Queenie gets surprised after making human leeches follow her | Parasite Island (With Eng Subs)

Oh my god! What just happened? Oh my god! Yuck. Why aren’t you with the kids?
Where are they? Where’s Miggy?!
Jessie, where’s Miggy?! Were you asleep? You fell asleep because
you were drunk again! You told me you’d
change but you didn’t! I can’t forgive you
if you don’t find them. Sunshine! Sunshine? I hate this.
I hate this island! Where’s the hospital?! No! Let me go!
Please let me go! – Let me go!
– Sunshine? Jessie? Please help me! Let go of me! Let go! Go away! Go away now!
Leave! Get out of here! Jessie! – Jessie!
– Where are your parents? I’m looking for them. I don’t know where they are. We’ll find them. But we have to find
a safe place first. Queenie, what are you
doing here? I went to the mansion
but it was empty. I’m glad I saw you. Mama and the others
are at the hospital. It’s safe there.
I’ll take you both there Hospital? Is Princess there?
Is she safe? The children are missing. That’s why I’m out here
looking for them.

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