Quick Easy Quinoa & Spicy Soy Chorizo – Vegetarian / Vegan Meal

welcome back to quick easy veg today
we’re gonna be making quinoa with spicy chorizo and spinach this is a dish I
came up with a while ago and I make a lot first thing we’re gonna need is one
cup of quinoa one onion one bag spinach I like baby spinach and a package is soy
chorizo I get this from Trader Joe’s but you can use anything that you normally
would buy but this works out really great first things first we’re gonna
chop up an onion it doesn’t have to be super fine it doesn’t have to be super
neat because we’re going to be throwing this in and cooking it down before we
add the chorizo put a pan on the stove add a little oil and started heating up
once it’s hot put in the onions we’re going to stir these around until they’re
a little translucent starting to caramelize and then at that point we’re
gonna put in the soy Therese oh the casing for the soy tree so is not edible
so we’re gonna be cutting it open and putting the tree so in right on top of
the onions we want to break up the chorizo and incorporate it in with the
onions as much as possible and let it brown now the Theresa won’t Brown per se
but it will incorporate with the onions and it will flavor the pan keep mixing
it and after a few minutes we’re going to move it into a bowl so that we can
use the pot to make the quinoa next we’re gonna add two cups of water into
the pot as you can see the chorizo residue is gonna help flavor that water
and then we’re gonna add our one cup of quinoa right to that we’re gonna bring
it up to a boil stirring all the time make sure the chemo is incorporated into
the water and then we’re gonna lower the heat down to a simmer and put the lid on
and then we’re gonna set the timer for eleven minutes most of the time with
quinoa instructions you’ll see that they recommend somewhere around 15 minutes or
more we’re gonna set it for 11 minutes because at that point we’re gonna do
something when the timer goes off for 11 minutes we’re gonna add the entire bag
of spinach we’re gonna tear it up into bite-sized pieces or even smaller if you
like you’ll notice as you’re putting the spinach in that the quinoa is still
cooking the steam from that is what’s gonna cook the spinach an entire bag of
spinach seems like a lot but it will cook down put the lid back on we’re
gonna let that sit for a couple of minutes after a minute or so you’ll see
the steams built back up and that the spinach is starting to cook we’re gonna
want to flip it over at one point just to make sure that all the spinach gets
wilted and starts cooking down put the lid back on and we’re gonna let that go
for another minute as you can tell there really aren’t any specific times for any
of this you just have to keep an eye on the quinoa and keep an eye on everything
we’re gonna add the chorizo right on top of the spinach press it down so that it
covers the spinach and that’ll help that cook and we’re gonna let it go for just
another minute or so on a light simmer and now we’re gonna stir it all up in
the initial stirs you’ll be able to see whether or not the quinoa is completely
cooked if it isn’t just put the lid back on give it another minute if it is just
continue to stir it all together and it’s ready to serve like I said earlier
I made this recipe for the first time a couple years ago and it’s been kind of a
staple with me this is great for lunch it’s great for dinner because it’s quick
and it’s easy and it’s delicious again you can use whatever you like any type
of chorizo perhaps one that’s not as spicy as the one from Trader Joe’s or
any vegetarian sausage or meat that you like will work just fine thanks a lot
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