Puppies and Presents! / Vlogmas Day 14

Tilly, go to Walter Come on Go to Walter Hello Walter, hello Come on Tilly Hello Tilly Woah, woah, crazy Oh, all that love Hello darling Come here Woosh So, we just had our walk with Tilly And poor little thing, she’s still a little bit scared of other dogs, but she loves people And we were walking along and she’s like Yeah… time of my life, hey Walter, hey brother I love you, I love you And then, from nowhere this man with two massive Alsatians just … came up And I was like, she’s a bit scared of dogs still… nooo And he said It’s fine, they’re really friendly” And this dog, who I swear was much larger than a six foot man, had it been standing Jumped on Tilly and started trampling on her. And she was lying on her back screaming like arrggghhh Arrggghhh And poor Walter’s there ‘I’ll save you Tilly, I’ll save you’ Despite the fact he is the size of something not very large But you know, he’s doing well destroying that toy to be fair And it took ages to calm her down afterwards and she wanted to be carried the whole way back home So, we decided that because she had such a trauma, but was such a good girl, That she was going to get a christmas present a little early Okay, Tilly, come here sweetie Look, ooh, what’s this? What’s it gonna be? Claudia’s focusing on her favourite dog Tilly Ooh, ooh, what is it? What is it It’s a stocking Wow Tills, that’s so big you could get in that Walter likes it I don’t know what kind of massive presents you’re getting this year Gosh Walter’s eyeing up the pine cone God, it’s so gorgeous, look at that Aww. There is your beautiful christmas stocking From John Lewis, I’m so impressed Gonna get lots of presents in it Till lots of presents You can’t eat it Silly Given up Tilly? Go on, go on get her Poor panda It’s getting stretched by each side Panda’s lost all his insides Arggh no… the camera Ah… not the camera Silly thing Whey!! She just went and sat on Walter’s head Oh yeah, go scratch your bum that’s right

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