Queenie tries to get rid of the parasite – Episode 6 | Parasite Island Recap (With Eng Subs)

It’s the demon. The golden leech
brings destruction. If it dares to
harm my family, then I’ll have to
kill it myself. Queenie, did you hear that? Sir Gary said he’ll kill you. Dad, negative. Sir Andong was right,
all the boats are gone. Those leech people
probably ruined them. What do we do? How do we escape
from this island? I know a way. – How?
– Come with me. Anyone in El Cuerpo could
be the host of the golden leech. What if it was me? What? No way, Mommy. Don’t say that;
it’s not funny. The golden leech won’t
use you as a host. What if I become powerful and
gain control over those leeches? They’ll follow me.
We can rule the world. No. Are you out of
your mind, Mommy? Do you want to be a super
villain? A leech villain? If that means you’ll be safe,
why not? No. I don’t want that, Mommy. I’m just kidding. That’s impossible.
Your Mommy is too beautiful. I look nothing like a leech. Of course not, Mommy.
You’re the prettiest woman and I love you so much. A queen of leeches,
monsters, and criminals? Not my beloved Mommy. I hope Uncle Gary
finds a boat soon so we can get out of this
stupid island already. I’m too young to die,
Mommy. No way. You won’t die, dear.
Over my dead body. The only thing that should be
dead is that Queen Leech. Even my own daughter
wants me dead. This used to belong to
the fishermen but the engines stopped
working already. We don’t have a choice.
We have to fix it. Okay. – Sunshine.
– Sunshine. Is that a little boy crying? Maybe it’s Crispin?
Father Lorenzo’s sacristan. If it’s Crispin, he’s probably
with Sunshine. Let’s go. I was infected!
I’ll be a leech lady soon. Mom! Miss Nena, is it true? Yes. Please help me. Please save my son. – Mom!
– Please help me. Mom! No! Let go of me! – Mom!
– Let’s move! – Mom!
– It’s dangerous. Mom! – Sunshine?
– Sunshine? Sunshine! Sunshine! Are you okay?
Were you hurt? I’m fine. Please forgive your Daddy
for not finding you sooner. It’s okay. We’re together now. Basilio, Father Lorenzo is gone. He’s a leech person now. Sunshine and I owe him
our lives. Jessie. Run! Leave this to me. – What do we do?
– Basilio. Run! I said leave this to me! Mom! Don’t hurt Sir Jessie! Jessie! Basilio! Run! We need help!
A disease is spreading! The people are
turning into zombies! [ZOMBIE GROWLING] They’re here!
[SCREAM] This is the only thing you got
from the El Cuerpo Police? Yes, sir. They don’t
even have phone reception. Maybe their cell site, landline, and other
communications are down. We’re lucky we
got that distress call. That’s why I can’t contact
my family and they don’t text. Something terrible happened. What’s our plan of action, sir? I need to report to the
defense department so we could form and dispatch
a rescue mission composed of armed personnel and
health department staff. How many days will that take? I’ll make sure it gets done
as soon as possible. I’ll handle this myself. Sir. Sir, you’re needed in Mindanao. A forest fire there
is getting out of control. The municipalities are affected. A state of calamity has been
declared in three provinces. The evil is among us. Be careful. What did you say? Earthquake.
The earth opened up. The queen crawled out.
In the river. It’s inside the queen. – An earthquake!
– [CHANDELIER SHAKING] Cover your head! – You swam here?
– Just her. This is a great place to swim.
The water is so nice. Momshie, what are we doing here?
Are we looking for drugs? Anti-illegal drugs operations
are still ongoing. No, I’m looking for laxatives.
Help me find some. Laxatives? Why?
Are you constipated? No, I need to push out
the golden leech! Just find some, okay?! Okay, fine. Momshie, I found
some laxatives! That’s a lot. Momshie, wait! Are you
trying to kill yourself?! Princess is still young!
She can’t lose her mother! And how about me?!
I’ll lose my job and my BFF! I beg you! What will
happen to me now?! Why are you trying to
kill yourself, Momshie?! I’m not killing myself! I have
to push out the golden leech! – Mommy?!
– Momshie! Hey, what’s happening?! Uncle Jessie, Mommy’s in here
and she’s not responding! What?! – Queenie?!
– Momshie! Mommy! Move aside. – Momshie?! Momshie!
– Queenie! – Queenie!
– Mommy! Mommy, what’s wrong?! Momshie? Uncle Jessie, please
save my mom. Please! [METAL CLANKING] [ENGINE STARTS UP] Nice! We finally fixed
the two boats, Dad. Yeah, but we still need
to add more fuel. We can finally
leave this island. Queenie. What happened? It’s nothing serious.
I was just dehydrated a bit, but I’m okay now. By the way, I just got back from
the lake with Miggy and TJ. We fixed the boats
we’ll need to escape. Get well soon. You’ll need the energy
to come with us. Thank you. Anyway, I’ll get going. Mommy, you really
made me worried. You went too far, Momshie.
You used up all the laxatives. What were the laxatives for? I’m feeling weak again.
I’m really hungry. Mommy, I’ll get you some food. Thanks, dear. so we need to go
on a supply run. Take care. You and your big mouth! I’m sorry, Momshie! Did you manage to
get that thing out? I don’t know,
but I definitely pushed out everything in my stomach. But I’m not sure
if I got it out. Ma’am, what are we
doing here? Isn’t this room for
pregnant patients? Don’t tell me Princess
is going to have a sibling! I just want to know if I’ve
gotten rid of the golden leech. How do we even operate this
hi-tech equipment? Why don’t I call Jessie
since he’s a paramedic? Or the doctor. Wait here. Why would you do that? I told you we’re the only ones
who are supposed to know. Okay. I remember this. This one. This is like a gel
for the belly. I’ll do it. Lie down. Wait a second. Here. How does this work? Just press some buttons. Turn the power on. What if I get electrocuted? Just make it work. Ma’am! What’s happening? It’s cold. I feel something moving. Ma’am, the golden leech
is inside your belly. The golden leech. Queenie, the golden leech
is in your belly? What are you going to do? Kill me? I cannot die. Ma’am, you’d better go.
Jessie, stay here. Queenie, wait! Ma’am, go! Wait! Queenie! Queenie! Queenie! No! Stop! Leave! You saw that. I have the power. I don’t need to fear for my
life. I’ll use the golden leech
to protect myself. Queenie, no. What you’re
planning to do is wrong. You don’t need to use
the monster inside you …to hurt people. I tried getting rid of it
but nothing happened. You all want me dead. But I will kill you all first. Why do you talk like that? Aren’t you family? Family? I’m just using the family name because Warren is my husband. But you never treated me
as family. You all belittle me.
And think of me as greedy. And shameless. Nobody cares if I die. You’re just thinking
of yourselves. Queenie, that’s not true. We accepted you
in spite of everything. We just said those things
because we didn’t know that the golden leech
is inside you. Even your daughter Princess
wants the golden leech dead. Because she doesn’t know
that I’m the host. Exactly. We are not mad at you. We’re mad at the golden leech. We need to kill it
and not you, Queenie. How will you kill this
thing inside of me without killing me? We’ll flee El Cuerpo. We’ll go to Manila and
look for a hospital so you can undergo a surgery
to remove that leech. Why there? There are no facilities here
for a surgery like that. Your life will be endangered
if you get the surgery here. Jessie, make sure
your plan will work. Don’t tell them what
happened to me. And don’t betray me
because you know what I’m capable of doing. I promise. I’ll do everything to save you. To save our family. And to save all
the people here. – Ma, are you okay?
– Yes, dear. Where’s Jessie?
What’s taking so long? I’ll go check. Wait here. Hurry up! Mom, I’m scared.
What if we get infected? No, dear. Nothing bad
will happen to you. – [SCREAMS]
– Run! Where’s Jessie and the others? Maybe they got lost. – You?
– I’m sure they’re together. [SCREAMS] What if your best friend
messed up again? [SCREAMS] Hey! [GUNSHOT] [GUNSHOT] Are you hurt? Are you okay? – You’re not hurt?
– No. Hurry up!

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