Queenie cries because of her problem | Parasite Island (With Eng Subs)

Queenie, if they follow you, maybe we can ask them to
help us find Sunshine. Why would I do that?
We’re not even friends. I’m just suggesting it because I feel bad for
Sir Jessie and Janelle. No. That’s none
of our business. t’s Jessie’s fault
because he was drunk when he should be
looking after his daughter. Sir Jessie rescued Princess. Maybe that’s enough reason
for us to help him. Besides, you’re the leader
of the leech people. What leader? I’m not a leech person
nor a monster. I don’t care about
those leech people. You better keep
your mouth shut. If I get in trouble
because of you, I’ll have the leech people
suck your blood out. We need to get away
from this island. We’re only waiting for
our deaths to come by staying here. All boats at the port
have been destroyed. No one can escape anymore. Way’s over here. It’s the demon. The golden leech
brings destruction. If it dares to
harm my family, then I’ll have to
kill it myself. Queenie, did you hear that? Sir Gary said he’ll kill you. Whitney… Can you leave me for a while? – Are you sure?
– Yes. Someone let in a
leech person here. Good thing the police killed it. For leeches’ sake! Why did you scare me? You’re so edgy, Mommy. Because you sneaked up
on me from behind. Are you okay Guess what. I learned
something new today. What? I learned how to dress wounds. You know what,
it’s so disgusting, but I had to do it anyway. And I did it even if there
weren’t enough medical supplies. My daughter’s so amazing. You’re just as
creative as mommy. I know, but Daddy’s better. That’s why I wish
he gets back now. I’m sure he can find and
kill the cause of all this. I wish that golden leech
dies already. Anyone in El Cuerpo could
be the host of the golden leech. What if it was me? What? No way, Mommy. Don’t say that;
it’s not funny. The golden leech won’t
use you as a host. What if I become powerful and
gain control over those leeches? They’ll follow me.
We can rule the world. No. Are you out of
your mind, Mommy? Do you want to be a super
villain? A leech villain? If that means you’ll be safe,
why not? No. I don’t want that, Mommy. I’m just kidding. That’s impossible.
Your Mommy is too beautiful. I look nothing like a leech. Of course not, Mommy.
You’re the prettiest woman and I love you so much. A queen of leeches,
monsters, and criminals? Not my beloved Mommy. I hope Uncle Gary
finds a boat soon so we can get out of this
stupid island already. I’m too young to die,
Mommy. No way. You won’t die, dear.
Over my dead body. The only thing that should be
dead is that Queen Leech. Even my own daughter
wants me dead. Good thing Daddy saw us before
we drowned in the quicksand. Crispin is brave and he knows
his way around the jungle. If it weren’t for him, the leech people would’ve
probably found us. Leech people? That’s what we call the zombies
that are half-leech, half-human. Crispin, thank you for
protecting my granddaughter. It’s a good thing that Sunshine
is good at following orders. Also, we didn’t forget to pray. Our prayers were answered when
Mommy and Daddy saved us. Too bad Basilyo let his mother
turn him into a leech person. He’d rather be a leech person
than leave his mother. Let’s just include them
in our prayers. Miggy, if something happens to
me, promise me you’ll run. You save yourself. Let’s always stay together,
okay, Mom? Protect me. Of course, dear.
Until the very end. I’ll make sure you’re safe. Promise, Mom? I don’t want to be monster. I don’t want my daughter
to be a monster. What should I do?
Warren, where are you?

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