didn't show any extra effort for customer satisfaction. I hope it will be you who is reading this not the customer service or marketing. Regards

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