Bienvenidos welcome guys to another
episode of Spain on a Fork today we’re making a very simple little tapas dish
but promises to be one of the best things we’ve made here on Spain on a Fork
roasted marcona almonds with honey and rosemary guys these almonds are insanely
delicious they have a beautiful crunch to them they’re sweet they’re savory
they’re out-of-this-world good plus they’re so easy to put together and done
in under 30 minutes now to make this recipe I’m gonna be using some raw
blanched marcona almonds however you can use whatever type of almonds that you
like but try to use the marcona ones they have a beautful flavor and texture to
them and also make sure you use a good quality extra virgin olive oil as this
is what really flavors these almonds yes I know we’re using honey and rosemary
very strong flavors but when these almonds are roasting it is the extra
virgin olive oil that’s gonna be seeping into the almonds and giving them that
beautiful flavor so make sure use a good one for this recipe I’m using an organic
extra virgin olive oil from Apollo olive oil now you guys have seen use different
olive oils from Apollo here on Spain on a Fork one of my favorite brands this is from
there new line of Gold Series this is their Miller’s favorite basically
this is the best one i´ve I tasted from them it has such an intense and robust flavor to it
I’ve already used it to make these almonds and the almonds were out of this
world good guys you need a bottle of this stuff link in the description box below
alright let’s get started okay guys we’re gonna begin by grabbing a couple
sprigs of fresh rosemary we’re gonna remove the needles from the stem the
easiest way to remove the needles from the stem is just by sliding your fingers
down the stem and look how easily all the needles come out
once we have all the needles removed from the stem we’re gonna roughly chop
this we should end up with about a quarter cup of fresh rosemary next up
we’re gonna grab two cups of raw blanched marcona almonds and add them
into a large bowl we’re also going to add in two tablespoons of this Miller’s
favorite extra-virgin olive oil two tablespoons of honey one and a half
teaspoons of fine sea salt and two tablespoons of our freshly chopped
rosemary now we’re gonna mix this together until everything is well
combined you don’t want to get in there with a spoon otherwise all the
ingredients are gonna get stuck to the spoon the best way to do it is just toss it
all together that way all the ingredients stay inside of the bowl and just make sure you toss this
until everything is well combined once the almonds are all well mixed
let’s add them into a baking tray lined with foil paper and make sure that you
reserve the bowl with those little ingredients that are left we’re gonna be
using this later on okay guys back to the almonds now using a spoon make sure
that all the almonds are in a single layer that way they all roast evenly okay guys let’s roast our marcona
almonds I have my oven preheated in the bake and broil option that’s the bottom
heat and the top heat 190 degree Celsius which is about 375 degrees Fahrenheit
I’m gonna put these in there between 15 to 17 minutes now everybody’s oven heats
differently so make sure you keep an eye on the almonds because there is nothing
worse than burnt and bitter almonds after about 15 minutes let’s take our almonds
out of the oven now we’re carefully gonna grab our almonds make sure not to
burn yourself and we’re gonna add these back into the bowl we’ll add in the remainder of our fresh
rosemary about a tablespoon to the tablespoon and a half this is gonna add
a beautiful freshness to these almonds and once again toss this together until
everything is well combined we’ll add the almonds back on top of the foil
paper and once again flatten this out so they’re on a single layer that way they
all cool off evenly okay guys and for the final step we’re
gonna leave our almonds to air-dry here for about 10 mins that way all these
flavors can develop and it’s gonna give these almonds that beautiful crunchy
texture after air drying our almonds for about ten minutes they should be perfect
and ready to go should have that beautiful crunchy texture I’m going to
transfer this into a serving dish and give them a try okay guys our almonds are done these
look and smell insanely delicious let’s give them a try what a beautiful crunch I´m telling you we´ve got the
sweetness from the honey so good the rosemary the almonds that crunch is what
really takes it over and then that extra virgin olive that really shines through
it’s like inside of the almonds let’s try another one of these they´re so good
like addicting so good you know guys if you are vegan you can
substitute the honey for agave syrup we added two tablespoons of honey add in
one and a half tablespoons of agave syrup since agave syrup is little
bit sweeter you’ll get these exact same almonds guys incredible dish done in
about 30 minutes before I go I’d like to thank one of my patreons Martin Jon Madson
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smash that subscribe button until the next time…Hasta Luego!! so good one last thing in my household these don’t last more than a day
but if in yours they do you you can put them in an airtight container
and they’ll hold for up to seven days alright guys I’ll see you in the next video

39 Replies to “ROASTED SPANISH MARCONA ALMONDS: with Honey & Rosemary”

  1. Hola, my friend your Marcona Almonds looks so yummy the special here ist the Honey and Rosemary mhhhh
    lecker … Danke Tom

  2. I really like almonds and with this special seasoning they are extraordinary ☝🏻☝🏻😻

  3. This is a completely new recipe for me Albert, and I do like all the ingredients your
    are using. Be sure I will be making, Roasted Spanish Marcona Almonds with Honey & Rosemary, very soon!

  4. You really know how to combine flavors Albert, rosemary and honey go so well together, big like my friend!

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  6. Very tasty . And almonds are so big! I also love smoked roasted almonds. Thank you for sharing. Happy day everyone

  7. Your a legend Alfie another interesting dish beautiful combination of herbs and almonds and honey that goes to another level love it thumbs up as always

  8. Almonds are a super food from a health standpoint. I eat them all the time but this has got to beat the bagged ones!

  9. Great work Albert! These almonds look incredible, and I'm with you, your almonds wouldn't last for more than a day in my house as well! Thank you for a great share, and for the tip to make these vegan as well! Have a good one!

  10. You've done Marcona almonds before- always love them! What a wonderful recipe for roasting almonds, Albert. You did this up just right~delicious! Oh man oh man……with a glass of amontillado jerez….perfection!

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