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Welcome to “The Wicked Kitchen.” Today I’m gonna show you how
to make this amazing veg board. You cook each vegetable individually so they have their own flavors, and then we’ll present
it beautifully like this. [upbeat music] All right so I’m a huge fan of
doing these veg board things that I’ve been doing,
so what we’re gonna do is just cook a bunch of veggies actually. So let’s get started,
we’re just gonna cook veg, whatever I have in the fridge, and this is what I had today. We got a little bit of
broccoli, I got some courgette or zucchini, some baby
onions, these really cool little onions, some green
beans, and then also some King Oysters,
which I’m a huge fan of, so we’ll use some of those. What we’re gonna do is break
down each one individually. I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how do you do these veg boards where you show on Instagram, all these different boards of vegetables. So they’re great as center
place, centerpieces. Center plate? Amazing at parties,
and super easy to serve when people are coming over. So let’s just get started. We’re gonna start with the broccoli. All right, so broccoli
is one that we don’t have to do too much of, it’s just a matter of breaking it down, a little bit of oil, some seasonings, and we
put that right on the pan because what you wanna do is think about when you’re roasting it off. If you’re gonna roast it off
for 15 minutes before you serve the whole thing, I wanna cook
everything up to that point. I still want that crunch,
and I want it to be cooked. I don’t like mushy
broccoli, so this is how, I’ll show you how to do it. So I’m just gonna cut down
and break off all the stems. Just about that size. Bite size for the most part. So just quickly breaking
it down into florets. You can also buy the ones
that are already cut. Those are nice, just make
sure that they’re cut down to the size that you want ’em to be. For the stems, I just
like to make sure you trim the bottom off, and then just
trim the skin off the sides. Definitely don’t throw this part away, and then just slice it into small disks. Let’s toss those in. Just a little bit of
olive oil here just to, we’ll toss it around and coat ’em. I would like to use the Mango Masala. So we have this amazing Mango Masala. It’s just, it’s so delicious. Little bit of turmeric,
some mango in there. I’m just gonna add about a
good tablespoon and a half. That smells really good already. Then I’m gonna want to add
just a touch of sesame oil because it’ll go really nice
with this masala flavor. Just a touch. And I’ll just put it onto the board. Next we’re gonna do these onions. And for these, I am gonna
light the cast iron pan and bring that up to a high heat. I took the liberty of peeling
a couple of ’em already. But I do wanna show you, so there’s a little bit
of technique to this, because you want the
onion to stay together. I don’t like it when the onion layers just fly off all over the place. So to keep it together,
see, there’s the butt end and the tail and the tip. So the tail, where the
little scraggly parts are, I just take off enough of it. Like that, just a very little bit so it’s still stuck and
staying and holding together. And then the other
side, a little bit more, make a quick incision, and
then peel away the skin. Trying to leave as much of
the onion on as possible. This is probably the most time-consuming. But if you do it right,
the result is really good. See that, it’s nice, crisp, clean onion. Just gonna cut it in half. And you’ll see it stays together because it’s still held on by the stem. So just a little trick I was taught a long time ago to keep it together. So whenever you’re doing a
barbecue, roasting onions and you really want ’em to stay together and have like an onion as the actual veg, this is the way to do it. But if it falls apart, it’s
because I didn’t do it right. Just add a little bit of oil. Not too much. Just straight down on the pan. While those onions are
roasting, I’m gonna prep up the zucchini, courgette. And do that by just trimming a little bit of the bottom off, and then I
wanna cut these into scallops about the width of my
finger length of this. [gentle music] Just toss ’em in. Just a drip of the olive oil, whoop. Not too much, just to coat it. All right, for the scallops, let’s go for this spicy barbecue seasoning. And a little bit, maybe a teaspoon. We’ll check on these onions. Actually, that’s looking beautiful. Just a nice color on here. Great, and so that’s the
bottom, just like that. Just gonna take this pan, quick brush, a little bit of oil, butter,
make sure I have going. Then I’m gonna place these down. Facedown. So you’ll see what we’re
gonna do in one second. We’ll add a little bit of red wine. I’m just gonna add just enough to cover
the bottom of the pan. And we’re gonna pop these
in the oven and roast while we’re prepping up the rest. I’m gonna add a little bit more oil to the hot cast iron pan. Just a little bit. And this is already hot
from cooking the onions. So we’re just gonna add these right on it. We wanna get a nice sear roast. So while the courgette’s cooking, we’re gonna prep the mushrooms. And what I’ll do is just
cut these right in half, King Oysters, so they’re half cut. Half cut. Okay, so if you’re not aware, we are selling these in
Tesco now in packs of three. So this is one pack. And I’m gonna score it, so you just take, cut it in half like this,
and then score it by just a little thin line. Crisscross through each one. So scoring it will help
it, it’ll look amazing, it helps the flavors
penetrate into the mushroom. And it also helps it from buckling up ’cause sometimes the
mushroom will tend to buckle. Let’s check on these. These look good, so I’m just gonna flip. So while that is cooking, all I did here is melt a little bit of plant-based butter and added a little bit of oil. So I’m just gonna brush each one. I’m doing this because I
wanna add salt and pepper and I want it to stick to it. [gentle music] And you don’t have to do it, but this is what I like to do. A little bit of pepper. And just don’t be scared
of the seasonings. The salt, I have a kosher salt here, so it might not stick so well. I’ll add a little bit of the salt. This will also help draw out the liquid from the mushroom when we’re cooking. I’ll put ’em on here while
it’s hot just like this, and then we can arrange ’em afterwards when they cool down. So you can make some nice
displays, make it look pretty. Now, I don’t mind having
that barbecue flavor on here. That’s good, the pan is really hot. So I’m gonna add just a
touch more oil to this just to make sure, just a little bit more. Swirl that around, okay? Then add the mushrooms. I’m pressing the mushrooms here. This’ll hold it and help
’em cook really flat. [mushrooms sizzling] Let’s remove the pan. Wipe off the side. Look at that, nice and brown. Just gonna flip ’em over here. So this is a good example
of, and I’ve talked about it before, the
heat is on the outside, and the middle is the cold spot. So you can see that the
outer mushrooms cook more and the one in the middle,
not seared as much. So I’m gonna press it one more time just to flatten ’em out. And you don’t have to press ’em at all. It’s just a nice added
thing to help ’em stay flat. I’m gonna pop these in
the oven five minutes. [gentle music] So about midway through
the onions roasting, I’m just gonna flip ’em over like this and then finish ’em off
for a couple minutes before we pull ’em out. All right, so we’re gonna
pull a couple things out of the oven. Mushrooms have been
roasting about five minutes. Onions are gorgeous. So all I did was turn ’em over. I’m gonna let these sit. It’s a little bit of the wine you can see has caramelized beautifully onto ’em. So I haven’t seasoned
these, I am gonna add a little bit of salt now. Just a pinch of black pepper. And so mushrooms, I feel like being a little bit adventurous
today, so we’re gonna add some of the Wicked Sticky Teriyaki Sauce. It’s kind of like a
cross between a teriyaki and a hoisin, the flavors remind me. So we’re gonna do a little
bit of the hoisin mushrooms and add that to the plate. Just add ’em each to the bowl. Yum. I’m just gonna give it a quick stir. Make sure all the mushrooms are coated. And do a quick wipe out. So get the pan going back
on a medium-high heat. I’m gonna add a little
bit of oil to the pan. So we’re gonna cook off green beans, so just a little bit of oil. And I’m also gonna add a little bit of sesame oil to this one. Just a drop for the flavor. If you want the beans to
cook a little bit faster, just add just a touch of water, and it’ll help steam roast
’em in the pan right now. Do you see that? I’m gonna add a little bit of salt. Little bit of black pepper. What we’re looking for is just to really give ’em a little bit of
bite, cook ’em a little bit, have that color really pop nicely ’cause we are gonna finish
’em off in the oven, so I just wanna get them partially done. But that’s looking good,
once they start looking really bright, vibrant green, that’s the time to pull ’em off. So I’m just gonna move this
over here off the heat. [gentle music] Now we added sesame oil, so
for a little bit more color, add a little bit of black
and white sesame seeds to the green beans. Next step, we’re gonna add the onions. So these are already
pretty much cooled down and they look great. I mean, this is a great
side dish just on its own. Yeah, this is where you can be creative and really just dress it however you like, whatever you think is gonna look good. All these beautiful colors,
and especially the green pops, you know, the more
vegetables look enticing, the more people are gonna eat ’em. So that looks good, so
we have a little bit of space here for the mushrooms. Just layer like this. And a little bit of the
extra sauce just right on it. Gorgeous. I’m gonna pop these in the oven, and then we’ll serve ’em
up in about 15 minutes. Perfect. All right, so you guys,
this is what it looks like. The only thing I’m gonna
add here for a photo is a pop of color, so a
little bit of the red chilies. That is it, you guys, so I
would serve this just as it is whether it’s in a buffet,
on a buffet-style thing, or right on the dinner table. Enjoy, thank you very much for watching, and we’ll see you next time. [upbeat music] All right, you guys ready? [muffled speaking] Hey, guys, welcome to “The
Wecked Kitchen,” bleh. Touch my [beep] again, Max,
I will [beep] kill you. [humming] This is for you, Max.

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