Recipe – Veg Spring Rolls Recipe With English Subtitles

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Veg Spring Rolls Ingredients required to make Veg Spring Rolls Cabbage, Carrots, Capsicum/Bell Pepper, Tomato Sauce/Puree, Black Pepper, Wheat Flour, Salt, Oil Chop some cabbage, carrots and some capsicum Take a pan and heat some water Add a little salt in the water.
Then, close the lid and let it boil Add the chopped vegetables in the boiling water Add some salt (as required) and close the lid Boil the vegetables for about 5 mins Once, the vegetables are half-boiled, remove the
excess water and then squeeze them to remove any moisture Add some black pepper to the boiled vegetables Add some tomato sauce/puree and
toss it all together like a salad Take a pan and heat some oil for deep frying Meanwhile, place the mixed vegetables in the spring roll sheets.
Roll them up like a food wrap and fold the edges Add a little water to bind the last fold.
You can also use egg white to make it stick together Deep fry the spring rolls till they
get a crispy golden brown color Take the spring rolls into a serving plate with garnish

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