Ranga Rang Salad Healthy Fruit and Veg Salad Recipe in Urdu Hindi – RKK

Welcome Welcome! Welcome to Ruby’s Kitchen My blessings to my beloved viewers today we will be making beautiful, fast and easy Salad in my style, So let’s start If you like my recipes then click subscribe button by clicking the bell icon you will get my recipe for free of charge If you like my video, give It a Thumbs Up! here we have 1 cabbage Rinse and shred a head of cabbage thinly shred cabbage like coleslaw crunchiness of cabbage I will let you know what and why I have selected these as far as i know lettuce are not widely available in every countries so have decided to make salad which ingredients are available everywhere we will cut one by one and place into the bowl here is around one cup shredded cabbage now we will finish another piece basically I have considered this like crunchy, soft, sweet some we like gooey that how you can fulfill your hunger and mouth get all the flavors OK now another 1 cup is going inside the bowl we have 1 yellow sweet paper if you don’t have then use green paper instead let’s remove white part cut into bite size pieces not too gig or not too small keep chopping and inserting in bowl Isn’t it fun by the grace of God looks like in your dish having a Asian wedding ceremony this also gone inside now let’s cut cucumbers chop off both sides if you want to do that old style bitter removal trick we do not have bitter cucumbers so we don’t do we are not going to removing full skin

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  1. i recently subscribed your channel n seriously i just fell in love with you. you are just awesome n your way of explanation is just amazing , really polite nd elegant!! God bless you….

  2. Assalam o Alaikum
    Along with all the dishes you prepare, your dresses are also fantastic.
    I just get fresh when I see you

  3. Assalamualaikum mam the salad looks nice but as me and my son are allergic to eggs plz suggest something alternative to mayo n ranch dressing

  4. Asslamo Aliakum Ruby kaisi hain ap. ..first time comment kr rhi hon…Maasha ALLAH buhat achi recpi hoti hain apki…

  5. Hahaha Ma sha Allah u are very energetic and lively person . the way u sing the song it shows u are so active , happy and lovely person . may Allah protect u from evil eyes always 🙂

  6. Ruby ji aap yeh dresses kha sai lete hai. Muje recepi kai saath mai aap kai dresses bhu bhut achi lagti hai. Please bataye

  7. Waoo zabardast fun recipe….ur the first cook whom I luv a lot….I luv all ur recipes mam n I try them too…infact my 2 years old baby luvs u…she started saying welcome by watching ur videos.keep doing videos.luv u

  8. Very nice. Some years back in Libya I had a very spicy vegetable soup. It had all vegetables in it like bangen, bhindi, gobi, Kadu and pumpkin etc. I was made by a Moroccan house keeper. Do you know about that soup. If yes can you make that soup in your show? Still waiting for pumpkin halwa recipe.

  9. Asalmualikum Aap kesi he?
    Aap ki Racipe bhuhat achi hoti he or Aap k kapry bhi achy hoty he plz mujy batay k kha se leti he mujy ye Aap n pheny he wo bhi chi he or tops bhi Aap leny me help kary mery ley dua karna me bemar hu

  10. ruby mam mashallah ap ki recipes bhot achi hai AP to mashallah etni pyri hai aur akhlaq both achi hai allah apko amesha khush rake ameen❤❤❤❤

  11. Aj ap bht achi lg rahe hain ap k hath dakh k mujy Meri sis yad aa jati hy jo ab k humary 7 ni rahe😭😭😭

  12. Mashalla ymmmmi tasty
    Butterfly aj ap bohht zeyada peyRi lg rhi ho desint makeup sooo preatu💕💕💕💅

  13. Ruby Mam, yOu are Amazing and your recipes are awsome tOo..😘😘
    Love yOu..❤
    Allah pak aokO salamat rakhy aur duniya aur Akhrat ki tamam Qamyabiyon sy Nawazy, Ameen💗💗

  14. So nice to watch ur receipes….ur style of cooking is same like one of the cooks who mentored me whenever he visited my dad.
    He was my grandfathers friend of world war 2 .
    Salaam valikum.

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