Queenie gets attacked by the parasites | Parasite Island (With Eng Subs)

Lovely, why didn’t you
bring more things? That’s right, Dad. I’m not staying. That’s not fair. We came here ahead of you and you’re leaving
without us? You’re unfair, lovey. Take it easy. I have an idea. Just eat some of this halo-halo to help with your hot temper. Open up, come on. There you go. Delicious, right? What do you think? What do you think? What’s going on? Hey. Ma, are you okay? I don’t understand what’s
been happening to me. I think I’m allergic to anything
cold and to ice. Mama dear said I might
be pregnant. Really? Then you should avoid
stress, lovey. And you should rest. Princess, please take your
Mommy inside. Okay, Dad. Lovey, buy me a pregnancy kit so we can be sure, okay? Okay, I will. Let’s go, Mommy. Lovey. Buy one from the drugstore. Okay. Is your Dad not here yet? I don’t think so, Mommy. Yes, can I help you? – May I speak with her?
– Look, you have a fan! Please come in. – Are you Warren’s wife?
– Yes, I am. Why? I heard that you wanted to
know if you’re pregnant. Geez, what a snoop. What is it?
What did you say? Oh, nothing. I just want to know
how you found out. I’m a fortune teller. Perhaps you want me
to help you find out? Seriously? Let’s give it a try. Oh. May I touch you? Sure. You’re right. You have something
in your belly. Really? Is it a
girl or a boy? It’s a girl.
She’ll be a queen! Really? A queen
just like me? – Did you hear that?
– Yes! My daughter will be
a beauty queen! Of course, Mommy.
It runs in the family! – Thank you!
– Thanks! What are we naming her? – Queen? Princess?
– Duchess. It’s a girl! Thank goodness
you’re finally here. You’re late!
Did you get it? Here you go. Thank you.Thank you.

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