Queenie avoids Daria after the incident | Parasite Island (With Eng Subs)

Ma’am, let’s go back
to the mansion. It’s scary out here.
It’s already dark. And there’s no one here.
It’s scary! Let’s go back. If something happens to us, no one will help us. You’re so pessimistic. It’s so nice out here. It’s quiet and peaceful. No one’s against us. – Whitney dear.
– Ma’am? Bring out my beachwear. I’m going to swim. Are you sure? I just want to really feel
that we’re out of town. And swimming is the key. Look. It’ll be nice
to swim here. It’s so peaceful. No one’s here. And the water looks clean. I can rest in peace. Rest in peace? I mean, I can rest and
be at peace. You’re so smart. Right? But, Ma’am… It’s scary. It’s dark. We might run into a monster. Did you leave your brain
back at the club? The people at the mansion
are the real monsters. They haven’t accepted me
until now. Actually. Okay Your blood pressure
has stabilized, Mama. Good. Lola, I’m sorry if my
mom said something that made you upset. Why apologize for her? Is it your fault that
she’s tactless? Lola, please send Mommy back. Something bad might
happen to her. There was an earthquake earlier. Jessie. Yes? Your brother Warren might think
that we’re neglecting his wife. It’s late. Go find her. Bring her back here. Yes, Mama. Ma’am! How’s the water? Whitney dear, it’s really nice. It’s warm, like a hot spring. Wonderful! Hey, why don’t you join me? I cannot join you. I have my period. Oh I see. The water is soothing
and relaxing. This is really effective. Where can I rest in peace? Ma’am, there’s a hut. Let’s go. Come on. Thanks. What is this place? I’m sure this is abandoned.
It’s so dusty! It’s like the last people who
lived here were our ancestors! Ma’am, it’s the only place
where you can rest here. Don’t be so choosy. Besides, I can just
wipe the dust off. See? It’s clean now. Great job. That’s what
I like about you. Even if you’re stupid, you
use your head sometimes. Of course. Wow. Finally, a time to relax. I’ll just take a nap here. Do whatever you like. All that swimming
got me tired. I’ll go look for some cuties
here in El Cuerpo. – Alright.
– So excited. – Good night.
– Bye. What a silly woman.

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  1. Parasite Island September 15 2019 Full Episode Pls Bookmark For Reguler Episodes

  2. tragiss.. rest in peace 🀣🀣🀣..
    ano na.. nakakamiss tong si del valle (limot ko spelling ng pangalan) sensya na..

  3. Bakit parang kulang?? Wala yung scene ni kaori yung lumilindol at yung nagpupunas ng lamesa c kaori pa naman inaabangan ko. Bakit kulang yung na upload niyo 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  4. Ang utak talaga ng abs. They cut the scene with Kaori which most of the viewers are anticipating to watch para mapa-download tayo ng iwant app nila. Mukhang marketable na talaga ang batang ito. Tingin ko lang naman. You know, marketing strategy chuchu. Nakakapagtaka naman kasi kung bakit yung mga scene na kasama siya ang di inupload dito sa youtube. At sa Iwant app lang naman yata mapapanood yung full episode.

  5. Oo nga bakit ganon nong first episode geupload nila ng full tapos ngaun dina pano na ung di makapanood nagload lang ako dahil dito

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